Linda Christas

Stay-at-Home School Coordination Program

(Parent or Guardian Managed)

Linda Christas offers accredited online school coordination programs to parents/guardians of middle school and high school students who wish to address their own children's educational needs.

The Stay-at-Home School Coordination Program is directed and managed by state credentialed teaching personnel. Parents and/or guardians deliver the curriculum with full confidence that their student is not being disadvantaged by avoiding one-size-fits-all state sponsored school efforts.

Many of the most elite colleges in the United States (Beloit, Earlham, Grinnell, the big and baby Ivies) are at the forefront in terms of accepting students who have graduated from well-coordinated, documented, and professionally delivered stay-at-home school programs.

Studies have found that stay-at-home-schooled students are generally more intellectually mature, self-reliant, and have better self-images than students who have attended often crowded and underfunded public and private schools. In addition, students who are home schooled in accredited settings are four times more likely to be accepted by elite colleges in America than those processed through a top-down, pre-planned program.

Within the structure of this program, Linda Christas master teachers show parents and guardians how to fulfill a student's socialization needs in ways that are more appropriate and less harmful than those offered within state-financed learning enterprises.

Working with state credentialed teachers, the parent or guardian administers a Holland Preference Test at the beginning of each school year. The Holland Preference Test helps teachers, parents and guardians to determine the student's interests, skill levels, aptitudes, learning style and emotional preparedness.

Graduates of Linda Christas Stay-at-Home middle school and high school coordinated programs receive an accredited diploma bearing the verifiable state master teaching credential number of the instructor assisting in the design and execution of this educational experience.

Linda Christas also provides its graduates with a permanent depository containing the student's academic record, as well as future testimony to colleges, employers, and the armed services certifying that the student has fulfilled all requirements for a middle school and/or high school accredited diploma.

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