Linda Christas

Thoughts Regarding Education

(Important Realities for Families to Consider When Evaluating Education as it is Formulated in the United States Today)

  1. Curricula in United States middle schools and high schools are presented to students without individual evaluations of student interests, aptitudes, skills, learning style or emotional preparedness.
  2. Current middle school and high school student to school counselor ratios in the United States range from 1950 to 1 to 350 to 1.
  3. Curricula in United States middle schools and high schools are often adopted by School Boards many members of which are unfamiliar with the scholastic/emotional needs of students.
  4. Assaults on students by students, assaults by students on teachers and administrators, hate crimes, etc. are common on American campuses at all levels.
  5. Lifestyles of the families of students attending middle schools and high schools are so different so as to create chaotic and undermining emotional and psychological polarizations among students.
  6. As a result of employment obligations, fewer parents than ever before are in the home to offer guidance to their children. In addition, fewer charismatic adults are available to students than ever before.
  7. Middle school and high school students are more and more being pressed to sacrifice the normal maturing process in the name of qualifying for undergraduate programs which offer very little in the way of quality education.
  8. The average public sector classroom in the United States costs the taxpayer upwards of $8,000 per student per academic year for classes of twenty-five to thirty students.
  9. Fifty-two percent of all American graduates from syllabus/management driven high schools, both public and private, who enter four-year college programs in the United States fail to graduate because:
    • They have chosen the incorrect college;
    • They have chosen the incorrect major;
    • They do not have the financial resources to continue;
    • Family or other problems force them to drop out of school.
  10. Counselors working for particular colleges:
    • Advisors (counselors) are frequently instructed to direct students into programs for which they are not suited because the college or university needs more students to finance those programs.
  11. Results of the famous survey first presented on the television program "60 Minutes." Of American high school graduates in the United States:
    • 78% DO NOT recognize the name Ansel Adams
    • 76% DO NOT recognize the name Ralph Nader
    • 61% DO NOT recognize the name Camp David
    • 68% DO NOT recognize the name Rio de Janeiro
    • 79% DO NOT recognize the name Versailles
    • 70% DO NOT recognize the name Barcelona
    • 94% DO NOT recognize the name Francis Scott Key
    • 60% DO NOT recognize the name Herman Melville
    • 83% DO NOT recognize the name Albert Schweitzer
    • 79% DO NOT recognize the name Joseph McCarthy
    • 84% DO NOT recognize the name Arthur Miller
    • 90% DO NOT recognize the name Virginia Wolf
    • 51% DO NOT recognize the name Karl Marx
    • 72% DO NOT recognize the name Stratford-upon-Avon
    • 86% DO NOT recognize the name Charles Dickens
    • 46% DO NOT recognize the name Albert Einstein
    • 96% DO recognize the name Steven Spielberg
    • 97% DO recognize the name Babe Ruth
    • 71% DO understand when the Golden Age of Television took place
    • 66% DO recognize the name John Hancock
    • 59% DO recognize the name FBI
    • 61% DO recognize the name CIA
    • 62% DO recognize the name Timothy Leary
    • 90% DO recognize the name IRS
    • 82% DO recognize the name Charles Manson

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