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Linda Christas Beijing Conference Held

Silvia Parmella, LC Class of '14

Mr. Leo Liu

Recently, Mr. Leo Liu (at left), Linda Christas Regional Consultant for Beijing, China, sponsored a conference aimed at sharing what so many parents and students in that capital city already know.

Last year's Beijing class, with the assistance of Mr. Liu and Linda Christas, were accepted into top colleges and universities throughout the United States, including Bowdoin College, Brandeis University, Purdue University, Juniata College, the University of California Berkeley, Knox College, Clark University, Ursinus College, and a host of others.

100% of the students who followed Mr. Liu's, and their Linda Christas counselor's recommendations entered their freshman year at these premier American institutions in the Fall of 2013, and the same will be said of this year's class.

The earlier students take advantage of Linda Christas expertise during their high school careers, the more assured their future university successes become.

No other service in the world bases its college and university counseling on actual student results.

Linda Christas Beijing ConferenceThat is, instead of depending on the colleges and universities themselves for rankings as most popular magazines do, Linda Christas bases its rankings on what actually happens to students once they graduate.

Linda Christas asks questions like what percentage of a school's graduates are accepted by top ten graduate and professional programs? What percentage of students are hired upon graduation into lucrative positions by Standard & Poor's listed companies? How many graduates of a school's bachelor's programs are eventually honored for their life's work? What percentage of students contribute financially back to their college or university once they have left their hallowed halls? And, as importantly, what percentage of students would make the decision to attend the same college or university again, if they could go back in time?

Said differently, Linda Christas bases its counseling on actual student experience both while on a college or university campus and after graduation.

Professors leave, research grants are won and lost, extracurricular needs vary from year to year, and only a service with counselors actively pursuing current information in the United States can hope to keep up with these institutional changes.

And, it is this expertise that Mr. Liu and Linda Christas offered parents, guardians, and friends attending the Beijing conference (pictured above right).

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