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Street Gangs Oppose the Legalization of Drugs

Cornelius Green - Arizona LC Class of '13

Former Secretary General Kofi Annan

Former Secretary General Kofi Annan

What do former UN Secretary General, Kofi Annan, former U.S. Secretary of State George Schultz, and former U.S. Fed Chairman Paul Volker have in common?

Answer: They all strongly endorse the legalization of all drugs in the United States and throughout the world.

For opposition to this proposed abolition of prohibition, we turn to America's street gangs.

Street gangs in the United States adamantly oppose the legalization of drugs.

Using street language to disguise how very smart they really are, gang leaders say that legalization of drugs would ruin their businesses. Availability of drugs to all adults would undermine every major monetary aspect of modern gang life, they say.

Instead of the hundreds of millions of dollars available to street gang coffers each year, local, state and federal governments would be collecting taxes, streets would be, at worst, measurably safer, and the prison population would be halved.

In addition, gang leaders say that "street creds" for serving time (in prison) would be much harder to earn, and territories would become virtually worthless, turning the calendar back to a time when gangs were more like tough local youth groups than mega earning centers for automatic weapon carrying syndicates.

street-gang.jpgIn support of the the abolition of prohibition are many police officer groups. Police officers in California have gone so far as to erect billboards encouraging law makers to follow the example of former leaders like those mentioned above. They understand that government interference in every aspect of American life, conceived by rule makers who are educated in such a way so as to believe that laws, regulations and ordinances are the path to a healthy society, has created a society bent on destroying itself. (Note: For videos of US police officers and prosecutors supporting the abolition of prohibition, see the end of this article.)

Attorneys, who dominate legislative bodies at all levels of American government, continue to feel it only common sense to use the law to bring about something they call "complete justice." Complete justice means that the law should be used to subject all aspects of adult behavior to the wisdom of the courts, leaving nothing to the judgment of free men and women. Many Libertarians believe America is well on its way to choking on complete justice, to the dismay of freedom-loving people everywhere.

With one lawyer for every 265 citizens in the United States versus one lawyer for every 10,000 citizens in Japan, and one lawyer for every 1500 citizens in France, America is looked upon as a legally overridden society. And, it isn't as if the multitude of laws are making America safer or increasing the respect for government in the Land of the Free.

lawmakersWhen the vision of America is as diametrically opposed to the image of the Founding Fathers as the U.S. is today, a majority of the people will either ignore or break the law as a habit of life. For example, estimates have it that more than 100 million Americans use a drug each year in such a way so as to risk a felony charge.

With 2.3 million American citizens in prison, half of them there for drug offenses, police officers are coming to the conclusion that they are enforcing the most punitive system of government on the planet. America's per capita imprisonment rate is the highest on Earth, much higher than nations US politicians freely condemn as violators of human rights.

It is amazing that a free people would allow a profession so trained in rule making to interpret life in their image, passing over 20,000 new laws per year, including federal, state and local government mandates. Is this the way the founding fathers thought of America, an oligarchical profession subjecting everything and anything to written rules?

Just recently, my cousin, a returned veteran and amputee, who enjoyed playing poker online, was denied that pleasure by an American Congress bent on extending their influence into every living room. (Five million citizens whose passion is poker lost their right to play that game online simply because a deliberative body out of focus with the spirit of America thought that yet another prohibition was a good idea.)

To demonstrate how absurd a country ruled by rule makers can appear, the following is a list of randomly chosen other things that are illegal in America, all rules that carry with them fines and/or imprisonment:

collecting water in a rain barrel1) Collecting rainwater. Yup, in several states, rule makers have made it illegal to collect water in barrels. The reasoning: When it rains, the water hits the ground, burrows deep inside it and fuels underground reservoirs or rivers, the use of which is a source of government revenue. So if a citizen collects or "steals" rainwater that falls from the skies, even if he or she owns the mineral rights, he or she is indeed slowly cutting off the government's source of income, which not only makes him or her a criminal, but also a hippy and probably a draft dodger!

2) If a person happens to love real cheese, something the Kraft company and their lobbyists would know nothing about, he or she is in big trouble if he or she is making the unpasteurized variety for personal consumption. Caught with a slice of this cheese on his or her kitchen table, and an arraignment may be in sight. That was the idea of a rule maker from, well, one of the pasteurized cheese manufacturing states. Kraft called upon their lobbyists to protect us from all but their safe products.

3) Since Katrina, rule makers have decided that any fishermen fishing in bodies of water anywhere that are the result of an overflow of natural boundaries, even if the fishermen don't know where the natural boundaries are, are subject to fines and jail time. (We cannot let the fish hear about this, otherwise they would take refuge in these inaccessible waters.)

4) It is illegal to sell children's books in America printed before 1985. Evidently the greatest generation (those who led the world to freedom in the Second World War) were all brain damaged because, presumably, they were reading, handling and sucking on the printed word before 1985. The reasoning: Books printed before 1985 may have lead in the ink, and, therefore, are a danger to 21st century children. If you are a collector, you will have to ply your hobby somewhere other than America. Our rule makers, all 1.7 million of them, have struck again. Welcome to the Home of the Brave.

Don't get me wrong, I don't actually dislike rule makers. What I dislike is that they believe that, once they complete law school, they are qualified to interpret life for me.

Videos of police officers and prosecutors who support the legalization of drugs

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