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Gail Gardner, IBM Star, Accepts Executive Position with Linda Christas College/Academy

Gail Gardner

Gail Gardner

Linda Christas College and Academy announced jointly today that Gail Gardner, former star in the IBM firmament, has accepted the position of Director, Grants and Affiliate Programs at the schools.

Gardner is known on the World Wide Web as a champion of worthy causes, and an astute judge of marketing strategies.

While with IBM, Gardner won three IBM Means Service Awards, the highest technical honor that company offers.

Site of Announcement During Dean's Tour

Site of Announcement During Dean's Tour

Upon leaving IBM, Gardner made her name advising businesses, both e-commerce and traditional companies, especially when they were transitioning to an online presence. Gardner is known for her teaching excellence in the areas of Web Design and Usability. Under her tutelage, several companies have dramatically increased their Internet visibility, traffic and conversions.

Gardner recommends strategies involving Local Search Engine Listings and the use of blogs and Social Media.

Dr. Ronald F. Bernard, Dean of the College, said in welcoming the new Director:

Schools like Linda Christas are in double jeopardy.

The US government- and IRS-favored Foundations, like the Gates Foundation, do not contribute to student-first educational institutions like Linda Christas. Any school which plans curriculum with reference to the skill levels, maturity level, aptitudes, interests, and learning style of the individual student does not qualify for a penny of tax or tax favored federal, state, or local financial aid, nor is a foundation rewarded with a tax exemption for supporting such a school.

As a result, Linda Christas College and Academy are completely on their own financially, and US families are double taxed for their decision to enroll a student with LC. In addition, foundations, who are free to donate to public schools and other schools that follow the top-down instruction model and receive the tax credit, none of that is available for supporting a school with a student-first approach. Therefore, you will find Gates, Rockefeller, Ford and all other US foundations contributing only to IRS-designated schools, which, in turn, means that changes which would help America regain its international academic leadership position become impossible without severe financial consequences, consequences that all except loving parents are not ready to suffer.

The US government, contrary to publicity, is the instrument for preventing innovation at every educational level. And, it is only because I am standing here on US soil that I am allowed to say such a thing.

The US government uses the most powerful instrument in the world, the American tax payer's lack of choice to underwrite schools of which it approves. Even in localities where vouchers are attempted, all the other factors I've mentioned are still in full force. In those areas, student-first institutions have not traditionally been available. However, the Internet is changing all that.

The US government will not allow families or veterans or anyone else to qualify for federally guaranteed loans to attend a student-first school like Linda Christas. If anyone in the audience would like to read a description of the kind of school model Linda Christas represents, I invite you to acquire Harry S. Dent's The Roaring 2000's, and read chapter five. Our schools receive none of the royalties (laughter).

Harvard University

Harvard University

With all of that, Gail Gardner, who is an expert in increasing online casual traffic, is incredibly important.

Our schools are desperately in need of her expertise, so that as many students and families as possible become aware of an educational model that has shown itself over and over again to be what the United States needs in order to regain its international leadership position, instead of remaining in the academic cellar as has been the case for decades.

Already the most elite colleges in the world, including those in the US, are accepting students who graduate from our programs four times as frequently as students who graduate at the head of their class from a traditional public school. They know the difference, and parents are beginning to learn the difference. It all begins by making sure that the light in a student's eyes relative to learning never dies.

How many wasted lives result from the top-down school system as it exists today in America? There are over 2,000 public top-down high schools in America that graduate less than 50% of their students. Undergraduate college students by the millions learn very little in taking their bachelor's degrees. It is only at the graduate level, in the areas of science and mathematics, populated 60% now by international students, that America's world leadership position remains intact.

When eight out of ten American public school graduates end their education worse off than when they began, something is wrong with those schools, and millions of families want to do better for their own children. We know that Gail Gardner will help us get the Linda Christas message out to the Nation and to the world.

The Dean went on to say:

Gail was brought to my attention by Dr. Ann Voisin, our Provost, who, in my judgment, is one of the best evaluators of talent in the United States. After just a few minutes' conversation with Gail, I was convinced that she is exactly what the College and Academy need to make their Internet presence felt more profoundly. I was impressed with Gail's open dedication to bringing mainstream values back to education, a stance that seems to be out of fashion on the majority of US campuses.

During the announcement, Dr. Voisin said,

"We are so happy Gail has decided to accept the Directorship. She is so gifted, and represents exactly the kind of personal model we hope to encourage at the schools. As an accomplished businesswoman, teacher and musician, with a high calling in life, there is no doubt she will be a major asset for good within the Linda Christas community."

Igor Stravinsky

Igor Stravinsky

When contacted, commenting on a question regarding her "music" interest, Gail said that she holds a degree in music, and loves to play Debussy on the piano. Asked whether she ever plays Stravinsky, Gail commented upon her small delicate hands. Anyone who has ever studied Stravinsky understands the reference. Stravinsky had enormous hands, and seems to have written music exclusively for giants.

With that light moment, the announcement ended.

As author of this piece, and a student at Linda Christas College, on behalf of the 4800 people who share my student status here, let me extend a grand student welcome to Gail Gardner, our new Director of Grants and Affiliate Programs.

Announcement coverage by Jill Buchanan, Linda Christas College Class of '11

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