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Former President Nelson Mandela Offered Dullah Omar Chair of Freedom - Linda Christas College

Dr. Dullah Omar

Dr. Dullah Omar

Former President Nelson Mandela of South Africa, a Nobel Peace Prize recipient, has been invited by the students of Linda Christas College to occupy the Dr. Dullah Omar Chair of Freedom at the school.

Linda Christas College established the honorary chair program in 1993 for the purpose of saluting individuals who, during their lives, symbolized the principles in which the students believe, and to which they aspire.

Dean Ronald F. Bernard made the announcement, "As we all know, Dr. Omar was an important figure in South Africa's journey toward the abolition of apartheid. Not only was Dr. Omar a hero of the civil rights movement in South Africa, and a long time associate of Mr. Mandela, he was also responsible for much of the publicity that led to Mr. Mandela's release from prison after 27 long years, Dr. Omar also served as Justice Minister in the Country's first black-led government, and as South Africa's Minister of Transport. He died in Cape Town in 2004 at the age of 69.

The students of Linda Christas College are proud to have voted to establish the Chair of Freedom in Dr. Omar's name, and also happy to extend the invitation to Mr. Mandela to occupy it.

The invitation is being transmitted officially to Mr. Mandela, and the College is hoping to announce his acceptance of the honor in the not too distant future."

Current honorary chair holders at the College:

-Dr. Paul Davies, author and Templeton Prize winner, occupies the Davies Chair of Philosophy and Science in honor of both Ronald Davies, the judge who ordered the integration of schools in Little Rock, Arkansas; and, Samuel Davies, whose orations inspired many during the period leading up to the founding of the United States of America.

-Mr. Pat Boone, internationally acclaimed actor, singer and song writer, occupies the John William Boone Chair for the Performing Arts, established in honor of the sightless classical and jazz pianist who established the high performance standards to which many classically trained musicians aspire;

-Mr. Efrem Zimbalist Jr. actor, author and Pulitzer Prize winner, occupies the Efrem Zimbalist Sr. Chair for the Performing Arts established in honor of Mr. Zimbalist's father, superlative violinist and long time director of the famous Curtis Institute;

-Ms. Sue Grafton, best selling author and winner of numerous literary awards, occupies the Augustus Fitzroy Chair of Literature established to honor the former British Prime Minister, whose political correspondence is of masterful quality; and, who did all in his power to prevent the unjust taxation of the American colonies, failed in those attempts, and, as a result, watched helplessly as the hated Stamp Act was imposed, thus creating the foment which led to the American Revolutionary War.

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