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Battle for a Community's Soul

by Ann Wellington, Linda Christas Class of '12

Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson

Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson

Today I had the privilege of interviewing one of the most outstanding personalities in America today, the Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson.

Recently, Rev. Peterson was voted by the Linda Christas College student body as their role model for 2011. Along with that designation, the College awarded Rev. Peterson an honorary Chair of Leadership which will be held in Rev. Peterson's name in perpetuity.

Others who have been awarded honorary Chairs in perpetuity at the College include Pat Boone (Singer, Actor, Composer of Exodus), Dr. Paul Davies (Templeton Prize), Efrem Zimbalist Jr. (Pulitzer Prize) and author Sue Grafton (Anthony Award).

One of the questions this reporter posed to Rev. Peterson had to do with the problems of America's families, and particularly those of black families.

In response, Rev. Peterson referred to his article entitled "The Soul of the Black Community Is Dead."

In that article, Rev. Peterson says,

"Seventy percent of black babies born out of wedlock has lent itself to an epidemic of fatherlessness. The black woman carries no respect for a man of such weakness and harbors perpetual hatred for this man who bedded, and then abandoned, her. The father's absence made the mother the influential figure to the family. But her anger toward the man who left her is so great that she cannot be a positive influence. The black youth is victimized by his mother's dominant hatred. With no father as a figure of guidance and respect, the child can't help but yield to this force of darkness.

ghetto low pantsSo the young black man comes to what he is today -- incidentally a perfect representation of the overall downfall of the black community. No direction. No drive. No soul. Generally today, young black men carry with them no sense of responsibility to be productive, no aversion to undisciplined behavior, nor any indication that they can overcome the sin into which they're born. Rather than work and strive to move up in the world, they opt to abuse drugs, chase women, and act like immature fools.

Usually when one is born into dire circumstances he is accompanied by a sense of desperation to succeed. He innately feels that he must work hard, harder than all those around him just to be able to survive. The young black man of today feels none of this. His focus is on his next joint. The emasculation of the young black man by the dominant black women has destroyed this drive. His innate sense now is to lust after a woman. In doing so, the black man is forever subject to "momma."

As we can see, Rev. Peterson is quite emphatic that the absence of fathers in black American homes has led to today's tragic black family profile.

American Beach 1950

American Beach 1950

Prior to World War II, the percentage of black families without fathers in the home was lower than that of the majority.

Successful black businesses serving the black community were common, as were black millionaires such as Abraham Lincoln Lewis and A.G. Gaston.

The literacy rate among black children was tested (by the American military) at 80% in 1940. Today, black literacy is estimated to be approximately 60%, a 20% drop from the rates experienced by blacks prior to WWII, and the formal integration of the public schools.

Prior to the Second World War, recreation areas reserved exclusively for blacks, such as Florida's American Beach, provided excellent, tension free areas where blacks could enjoy themselves free of racial tension and violence. There are no such facilities available today in the United States.

Communities such as Gary, Indiana were free of black on white violence, and black neighborhoods were clean and well cared for. A trip to the predominantly black area of Gary in 2010 convinced this reporter to remain in her vehicle and drive on through at or above the speed limit.

Of course, both in the 1960's as today, the people using police and military power to force behaviors approved by the Democratic Party platform didn't themselves partake of the consequences. Those at the top of the government structure still sent their children to the best private schools. They still lived in protected compounds, Kennedy at his exclusive estate in Massachusetts, and Johnson on his sprawling Texas ranch.

But, for the rest of the Country, for the middle class, black and white alike, as is true today, the consequences of their policies have been dire.

As Rev. Peterson has said, as of this writing, 70% of all black families have no father in the home, as opposed to 24% for the majority.

Black youths from fatherless homes are twice as likely as youths of the majority to be incarcerated.

Fatherless black families are more than three times more likely to have children exhibit behavioral problems than the majority.

Black children are three times more likely than the majority to drop out of high school.

african american spittingBlack students report far lower life expectations than students of the majority. Black children are 75% more likely to be found in juvenile detention centers than children of the majority.

Black youth from fatherless homes display much greater levels of aggression than children from homes where the father is present.

And, finally, black children living in neighborhoods with predominantly fatherless households are 300% more likely to engage in criminal activity than if these children were not growing up in these kinds of situations.

Of course, the majority of citizens have not escaped the consequences of forced liberal policies either.

In his documentary Stupid in America (See it at YouTube), John Stossel points out how America's high schoolers are unprepared to compete with graduates from other developed countries. With so many dysfunctional children in our classrooms, teaching much in the way of substantive material ranges from difficult to impossible. The United States maintains the highest expulsion rate of any public school system in the world. However, expulsions of individual students take place only after they have hampered serious study in classrooms for years.

The National Education Association labels all American public school teachers "heroes" for just showing up each day to wage a losing battle for literary in America.

In other words, along with "the death of the black soul" in Rev. Peterson's words, everyone in America has suffered as the government continues to use force in areas where in times past personal integrity and the exercise of freedom sufficed.

african american inmatesWith 3.2 million prisoners today, the U.S. government jails the largest percentage of its citizens of any country in the world, including nations our liberal politicians condemn as abusers of human rights.

And, yet, liberals continue to push for the same kinds of programs that we can now in hindsight clearly see have scorched America with dead and dying dreams.

The reason Rev. Peterson is a conservative is because conservative values are what made America great in the first place. Self reliance, minimum government, and the elimination of the use of police power to force corrupting circumstances on every level of American society.

light of the lordToday, America's people are no longer the best educated or most creative. True, we still have the biggest bombs, the fastest and most destructive military weaponry on the planet, and we still have leaders like President Obama collecting Peace Prizes while sending drones to neighborhoods throughout the world. But, none of this is going to bring character or freedom back to America.

Rev. Peterson, of course, believes that Jesus Christ and the miracle of the Holy Spirit is the answer.

This reporter believes that he is correct. However, for those more cynical; for those who have given up on religion as a character builder, let us simply say that we need to find the strength to let go of government as the answer to our ills, and look once again to the individual family.

God willing, we can still be saved.

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