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Linda Christas College Announces High Tech Lego Design Scholarship Competition, a premier Lego vendor, is sponsoring a competition for up and coming high tech engineers and industrial designers.

The contest will run through 2009, with ten (10) $1000 scholarships to Linda Christas College, the world's premier online institution, to be awarded to the winners.

The $1000 scholarship will apply to each academic year of a four-year Online Bachelors Degree Program through Linda Christas College.

Contestants must submit their ideas by December 31, 2009.

All winners will be announced on January 10, 2010.

In order to submit your idea for a high tech consumer product using Lego, send a full description of your idea to:

Examples of high tech products suggested in the past: Lego Computer Monitor and Lego iPhone.

Ideas must be submitted with as much detail for prototype as possible. Judges will consider the thoroughness of the idea development, including number of pieces, sizes, Lego sets involved in design, dimensions, practicality, and other details that would be helpful to an engineer wishing to follow up with specifications.

Disclaimer: All submitted works and concepts become sole property of Scholarship not redeemable for cash. Awarded scholarships only applicable to tuition paid toward Linda Christas College Online Bachelors Degree Program.

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