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New Linda Christas Services Announced

Four services were highlighted this week by Dr. Lara DeSoleil, Assistant Dean at Linda Christas College.

Dr. DeSoleil made a special effort to encourage LC graduates to take advantage of the College's successful employment services, reminding degree holders that they are not alone in their search for professional employment, irrespective of the year they received their degree.

Dr. DeSoleil said, "The forces of globalization can be very cruel. Linda Christas College will spare no effort to assist its graduates to remain employed in areas for which they have been well prepared by the College. This service is performed without charge for all LC bachelor's degree holders."

Each of the services will be provided by the Linda Christas faculty in conjunction with experienced employment, business and academic counselors working with THE SOURCE, the College's consultancy. See:

The Services

confusing pile of paperworkFIRST: Linda Christas Business Coaching - This service addresses the full gamut of business consulting from new business planning and financing to systems analysis, capital expenditures, investment and debt relief.

If it's a business problem or challenge of any size, Linda Christas business consultants have the proven expertise to address it. Average revenue improvement for established businesses who engage LC business consultants = 36%.

SECOND: Linda Christas Career Coaching - A great way to remain employed in a tough employment marketplace.

which way to turn?LC Career Coaching is focused on the kinds of training and career strategies that permit a professional to stay competitive in today's dynamic business world.

Career Coaching provides the individual with specific and unique ways to manage his or her career in order to achieve the goals most important to the individual professional.

Finally, the service directs an individual in terms of creating that all-important business network required in today's employment environment to ensure a sustained career in an upwardly mobile direction.

THIRD: Linda Christas Employment Search and Acquisition - This service joins the candidate in his or her search for employment befitting his or her background, and earning requirements.

The service is particularly valuable to individuals who do not have sufficient networking contacts to immediately call in owed favors when unexpected lay offs materialize. LC employment counselors give an individual the level of hope and the direction required to land that next position, and to do it in half the time it would take otherwise.

partners shaking handsAs we all know, there are currently millions of well educated, highly skilled individuals in the United States, Canada and the UK who have performed exceptionally well for companies both large and small, but who, due to no fault of their own, find themselves unemployed.

Updating resumes, coaching designed to improve interviewing techniques to such an extent that lack of a callback is an exception rather than the rule.

Most importantly, LC provides a network of business contacts necessary to advance an employment search.

Unfortunately, most of the estimated 15% unemployed in the United States today do not have a sufficient network within their profession to get back to work in a reasonable time. That's where Linda Christas can be most valuable. LC counselors never give up on an individual, even after the individual may have given up on himself or herself. If that describes you, please do yourself and your family a favor today, and contact Linda Christas. If you do, by the close of business that same day, the world will seem like a much more positive place.

students studying on college campusFOURTH: Linda Christas College Selection and Packaging - A service that counterbalances much of the erroneous information relative to college rankings published in national magazines. Many of the statistics reported to popular magazines by the 3200 colleges in the United States are simply inaccurate or, unfortunately, devoid of truth.

The magazines themselves are never allowed to see college records, so they must take the colleges' word for their reported excellence. Tragically, students and families do not discover their error in following the advice contained in the magazines until it is too late.

This is the reason one may find a top ten magazine ranked college struggling internally to maintain any semblance of quality instruction in the undergraduate classroom. Linda Christas maintains insider information for hundreds of US colleges.

running youthLinda Christas counselors have access to the actual results of colleges as measured by things like the percentage of undergraduate students who go on to top graduate and professional schools. Percentage of students who are eventually hired as executives by Standard and Poor's listed companies. Percentage of undergraduate students who contribute back to their campuses upon graduation. Percentage of students who never earn less than poverty wages after graduating from a college (a low score here is a positive).

In other words, instead of asking the colleges how well their students are doing, Linda Christas measures results.

It's a tough thing to do. One needs a network of contacts on campuses who are known to be truthful. However, difficult as the challenge is, Linda Christas counselors are aware of the real stories of real students who have recently graduated from colleges throughout the country.

The College Coaching and Packaging Service involves selecting, applying to, and negotiating tuition reductions from colleges and universities throughout the United States. Clients who have used the service in the past have enjoyed four times the number of acceptances than those without the service.

To inquire about any of these programs, visit the Inquiry Center.

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