Linda Christas

General Equivilancy Diploma Examination Preparation (Guaranteed Pass)

As with other Linda Christas courses, the first few interchanges between instructor and student will be a series of competency exercises to determine the level of student competence in each of the various sections of the GED.

Students are first tested in English (GED refers to this section as Language Arts). Sentence usage and structure are surveyed. Writing mechanics are reviewed and tested.

Second, the instructor will test for literary reading comprehension using excerpts from well-known English language authors.

Thirdly, social study knowledge is surveyed using reading passages. The student should be able to draw conclusions from the passages presented, and determine such things as cause and effect from the material. In the GED, although some minimal specific information is required, the purpose of this portion of the GED is to determine general knowledge base. A person who normally reads and understands the newspaper, for example, would have no trouble with this area of the GED.

The fourth area to be tested is general understanding of the principles of science beginning with the life sciences, followed by the physical sciences, as well as earth and space sciences.

Fifth, the student's knowledge of algebra, geometry and what may be termed 'practical mathematics' using real life scenarios in conjunction with the interpretation of appropriate charts and graphs.

In addition to pencil and paper work, there are portions of the GED that will allow the student to use a calculator. The Linda Christas instructor will test the student with regard to the basic use of a hand held calculator. This is to make certain that the student will be able to take advantage of calculator technology on those sections of the GED that allow their use.

Once the levels of expertise in the individual disciplines are determined, the instructor will then focus upon those areas that seem somewhat weak for the purpose of passing the GED.

In addition to the subject knowledge necessary to pass the GED, there are both logistical concerns and strategies that, if mastered, make taking and passing any formal examination much easier. Those skills and strategies will be presented to the student by the Linda Christas instructor using techniques that simulate the test site environment.

Should the student fail to pass the GED at the conclusion of the Linda Christas GED course, a credentialed instructor will be assigned to the student by Linda Christas at no extra charge until a passing score is obtained.

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