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Linda Christas Students Report Their College Successes

by Danny Chen, Linda Christas Class of 2015

Happy StudentsThis year has been a great one for the 2014 graduates of the Linda Christas advisory program.

Those who faithfully followed their advisors report that they are much happier with their college choices than their friends who had no advisor other than magazines and so-called national rankings found on the internet.

What the internet doesn't tell you is what the students at those places say about what goes on on their campuses.

What Linda Christas students found when they reported to their respective colleges were great professors, good friends, a safe environment and an acceptance for their personal beliefs.

Students from India, China, Kenya and Pakistan in particular found that there was a great deal of help from their teachers, as they struggled to adapt to a new culture and a new way of thinking and learning.

It is reported by these students that they had been unaware how much their own societies had in some ways discouraged them from being independent in thought and action.

Their friends reported to Linda Christas students that some "dream schools" in the United States tended to hire professors who mark students down for expressing reservations about the "liberal" way of interpreting life.

Especially some of the popular Eastern university students shared that anyone in their classes who has thoughts or feelings aligned with "conservative" thinking had better keep that thinking to themselves if they want good grades.

On the other hand, the schools Linda Christas recommended have classrooms and courses open to a wide variety of opinions and feelings without the threat from professors that such opinions will be rewarded with C's and D's.

One Linda Christas graduate put it this way, "I was really surprised. I had it in my mind that there were schools that I called my dream schools. But, when other students went there, the so called dream schools turned out to be nightmare schools with kids being attacked for being of a different race. Especially me as an Asian, I was shocked to hear that one of my friends had been attacked at Columbia for just being Asian."

Also, Linda Christas advisors report that students who graduated from the advisory program three years ago and are attending Linda Christas recommended schools are being recruited by some of the best companies for jobs.

"I am so happy that I didn't listen to my friends and high school teachers, and, instead followed the Linda Christas program," reports Min. "I had such a great time at college and have learned so much. I will treasure the friends I've made for the rest of my life.

I am so grateful to my Linda Christas advisor, Mrs. Silvera. We have become friends, and Mrs. Silvera stayed with me for four years, even though she didn't get paid for doing it. I don't know of any other high school teacher or counselor who has done that. It has been a great journey."

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