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Socially Proactive Teen Will Attend Coe College

by Tom Walters, class of '15

Yolanda (Wei Xiaona)One of Linda Christas' favorite teens, Wei Xiaona, American name, Yolanda (pictured at left), has chosen Coe College to further her education beginning in September 2015.

Coe College has awarded Yolanda a $20,500 scholarship renewable for four years.

Well known in Beijing as a student who is proactive in the face of a challenge, Yolanda founded Teens Together, an organization which now receives funding from a variety of groups, including both the XixianFunds in Guangdong, and the Horizon Research Consultancy Group.

Teens Together was founded because of Yolanda's concern that teens be provided constructive, healthy activities and projects to develop themselves creatively.

If this is any indication of Yolanda's organizational abilities, she will go far in life.

Coe CollegeHer choice of Coe College (pictured at right) was based on her Linda Christas counselor's indication that Coe is outstanding in terms of its caring for each of their students as if they were members of their own family.

A Coe College degree is well respected internationally and, with Yolanda to organize things, we have no doubt that she will shortly be a class officer making sure everyone in her dorm is happy and well.

Yolanda is an avid artist, movie lover and crafts specialist.

She maintains an interest in all aspects of psychology and is considering eventually specializing in some aspect of that field.

The psychology department at Coe College is particularly strong.

The psychology major is based on a scientific rather than a strictly theoretical approach.

For example, students not only learn theory, but also host research projects and learn technical skills, including research design and statistical analysis.

In addition, Coe College faculty are always available to work closely with students both in the classroom and through independent study and research exploration.

As a testimony to the strength of the psychology program, more than 50% of Coe College's psychology BA holders decide to take an advanced degree in psychology, and are accepted by top ten graduate schools for that purpose.

Mrs. Gina Crocetti, Yolanda's counselor, and the entire Linda Christas family wish Yolanda the very best as she moves forward with her life.

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