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Linda Christas Welcomes New Director for Poland

By Robin Monroe, Class of 2013

Marlena Romanowska

Marlena Romanowska

Marlena Romanowska has been appointed Director of Linda Christas (LC) Programs, Poland.

The new Director will initially be reaching out to Krakow, Warsaw, Gdansk, Lublin and Katowice.

Ms. Romanowska holds Masters degrees in both Psychology and Theology, and is a perfect fit for achieving the goals of an educational program such as LC offers. These programs emphasize starting where each student is relative to every subject, rather than adopting one syllabus to be taught to groups of students regardless of their individual levels of development.

Ms. Romanowska has served on the Board of Education in Katowice, and has worked as a social therapist.

She speaks three languages: English, Russian and Polish.

When Ms. Romanowska speaks of education her face lights up. She believes that a proper approach to education such as LC offers is a primary key to opening the gates for sharing one's gifts with others. Only when that happens can the body, mind, and spirit fully integrate.

This reporter asked Ms. Romanowska about her developmental years, and the following is what she shared:

When growing up, Ms. Romanowska's family seemed to be perpetually engaged in music, art, travel or participation in one cultural event or another. As a result, Ms. Romanowska developed many facets to her personhood, facets that she has used selflessly to help others.

Her choice of Silesian University to study psychology was destined to lead Ms. Romanowska to work with students with disabilities. She is greatly respected in Poland for that work.

krakow poland

Krakow, Poland

It is interesting to note that her choice of Catholic University of Lublin was motivated by her desire to be able to divest herself of social propaganda relative to education. This is something that is currently important to do in the United States as well, since all US public schools must use the same one syllabus per subject government approved accrediting model. If a school chooses to avoid the model, government funding is denied.

Ms. Romanowska perceived the same thing while growing up in Poland, and because she understood this, she is now attempting to share the LC accreditation model with the Polish people, one where every student has the opportunity to develop his or her gifts within a system that addresses individual educational needs.

Ms. Romanowska has continued her education by traveling the world. In addition to Poland and the United States, she is an aficionado of the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy and many other nations. She believes, wherever a person travels, there are tremendous opportunities to learn new things and gather new perspectives.

As a final question, this reporter asked Ms. Romanowska to tell our readers an anecdote from her childhood. What she related was charming.

She said that when she was young, her mother would often give her a pack of sweets specifically to share with the children in the neighborhood. This experience was the seed that eventually flowered into Ms. Romanowska's desire to help others.

Her advice to others: Listen, identify your strengths and abilities, create a life plan, and, most of all, claim who you are and where you are going.

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