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ACT/SAT Test Preparation Program

The Linda Christas ACT/SAT Test Preparation Program is designed for students who are currently in their junior year of high school or beyond.

Contrary to common perception, the ACT and SAT standard college entrance examinations have increased rather than decreased in importance relative to top college program admissions decisions.

The reason for this is that, with 3200 colleges and universities in the United States, top college and university programs continue to compete vigorously with one another. This competition includes recruiting the most accomplished students available. It is these individuals who are most likely to use their college educations in ways that will enhance the overall reputations for excellence of the admitting schools.

In light of these goals, colleges and universities use elements such as ACT/SAT scores as one of the primary criteria to determine the relative desirability of a prospective student, and the level of investment the college will make to recruit that individual.

Top colleges and universities have found over time that these scores are fairly accurate predictors of the degree to which students will enhance the day-to-day on-campus academic environment, as well as provide opportunities for future payoffs to the colleges relative to the societal prominence of their graduates.

Because acceptable academic undergraduate performance is of such critical importance, top colleges and universities do all they can to ensure that students admitted will be fully capable of functioning in an academic environment operating at high levels of competence.

Top colleges and universities in the United States generally admit few students with remedial academic needs. Currently, as many as 30% of many colleges' and universities' student bodies require remedial English and other high school level courses upon admission. This remedial practice degrades the college experience in that the delivery of a consistently high level academic product becomes difficult. (Reference: Gone for Good by Professor Stuart Rojstaczer, Duke University).

Stated differently, the more academically capable the students admitted to a campus are, the better able graduates will be to lead society in the areas outlined in a specific college's or university's mission statement and/or charter.

The Linda Christas ACT/SAT Test Preparation Program addresses these realities by providing one-on-one standard entrance examination (ACT/SAT) preparation coaching delivered by state credentialed instructors. Due to Linda Christas' individualized approach, the program substantially outperforms nationally recognized rote classroom programs.

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