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Ziyi (Joy) Wang Scores Successes in the United States

Ziyi WangLinda Christas student, Ziyi Wang (American name, Joy) has been accepted by New York University (NYU) (below right), and several other outstanding schools in the US.

For the past year, Ziyi has been working with two outstanding Linda Christas personnel, Mrs. Connie Stevens, MA (counseling), and Mrs. Joana Sargeant, MA (English coach), to present Ziyi's credentials to American colleges and universities for admission in the Fall of 2016.

The result of all that work has been impressive.

Ziyi's ambition is to become a journalist and to influence the world by her insights, and to further support China's claim to a leadership role among nations.

President Xi Jinping, whose daughter, Xi Mingze, attended Harvard, has been active in encouraging young Chinese scholars like Ziyi to further their education in the US. (More than 300,000 students from China are now studying in the US)

NYU is a great place for a student like Ziyi, since not only is NYU a leader in the area of journalism, but New York City (along with Los Angeles) is the place where the communication industry is headquartered. As a result, many journalists' careers have been launched from these cities. Thousands of journalism internship opportunities are offered each year in New York City.

During her senior year at NYU, Linda Christas' Dean, Dr. Ronald Bernard, will be working with Ziyi to identify internship possibilities in that City. Dr. Bernard has many contacts in New York to assist Ziyi to reach her goals.

IN ADDITION to NYU, Linda Christas personnel assisted Ziyi to be accepted by the following US colleges and universities:

NYUBeloit College (Scholarship $100,000 over four years)

Juniata College (Scholarship $92,000 over four years)

Knox College (Scholarship $84,000 over four years)

Lawrence University (Scholarship $68,000 over four years)

Denison University (Scholarship $80,000 over four years)

Willamette University (Scholarship $44,000 over four years)

Coe College (Scholarship $92,000 over four years)

Finally, this reporter understands that it was because of Ziyi's willingness to do the assignments given to her by Mrs. Stevens and Mrs. Sargeant, as well as her ongoing work in the classroom that allowed Ziyi to achieve such success.

Congratulations to Ziyi and to the hundreds of other Linda Christas students from China, Japan, South Korea and Vietnam who are going to attend American schools beginning in the Fall of 2016.

The United States is honored that these brilliant students have decided to come to America to study, and Linda Christas will be there for these students while they are in the US, so that students like Ziyi will go on to productive lives.

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