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Amelia (Xintong Hou) Shows Us How to Deliver an Outstanding College Interview

by Justin Walker, Class of '15

The following is a success story.

Amelia (Xinton Hou), a student at Camford Royal School, was originally introduced to the Linda Christas college counseling program by Dr. Leo Liu, Linda Christas Director, Beijing.

Amelia is a shy, self effacing, brilliant student who takes things to heart, and works very hard to make sure she does her best in all things.

Dr. Liu told me that Amelia has outstanding potential, and he is proud at how successful Amelia has become with the help of her mother, Shulan Xin, and her Linda Christas counselor, Mrs. Justine Melchior.

Mrs. Melchior matched Amelia with several top colleges known by Linda Christas to recruit students exactly like Amelia for their student bodies.

All the schools to which Amelia has now applied are in the top fifty in the United States for providing their graduates with the background necessary to enter the finest medical schools, law schools, and graduate business programs. Also, Amelia's recommended colleges and universities are among the best in terms of providing graduates with job opportunities in America.

Schools like Swarthmore College, Clark University, Knox College and Allegheny College assign their best teachers to younger students, and are known for making certain young Chinese students are well taken care of while on their campuses.

Even though Amelia is not an English First Language student, in the year she has been a member of the Linda Christas family, she has grown by leaps and bounds, and is now poised to be accepted by at least four of her recommended colleges and universities.

Recently, I was sent a practice college interview given by Amelia.

The video was seen by Dr. Bernard, Founder of Linda Christas, as well as Drs. Lee and Louvier, Registrar and Provost respectively.

They all agreed that Amelia's performance is first rate.

This reporter was so impressed with the interview, I wanted to share it with all Linda Christas parents, administrators and students who haven't as yet had an opportunity to see Amelia in action.

Shulan Xin, Amelia's mother, can be heard in the background of the video asking Amelia the practice college interview questions.

For students and families thinking about becoming part of the Linda Christas family, please take a few minutes to watch Amelia's outstanding performance.

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