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Linda Christas and Camford Royal School

Partners in Excellence

by Denise Fountainbleau, Student Editor, Class of 2012

It was announced this week by Dr. Ronald Bernard, Dean Emeritus of Linda Christas and Dr. Yuyan Liu, Principal of Camford Royal School of Beijing, that the two institutions have formed a partnership aimed at providing Camford with first hand information regarding the progress of elite college and university programs in the United States.

Dr. Yuyan Liu

Dr. Yuyan Liu

Camford Royal School, already one of the most successful schools in China, has deemed it wise to obtain point-in-time, current information relative to changes that may be taking place in the American college scene.

For example, although elite colleges and universities are well known in China, sometimes quality undergraduate experiences go unrecognized by magazines and other popular media outlets.

Linda Christas counselors constantly garner firsthand information regarding US college and university faculty and facility enhancements relative to specific scholastic disciplines. These valuable insider viewpoints are not immediately available to the public.

Since famous universities tend to invest the bulk of their resources advancing graduate school programs, this sometimes leaves undergraduate students at a loss. Linda Christas counselors make it their business to know when this is happening. As a result of the arrangement between Camford and Linda Christas, Camford students will now also know about these situations before making their college and university choices.

Principal Liu hopes to add to Camford's already impressive international reputation for keeping abreast of the most recent trends in US colleges and universities. He wants each Camford student to know immediately when a college or university program is currently an ideal choice for his or her desired area of study.

For Americans not familiar with Camford Royal School, it is located near the Western Hills of Beijing on a campus which is the envy of many.

With teaching and coaching second to none, and with laboratory, library, dormitory, nutritional programs and other top quality support facilities and services at their ready command, Camford students understand that, at graduation, they will be well prepared to take on not only an American college or university program, but later on to lead others in a way that will make Dr. Liu proud.

Join with me in a warm welcome for Camford Royal School. Everyone at Linda Christas is looking forward to a long and fruitful relationship.

Be sure to read more about Camford by clicking here [English]

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