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Online Homework Helper Tutorials: English, Math, Science

Linda Christas middle school, high school and junior college Homework Helper Tutorials* are subject specific and designed to assist students as they proceed through grade levels seven through fourteen.

These tutorials are facilitated by state credentialed teachers and tutors, and are not structured to replace the existing campus experience. Rather, the program(s) will compliment the on-campus instruction by providing assistance to the student as required in order for him/her to fully understand lessons and assignments received from classroom teachers with subject specific knowledge.

There are three Homework Helper Tutorials currently being offered by Linda Christas.

English Tutorial: As the student works with her/his Linda Christas tutor to better understand existing assignments from an existing middle, high school or junior college, the program will typically serve to reinforce proper grammar, punctuation and usage, and to begin refining (or further refine) the student's Standard English writing skills.

Mathematics Tutorial: Serves as a vehicle to assist the student to understand his/her classroom math assignments and to discover correct methodologies for computing and/or analyzing problems in math. Areas of mathematics: Numbers Calculating, Practical Mathematics, Business and Personal Finance Mathematics, Algebra, Trigonometry and Calculus.

Science Tutorial: Similarly to the above programs, the science tutorial serves as a vehicle to underpin science courses being taken at the middle school, high school or junior college level. Areas of science: Astronomy, Biology, Earth Science, General Science Surveys, Health, Principles of Chemistry, and Principles of Physics.

*As clarified above, these programs are designed to compliment courses being taken elsewhere by demystifying any questions the student may have regarding homework assignments originating from campus classroom teachers, rather than offer any additional assignments. Linda Christas offers other stand-alone programs if additional or replacement learning and tutoring is desired.

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