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Linda Christas Club at Camford Royal School Blazes New Trails

By Barbara Shane, Student Reporter

John Zhang (below), Linda Christas Club President at the Camford Royal School in Beijing, as well as the other Linda Christas Club members are establishing the first of hopefully many student groups who realize that big and famous are not necessarily better as far as college choice is concerned.

john zhangThe Club was established by Zhang to reinforce the knowledge that magazine rankings do not tell the whole story when considering where to attend college after high school.

John asks all the right questions. For example, he wants to know what happens to graduates once they have their bachelor's degrees from famous schools? Other questions that Club members have asked include:

-How does a college rank in terms of sending its graduates on to top ten professional (medical, dental, law) schools once students receive their bachelor's degrees?

-How does a college rank in terms of sending its graduates to top ten graduate programs (physics, psychology, business) once students receive their bachelor's degrees?

-How does a college rank in terms of sending its graduates on to executive positions with great American companies?

-How does a college rank in terms of students giving financially back to their colleges after graduation (a sure sign that they love their school and what it did for them)?

-And, how does a college rank in terms of their graduates winding up in various Who's Who lists? (That is, receiving awards later on for their contributions to society.)

linda christas clubZhang and the other Linda Christas Club members (pictured at right) know that none of the famous universities are in the top twenty in these categories.

Not Harvard, not Columbia, not Duke, not Cornell, not Penn, not Dartmouth, and none of the giant American public universities.

Well, what are the colleges that do rank at the top in these categories?

Zhang can tell you they are schools like Wooster College, and Denison, Hamilton and Colorado College, Haverford and others.

Never heard of those colleges? Zhang says that is sad because that's where the future lies.

And, where are the best teachers? Not at Harvard. (Every year Harvard teachers are scolded because of their poor undergraduate teaching.)

Not at Yale or Columbia. Same thing there.

No, the best teachers are at colleges like Juniata, Ursinus, Amherst, Beloit, Grinnell and the like.

John has learned that a student can never trust magazines because magazines ask the colleges themselves who is best.

That is like asking the President of Camford Royal School what is the best high school in Beijing. The answer is predictable.tanny chen

In this case, though, if Dr. Liu says that the Camford School is the best, you can believe him. Linda Christas believes that Camford is the finest high school anywhere.

The bottom line here is that Linda Christas Club members like Tanny Chen (at left) are very smart.

When a person wants to know where the best education is in America, one has to ask what the word "BEST" means.

Zhang knows that students should attend famous universities for graduate school. That's where Columbia, Yale and Harvard concentrate their best teachers.

It's important to get to the bottom of things when considering college, and the Linda Christas Club members know what very few students know, and they are happy they do.

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I like this story. Is it only Chinese students who can join the Linda Christas Club?

Name Samuel | 12/04/2012

I am a Linda Christas student. I live in Marsais, and I would like to meet the student in this story. They seem happy, and Tanny is, how you say, attractive.

Name Marcel | 12/04/2012

I didn't realize that Linda Christas was so popular in China. I live in Detroit, and enjoy my Linda Christas courses.

Barbara Shane is also a class officer. She's popular.

Good story, Barbara

Name Shelly | 12/04/2012

I am a former Linda Christas student now enjoying a happy college experience.

I made the mistake of going to a big university before transferring to one of the colleges mentioned above.

Much much happier now thanks to Linda Christas. Go Haverford.

Name Bob | 12/04/2012

Happy to see Linda Christas in China.

Lots of good information here. So many don't realize the meat factories some of our larger and more famous US universities are for undergraduates.

Glad somebody has a clue.

Name Barry | 12/05/2012

My Mom saw this article and, even though she is a teacher at a large State university in the Bay Area of California, she would give students the same advice.

Stay away from the big places with the big names until graduate school. So many don't, and so many make very big mistakes with their lives.

A student needs to go to a place that cares about him or her for the first four years.

A place like Berkeley doesn't.

Berkeley is great for graduate school but not before.

Name Clara | 12/05/2012

In this photo I look like an mid easterner or Uygur, but actually I am not. lol

Name John Zhang | 05/23/2013

Great and insightful experence for me. Now I have finished the application process and going for student visa.

Name JohnZhang | 05/23/2013

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