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Edward Zhang (Zhang Boyang) Is Accepted By Bowdoin College

by Bonnie Specter, Student Reporter, Linda Christas Class of '14

lynn-king-and-edward-zhangThis year has seen many great students enter the Linda Christas University Coaching Program.

Among them is Edward Zhang (seen at left with Lynn King, Linda Christas Ambassador to China).

Edward was recently accepted by Bowdoin College, a top ten American college by almost any measurement as seen below.

Bowdoin's sister schools include Amherst, Middlebury, Tufts, Williams, Bates, Colby, Trinity, Conn and Wesleyan. These schools are among the finest on the planet.

Bowdoin was founded in 1794, and has one of the most storied histories among American colleges and universities.

Why Is Bowdoin Great?


Bowdoin students are rewarded for their four years of hard work on campus by:

-Being among the top ten colleges in the United States in terms of placing graduates into top five business, law and science graduate programs;

-Being among the top ten colleges in the United States in terms of graduates earning prestigious honors such as the Fulbright Scholarships, as well as being chosen for Who's Who;

-Bowdoin graduates rank in the top ten relative to earning power during their professional lives.

Never Let It Be Said That Food Isn't Important

Bowdoin has been voted by several sources (including The Princeton Review) as serving its students the best food of any college in the United States.

Thorne Dining Hall

Thorne Dining Hall

Not only is Bowdoin one of the most outstanding colleges in the United States, it also possesses one of the most beautiful campuses.

The Bowdoin Campus

The Bowdoin Campus

Accompanying the world class academic program, food and the campus' natural beauty are....

World Class Facilities

-The Sidney J. Watson Arena, a modern Division III ice hockey facility with a 2,300 spectator capacity;

Watson Arena

Watson Arena

-The Pickard Training Center used for Olympic training;

Pickard Center

Pickard Center

-The Buck Center for Health and Fitness;

-The Leroy Greason Pool (16 lanes);

-Hubbard Grandstand and Whittier Field, which can accommodate 9,000 spectators, and an all weather track completed by Nike in 2005;

-The Lubin Family Squash Center;

-Boathouses, several basketball courts, indoor and outdoor tennis courts.

Famous Graduates

us-president-franklin-pierceNot only does Bowdoin offer great programs, food and facilities, but it also has a very rich tradition of graduating people who have come to the attention of the world upon taking their degrees.

Among these individuals, we find a United States President, Franklin Pierce (at right), and several outstanding writers including Nathaniel Hawthorne, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and Harriet Beecher Stowe. In addition, there are many ambassadors, congressional delegates, governors and mayors among those who have trodden the Bowdoin halls.

Again, we wish to congratulate Edward Zhang (Zhangboyang) for his marvelous accomplishment. We would also like to take this opportunity to recognize Edward's Linda Christas counselor, Mrs. Adelle Robichaud, for her contribution to Edward's success.

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