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Linda Christas Academy is an I.A.S.C. accredited four-year institution designed to respond to the unique array of personal and educational challenges faced by 21st century graduates.

The Academy provides an online diploma in a format the US Department of Education has labeled superior to traditional classroom study.

Academy students are provided the most thorough college counseling available anywhere.

As a result of both the superior educational program and counseling, Academy graduates are accepted by the finest American and British colleges and universities.

Linda Christas Academy never competes with traditional institutions.

The Academy offers a different kind of experience for serious students who understand that traditional high schools follow the John Dewey curriculum delivery model which was originally developed for the Prussian army. The method involves the use of bells, klaxons, lines, subjugation of the individual spirit, and one syllabus per subject for all students. The model is fully inappropriate for the purpose of maximizing creative student potential.

Upon graduation, Linda Christas provides support services as requested throughout the student's first year of college and beyond as needed. These services are delivered at no charge as part of the Academy's ongoing commitment to its graduates.

Latest Student News and Commentary

A Thank You to Sue Grafton

Sue GraftonTHANK YOU from the faculty and students of Linda Christas College and Academy.

For many years, Sue Grafton, as an honorary Chair at Linda Christas College, supported student first education.

Sue was author of the Kinsey Millhone detective novels.

These novels are best known as the "alphabet" series, since each of the works incorporated one letter of the alphabet in its title.

Example: "A" is for Alibi, "B" is for Burglar, "C" is for Corpse, etc.

We were all saddened to learn of her passing in December 2017.


Post Date 03/05/2018

Ziyi (Joy) Wang Scores Successes in the United States

Ziyi WangLinda Christas student, Ziyi Wang (American name, Joy) has been accepted by New York University (NYU) (below right), and several other outstanding schools in the US.

For the past year, Ziyi has been working with two outstanding Linda Christas personnel, Mrs. Connie Stevens, MA (counseling), and Mrs. Joana Sargeant, MA (English coach), to present Ziyi's credentials to American colleges and universities for admission in the Fall of 2016.

The result of all that work has been impressive.

Ziyi's ambition is to become a journalist and to influence the world by her insights, and to further support China's claim to a leadership role among nations.

President Xi Jinping, whose daughter, Xi Mingze, attended Harvard, has been active in encouraging young Chinese scholars like Ziyi to further their education in the US. (More than 300,000 students from China are now studying in the US)

NYU is a great place for a student like Ziyi, since not only is NYU a leader in the area of journalism, but New York City (along with Los Angeles) is the place where the communication industry is headquartered. As a result, many journalists' careers have been launched from these cities. Thousands of journalism internship opportunities are offered each year in New York City.

During her senior year at NYU, Linda Christas' Dean, Dr. Ronald Bernard, will be working with Ziyi to identify internship....

Read More Read more Post Date 05/01/2016

Linda Christas Students Report Their College Successes

by Danny Chen, Linda Christas Class of 2015

Happy StudentsThis year has been a great one for the 2014 graduates of the Linda Christas advisory program.

Those who faithfully followed their advisors report that they are much happier with their college choices than their friends who had no advisor other than magazines and so-called national rankings found on the internet.

What the internet doesn't tell you is what the students at those places say about what goes on on their campuses.

What Linda Christas students found when they reported to their respective colleges were great professors, good friends, a safe environment and an acceptance for their personal beliefs.

Students from India, China, Kenya and Pakistan in particular found that there was a great deal of help from their teachers, as they struggled to adapt to a new culture and a new way of thinking and learning.

It is reported by these students that they had been unaware how much their own societies had in some ways discouraged them from being independent in thought and action.

Their friends reported to Linda Christas students that some "dream schools" in the United States tended to hire professors who mark students down for expressing reservations about the "liberal" way of interpreting life.

Especially some of the popular Eastern university students shared that anyone in their classes who has thoughts or feelings aligned with "conservative" thinking had better keep that thinking to themselves if they want good grades.

On the other hand, the schools Linda Christas recommended have classrooms and courses open to a wide variety of opinions and feelings without the threat from professors that such opinions will be rewarded with C's and D's.

One Linda Christas graduate put it this wa....

Read More Read more Post Date 09/25/2015

Socially Proactive Teen Will Attend Coe College

by Tom Walters, class of '15

Yolanda (Wei Xiaona)One of Linda Christas' favorite teens, Wei Xiaona, American name, Yolanda (pictured at left), has chosen Coe College to further her education beginning in September 2015.

Coe College has awarded Yolanda a $20,500 scholarship renewable for four years.

Well known in Beijing as a student who is proactive in the face of a challenge, Yolanda founded Teens Together, an organization which now receives funding from a variety of groups, including both the XixianFunds in Guangdong, and the Horizon Research Consultancy Group.

Teens Together was founded because of Yolanda's concern that teens be provided constructive, healthy activities and projects to develop themselves creatively.

If this is any indication of Yolanda's organizational abilities, she will go far in life.

Coe CollegeHer choice of Coe College (pictured at right) was based on her Linda Christas counselor's indication that Coe is outstanding in terms of its caring for each of their students as if they were members of their own family.

A Coe College degree is well respected internationally and, with Yolanda to organize things, we have no doubt that she will shortly be a class officer making sure everyone in her dorm is happy and well.

Yolanda is an avid artist, movie lover and crafts specialist.

She maintains an interest in all aspects of psychology and is considering eventually specializing in some aspect of that field.

The psychology department at Coe College is particularly strong.

The psychology major is based on a scientific rather than a strictly theoretical approach.

For example, students not only learn theory, but also host research projects and learn technic....

Read More Read more Post Date 04/11/2015

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Advisory Board Chairs

Individuals of worldwide note who have accepted honorary chairs on the Linda Christas Advisory Board include Professor Paul Davies, Pat Boone, Sue Grafton and Efrem Zimbalist Jr. View....

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