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Like personnel representing the American military academies, the Ivy League and other accredited educational institutions, Linda Christas College and Academy maintain representatives throughout the world whose task it is to interest students in, and enroll students into the schools' programs.

Personnel who function in this capacity for Linda Christas College and Academy are referred to as Linda Christas Directors.

A Director may enroll as many students per year as he or she wishes with each enrollment resulting in a generous stipend paid to the Director.

Directors employ various methods to recruit students for the schools.

Examples of recruiting methods: 1) Online recruiting; 2) Presentations on high school campuses (classroom presentations, assemblies, tables set up in lunch rooms or elsewhere on campus, etc.); 3) Attending college nights; 4) Presentations to community groups (PTA's, Library Organizations, etc.); 5) Printed advertising; and, many others. A list of methods that have been used successfully by Directors is presented to each new Director as part of the Director's orientation program. (The permissions and restrictions regarding the use of the Internet is discussed at length with all new Directors who indicate they wish to use the Internet for student recruiting purposes.)

Directors design marketing and sales materials and employ enrollment strategies to suit their own personalities, and the culture in which they are working.

Each Director must be self aware in terms of his or her strengths. Linda Christas encourages Directors not to force strategies upon themselves with which they are not comfortable. For example, if a Director wishes to employ an online recruiting strategy, it is important he or she have excellent writing skills, as well as public relations judgment.

Linda Christas is an institution with over 250 ad hoc Ph.D's on staff at any one time. An institution with so many accomplished individuals on staff deserves to be represented in an intelligent, dignified manner. Linda Christas provides a voluminous amount of material to each Director. Even so, this material serves merely as a foundation upon which each Director builds his or her career. Ultimately, it is the Director who makes the difference one way or another in terms of which school a student chooses to attend.

If a Director's strength is public speaking, then very different venues may be used to interest the community in Linda Christas College and Academy.

Naturally, the more venues a Director is able to employ successfully, the more successful he or she will be.

An experienced coach is made available to each Director. The coaching program is ongoing. Directors are never alone in the field having no one to depend upon for accurate information.

Notice: At no time will a Director be charged fees of any kind by Linda Christas College or Academy. By fees, we are referring to training fees, franchise fees or any others.

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