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College Challenge Courses: Calculus

Young MathematicianLinda Christas instructors, as with all courses, begin with an assessment of the individual's skills to determine the areas of calculus (or more correctly, the calculus) in which the student excels, and those areas where something else may be true.

This is done with a series of online discussions and exercises with the student aimed at evaluating not only the more mechanical skills (e.g. the process of determining continuity, finding derivatives (or the reverse process of evaluating simple integrals), but also determining the facility or experience the individual has with conversion of situational data (word problems) into forms that then can be used to calculate new information.

For some students it may be determined that the processes involved with the calculus itself are not the primary source of concern, but rather a segment or segments of basic mathematics training that is lacking polish. As is well known, if an individual is not thoroughly familiar with basic Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry, as well as such systems logarithms (especially, so-called natural logarithms), advancing to calculus at any level can be difficult.

For other students wishing to challenge college calculus courses, lacking exposure to derivatives of linear formulas may be an issue. Still others may have been frustrated attempting to discover derivatives of fractions containing variables, or, while facile with these kinds of manipulations, may justifiably freeze should a request for a demonstration regarding expertise in the area of u-substitution be made.

Introductory Linda Christas college calculus courses, aimed at challenging first semester college-level calculus experiences, may begin with simple derivatives of variable fractions. More advanced courses aimed at challenging second semester college calculus courses may begin with calculations involving inverse trigonometric integrals or derivatives of exponential functions, and proceed on to line segment graphs of velocities, etc.

Whatever the need, credentialed Linda Christas instructors will always respond to the student in a way that is tailored to that individual's calculus goals i.e. to master what is required as quickly as possible in order to be successful in achieving the desired level of calculus expertise.

Once the instructor is comfortable that the level of accomplishment of the student has been determined accurately, the remainder of the time in the course is spent using the student's strengths to forge new skills.

Stated differently, no matter the level of calculus under consideration, whether it be a first semester college calculus or calculus specific to engineering, physics and other fields, courses are designed once student requirements are evaluated.

Finally, Linda Christas instructors, on an as-needed basis, address the basic logistics involved with requesting and taking college calculus challenge examinations. This is done in order to prepare the student to approach their specific college's course challenge process with confidence.

The Linda Christas College Challenge Courses: Calculus may be used to prepare for the College Board's Advanced Placement (AP) Calculus examination.

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