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Facial Recognition Moves Into a New Front: Schools

Published 02/06/2020 04:55 PM

A district in New York has adopted the technology in the name of safety. Opponents cite privacy and bias concerns.

Number of Homeless Students Rises to New High, Report Says

Published 02/03/2020 06:32 PM

The report found that more than 1.5 million public school students experienced homelessness in the 2017-18 school year, the highest in more than a dozen years.

Art School’s Merger With Christian University Stokes Uproar

Published 02/03/2020 03:54 PM

The union of Watkins College of Art and Belmont University in Nashville prompted concern that non-Christian faculty members could be purged.

Masks Are On. Games Are Canceled. Fear of the Coronavirus Comes to U.S. Colleges.

Published 02/01/2020 05:36 AM

There has only been one confirmed case of the virus at a college campus, but anxiety is palpable in classes and dorms.

In College and Homeless

Published 02/20/2020 10:00 AM

At community colleges, many students are spending nights on friends’ couches or sleeping in cars. Advocates are pushing for solutions, including safer places to park overnight.

Creating Connections

Published 02/20/2020 10:00 AM

A career center at Brooklyn College provides ‘the aunts and uncles, the friends of the family that these kids don’t have.’

The #MeToo Balancing Act in High School

Published 02/20/2020 10:00 AM

Many boys and young men think the movement is essential for girls and women, but struggle with how they fit into it.

Bringing a New Vibe to the Classroom

Published 02/20/2020 10:00 AM

Some educators are experimenting with their approaches to teaching to make course materials more relevant to various cultures and communities.

Gender Pronouns Can Be Tricky on Campus. Harvard Is Making Them Stick.

Published 02/19/2020 09:19 PM

The push for personal pronouns like “they/them” and “ze/hir” can ignite a power struggle in college classrooms. The Kennedy School of Government’s solution? Stickers.

‘We Changed Harvard’: The Story of 18 Black Students

Published 02/16/2020 10:00 AM

Kent Garrett, who with Jeanne Ellsworth wrote “The Last Negroes at Harvard,” talks about how they found the African-American men of the class of 1963.

An Old and Contested Solution to Boost Reading Scores: Phonics

Published 02/15/2020 08:00 AM

As test scores lag, there’s a growing debate between proponents of the “science of reading,” which emphasizes phonics, and traditional educators who prefer to instill a love of literature.

‘Beautiful Project’ at the Met: Stories of Southern Black Girlhood

Published 02/18/2020 02:44 AM

An exhibition opens up important conversations about gender, race and the authority of the photographic gaze.

Harvard and Yale Ensnared in Education Dept. Crackdown on Foreign Funding

Published 02/12/2020 11:48 PM

The department told the Ivy League universities to hand over records on millions of dollars in gifts, grants and contracts from foreign countries, including China, Iran and Russia.

A Simple Way to Equalize the Ivies? Give Others the Legacy SAT Bonus

Published 02/12/2020 05:01 PM

If lower-income students had a boost like those for children of alumni, selective colleges would be far less economically stratified, a study suggests.

Coronavirus Forces Foreign Students in China to Choose: Stay or Go

Published 02/13/2020 06:07 AM

As Americans and others flee Chinese universities, the crisis is severing ties that have historically brought the country closer to the rest of the world.

As Foreigners Flee China, Pakistan Tells Its Citizens to Stay

Published 02/14/2020 05:26 PM

Pakistan has refused to evacuate 800 citizens in Wuhan, fearing an outbreak at home. Some stuck in the hot zone worry they are part of a larger geopolitical game.

New Campus Sexual Misconduct Rules Will Tackle Dating Violence

Published 02/10/2020 07:59 PM

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’s contentious regulations on sexual misconduct at schools will cement domestic and dating violence and stalking as forms of gender discrimination.

For a Scientist Turned Novelist, an Experiment Pays Off

Published 02/18/2020 03:40 PM

“Real Life” follows a pivotal weekend in the life of a black gay student in the Midwest, something Brandon Taylor said was an effort to write himself into the campus-life genre he loves reading.

This Professor’s ‘Amazing’ Trick Makes Quadratic Equations Easier

Published 02/06/2020 03:17 PM

Looking for the answers to ax² + bx + c = 0? A mathematician has rediscovered a technique that the ancient Babylonians used.

For Her Debut, Abi Daré Confronts ‘Dreams and Intelligence That We Kill’

Published 02/01/2020 10:00 AM

Writing “The Girl With the Louding Voice,” about a 14-year-old employed as a housemaid, challenged how the novelist viewed a common practice in her native Nigeria.

College Road Trip: Indiana

Published 08/13/2010 07:50 PM

College Road Trip: California

Published 08/13/2010 07:40 PM

College Road Trip: Georgia

Published 08/13/2010 07:11 PM

Improving Instruction on Instruction in Education Grad Schools

Published 04/15/2010 05:00 AM

Few schools prepare teachers for life in the classroom, research shows.

The Business School Rankings Methodology

Published 04/15/2010 05:00 AM

How we rank graduate business schools

The New Doctors in the House

Published 04/15/2010 05:00 AM

How nurses are evolving into far bigger roles at hospitals.

The Science Rankings Methodology

Published 04/15/2010 05:00 AM

How we rank graduate programs in the sciences

Bitten by the Green Design Bug

Published 04/15/2010 05:00 AM

Engineering students flock to sustainable design, and schools aim for green waters.

Bringing Better Health to Rural America

Published 04/15/2010 05:00 AM

The nation's small towns need more physicians, and med schools aim to fill the gap.

Business School: Teaching More Than Work Ethic

Published 04/15/2010 05:00 AM

Tomorrow's corporate leaders are learning business skills and social values at B-schools.

Colleges Where Need for Aid Can Hurt Admission Odds

Published 03/23/2010 03:22 PM

See which schools are most likely to admit and you and give you financial aid.

Medical Schools Fight the War Against Disease

Published 04/22/2009 09:00 PM

Epidemiologists go straight to the source, then sift their data one clue at a time.

Business Schools Look for Different Kinds of Students

Published 04/22/2009 09:00 PM

Admissions offices are pursuing more women and minority candidates.

How Technology Is Changing the Medical Profession

Published 04/22/2009 09:00 PM

Clinical practice guidelines, electronic medical records, and population science are revolutionary.

Picking the Right School for an Education Grad Degree

Published 04/22/2009 09:00 PM

Is it more important to go to a great school or a school near where you want to teach?

Government Helps Low-Income Grad Students Pay for School

Published 04/22/2009 09:00 PM

Loans to be capped at 15 percent of income, and those entering public service may get loans forgiven.

Aerospace Engineering Searches for New Talent

Published 04/22/2009 09:00 PM

As more baby boomers reach retirement, demand for qualified graduates is on the rise.

America's Best Colleges: Most International Students

Published 03/17/2009 04:06 PM

The percent of undergraduates who are international.

America's Best Colleges: Freshman Retention Rates

Published 03/17/2009 04:01 PM

The average proportion of freshmen who return the following fall.

America's Best Colleges: Economic Diversity Among Top Schools

Published 03/17/2009 03:52 PM

Percentage of undergraduates receiving federal Pell grants at the Top 25 schools.

America's Best Colleges: Economic Diversity

Published 03/17/2009 03:44 PM

Percentage of undergraduates receiving federal Pell grants.

America's Best Colleges: Best Values

Published 03/17/2009 03:39 PM

These colleges give the best bang for your buck.

Cheaper, Bigger, and Cooler Student Loans

Published 07/01/2008 05:58 PM

New federal standards ease some of the financial pressure for students and their parents.

Colleges Drop Their Loan Programs

Published 04/17/2008 06:10 PM

Administrators at more than 250 public colleges have opted out of the Stafford loan program.

The Impact of the Virginia Tech Attack

Published 04/17/2008 05:59 PM

One consequence of the attack is the increased speed with which colleges respond to threats.

Cuts in European-Language Studies

Published 04/17/2008 05:43 PM

As more students study Arabic and Chinese, European-language departments are suffering cutbacks.

Hot Tips for Law School Students

Published 03/26/2008 04:01 PM

Specialization isn't the only way to gain practical know-how in law school.

New Ways to Get a Degree in Education

Published 03/26/2008 04:01 PM

Options include salaried training, condensed course, and flexible schedules.

Getting Business School Skills While in Law School

Published 03/26/2008 04:01 PM

Law school students can choose joint programs and special courses.

Hot Tips for a Graduate Degree in Education

Published 03/26/2008 04:01 PM

Smart Choices Special Ed. The number of teachers in this specialty is forecast to rise almost 15% by 2016. At some schools (e.g., Vanderbilt...

Changes for the GRE Exam This Fall

Published 09/12/2007 08:44 PM

The fill-in-the-blank questions get trickier, and some questions don't give any choices at all.

Playing Your Cards Right

Published 09/07/2007 05:44 PM

The stakes in the financial aid game are higher than ever.

Loans Are as Tricky as Ever

Published 09/07/2007 05:39 PM

Colleges break links with lenders but now give less guidance.

The New Rules of Finding Aid

Published 09/07/2007 05:28 PM

Codes of conduct and pending legislation are changing loan options for students and parents.

Nickel and Diming Your Kids to College

Published 09/07/2007 05:23 PM

Small rebates from retailers are just another way parents can fund ever expanding 529 plans.

Learning Economics 101

Published 09/07/2007 05:16 PM

Schools expect students to work part time. So do parents.

How to 'Leverage' Your Aid

Published 09/07/2007 05:03 PM

You can get more dough by pitting schools against one another.

SAT Scores Drop for the Second Year in a Row

Published 08/28/2007 04:41 PM

The College Board reports a gender gap in the writing section and a rise in students with disabilities.

Secretary DeVos Expands Earn and Learn Opportunities for Students at 190 Schools through Federal Work-Study Reform Initiative

Published 02/19/2020 08:22 PM

WASHINGTON – U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos announced today the creation of a new initiative that allows more students to gain on-the-job experience with employers in their field of study as part of their Federal Work-Study (FWS) program. The initiative, known as an experimental site, expands FWS opportunities for students at 190 institutions.

U.S. Department of Education Launches Investigation into Foreign Gifts Reporting at Ivy League Universities

Published 02/12/2020 11:10 PM

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Launches to Help Educators, Administrators, Parents, and Law Enforcement Prepare for Threats

Published 02/10/2020 08:22 PM

WASHINGTON — The Trump Administration today launched the Federal School Safety Clearinghouse website: This website is a one-stop-shop of resources for K-12 administrators, educators, parents, and law enforcement to use to prepare for and address various threats related to safety, security, and support in schools. President Trump established the Federal Commission on School Safety to review safety practices and make meaningful and actionable recommendations of best practices to keep students safe.

President Trump Proposes Transformative, Student-First Budget to Return Power to States, Limit Federal Control of Education

Published 02/10/2020 06:58 PM

WASHINGTON — The President released today his budget request for the U.S. Department of Education for the 2021 fiscal year. This transformative, student-first budget prioritizes improving student achievement, reducing the outsized Federal role in education, and returning control over education decisions to whom it belongs—State and local leaders, teachers, parents, and students.

U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos Releases Statement on State of the Union

Published 02/05/2020 12:28 PM

U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos released the following statement on President Donald J. Trump's 2020 State of the Union Address:

U.S. Department of Education, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Sign Memorandum of Understanding to Better Serve Student Loan Borrowers

Published 02/03/2020 09:38 PM

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Department of Education and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) announced a new coordination agreement in order to better serve student loan borrowers. Under the newly signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) the agencies will share complaint information from borrowers and meet quarterly to discuss observations about the nature of complaints received, characteristics of borrowers, and available information about resolution of complaints.

U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos Announces New Flexibility for States to Better Meet the Needs of Students, Local Communities

Published 01/31/2020 02:17 PM

WASHINGTON — Today, U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos announced new flexibility for four states that are rethinking education in order to better serve students and meet local needs. Massachusetts, North Carolina, Texas and Vermont were recently approved to participate in the Education Flexibility Program (Ed-Flex), which was updated by the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). Ed-Flex encourages local innovation and returns power to states from the U.S. Department of Education by allowing states to waive certain federal statutory or regulatory requirements under the law.

U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos Appoints Three New Members, Chair To Board Overseeing The Nation’s Report Card

Published 01/30/2020 02:10 PM

WASHINGTON — U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos has appointed a former governor, engineering curriculum specialist, and twelfth-grade U.S. government and politics teacher to four-year terms on the National Assessment Governing Board, which oversees the only continuing, nationally representative evaluation of U.S. students' knowledge. Secretary DeVos named former Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour, one of the new appointees, as chair of the Board.

Secretary DeVos Announces New, Proactive Civil Rights Compliance Center within Office for Civil Rights

Published 01/21/2020 04:23 PM

WASHINGTON — U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos announced today that the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) at the U.S. Department of Education will launch the Outreach, Prevention, Education and Non-discrimination (OPEN) Center to focus on proactive compliance with federal civil rights laws. The OPEN Center will provide assistance and support to schools, educators, families, and students to ensure better awareness of the requirements and protections of federal non-discrimination laws.

U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos Announces Proposed Rule Regarding Equal Treatment of Faith-Based Education Institutions, Provides Updated School Prayer Guidance

Published 01/16/2020 02:22 PM

Washington — Today, U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos announced that the Department of Education is taking several concrete actions to protect religious liberty and ensure the Department is acting in accordance with the First Amendment. The Department announced a proposed rule ensuring the equal treatment and constitutional rights of religious organizations and faith-based institutions, as well as First Amendment freedoms owed to students on campus.

Secretary DeVos Delivers on Promise to Launch Centralized Federal Student Aid Information Hub for Students, Borrowers

Published 12/23/2019 03:53 PM

WASHINGTON— Delivering on U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos' promise to improve customer experience with the federal student aid process, the Department debuted today a new, centralized hub for customers to access student aid information. The new is now the singular place where students, parents, and borrowers can learn about available types of student aid, find the right repayment plan, complete loan counseling, and fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®) form.

Department of Education Announces Recovery Assistance for Students, Schools Impacted by Natural Disasters

Published 12/19/2019 10:24 PM

WASHINGTON – U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos today announced new federal assistance for students and schools in 13 states and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands impacted by Hurricanes Florence and Michael, Typhoon Mangkhut, Super Typhoon Yutu and other natural disasters in 2018 and 2019.

Secretary DeVos Praises Higher Education Reforms Signed Into Law that Simplify the FAFSA®, Provide Consistent Funding for HBCUs

Published 12/19/2019 08:19 PM

WASHINGTON — U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos released the following statement on the FUTURE Act after President Trump signed the bill into law. The Act contains several important higher education reforms championed by the Secretary that will benefit students for decades to come:

Department of Education Earns A+ for Technology Modernization

Published 12/16/2019 08:14 PM

WASHINGTON—The U.S. Department of Education, under the leadership of U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, has earned high marks from the House Committee on Oversight and Reform for its work to modernize and secure its information technology systems. In fact, in rankings released last week, the Department earned an A+ on the December 2019 Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA) scorecard.

Prepared Remarks by Secretary DeVos to the House Education and the Workforce Committee

Published 12/12/2019 02:13 PM

Chairman Scott, Ranking Member Foxx, and Members of the Committee: Let me first thank the committee for its willingness to make this a productive hearing. We have provided the committee 18,000 pages of documents during the past month on borrower defense alone, we have briefed you several times, and I'm hopeful we can use today's hearing to continue in that spirit of constructive dialogue. Let me also thank you for the opportunity to set the record straight on this Administration's approach to borrower defense to repayment.

Mindfulness Transforms Culture At High-Needs Elementary School

Published 02/20/2020 10:02 AM

A struggling elementary school in East Nashville, Tenn., is incorporating mindfulness, but experts caution that mindfulness is not a panacea and programs should follow scientific guidelines.

Food Fight: How 2 Trump Proposals Could Bite Into School Lunch

Published 02/19/2020 11:00 AM

The pending federal rule changes could push a million kids off free or reduced-price school meals, at least temporarily.

One Woman's Quest To Preserve The Radio Archives At Historically Black Colleges

Published 02/16/2020 01:00 PM

Radio producer Jocelyn Robinson is trying to save archival audio and help historically black colleges and universities start thinking about the importance of preserving their precious history.

An Indian University Is Trying To Innovate What Students Learn — And How They Learn It

Published 02/15/2020 01:04 PM

India has more young people than any other country in the world and that means, the country needs many more college classrooms.

UC Santa Cruz Grad Students Strike For Higher Pay As Housing Costs Skyrocket

Published 02/15/2020 01:04 PM

Graduate students at the University of California Santa Cruz are on strike. Teaching assistants are calling for higher pay to cope with the city's high cost of living.

Harvard, Yale Accused Of Failing To Report Hundreds Of Millions In Foreign Donations

Published 02/13/2020 12:37 PM

The Ivy League schools have been singled out in a federal crackdown on institutions of higher learning for allegedly not reporting hundreds of millions of dollars in foreign donations.

Education Department Probes Harvard, Yale Over Foreign Funding

Published 02/13/2020 10:09 AM

The Department of Education has announced that it is investigating two elite U.S. universities: Harvard and Yale. The government says they potentially failed to report foreign gifts and contracts.

News Brief: Democratic Candidates, Education Probe, Border Detainees

Published 02/13/2020 10:09 AM

Early nominating contests fail to resolve Democratic Party's divide. The Education Department probes Harvard and Yale funds. And, why scores of Iranian-Americans were detained at a border crossing.

A Contest For Students: Deliver A Stump Speech

Published 02/11/2020 09:24 PM

Why should candidates have all the fun? NPR's Ari Shapiro talks with Hannah McCarthy, host of New Hampshire Public Radio's Civics 101 podcast, about their student stump speech contest.

News Brief: N.H. Primary, Coronavirus, Lockdown Drills

Published 02/11/2020 10:03 AM

New Hampshire's primary takes center stage. Health officials worry about the spread of the coronavirus outside China. And, two large teacher unions question the effectiveness of active shooter drills.

2 Big Teachers Unions Call For Rethinking Student Involvement In Lockdown Drills

Published 02/11/2020 10:02 AM

About 95% of American public schools have adopted some form of active shooter drills. But there's little proof they're effective — and there's growing concern they can traumatize children.

Howard University's Largest Donation Ever Raises Questions About Who Gets Donor Coins

Published 02/11/2020 10:00 AM

The largest gift in Howard University's history — a $10 million investment in its STEM program — has sparked a larger conversation: which institutions get private donor money, and why.

Student Debt Is A Big Issue In The New Hampshire Primary

Published 02/10/2020 09:17 PM

New Hampshire students graduate with some of the highest rates of student debt in the country. Several Democratic presidential candidates have plans that would forgive student loans.

A University Built From Scratch In 5 Months Wants To Be A Global Leader

Published 02/08/2020 11:00 AM

A new campus in India, SRM Andhra Pradesh, has high-tech labs, classrooms that use Artificial Intelligence and no paved road to the campus.

Judge Hands Down Harshest Penalty Yet From College Admissions Scandal

Published 02/07/2020 11:51 PM

Prosecutors told the court that they considered Douglas Hodge, the ex-CEO of PIMCO, among the "most culpable" of the parents charged. He has been sentenced to nine months in prison.

Trump declares himself 'chief law enforcement officer' as he issues numerous pardons

Published 02/18/2020 08:39 PM

The president on Tuesday exercised his pardon power, granting clemency to or commuting the sentences of nearly a dozen people convicted of crimes.

Bloomberg referred to trans women as 'some guy in a dress' in second resurfaced video

Published 02/19/2020 04:08 PM

In a video recorded last year, presidential hopeful Mike Bloomberg refers to transgender women as “some guy in a dress.” This is the second time Mr Bloomberg has been recorded making such statements in recent years.The March 2019 video also has Mr Bloomberg referring to transgender people as “he, she or it” in comments aimed at warning 2020 Democratic candidates against emphasising transgender issues, arguing that they would not play well in parts of America.

George Zimmerman sues Warren, Buttigieg for $265 million

Published 02/19/2020 09:26 PM

The ex-neighborhood watch volunteer who was acquitted of killing the 17-year-old says the Democrats defamed him on Twitter.

Hate crimes go unchecked at Syracuse University, students say

Published 02/19/2020 09:02 PM

The black-led movement NotAgainSU launched the sit-in Monday to protest the administration's handling of racial incidents at the university.

George H.W. Bush deputy attorney general says ex-colleague Barr is creating a 'banana republic'

Published 02/18/2020 12:00 PM

More than 2,000 former Justice Department officials, current federal prosecutors, and federal judges are urgently concerned about Attorney General William Barr's evident politicization of the Justice Department. Even "Trump voters" should be afraid of "Bill Barr's America," a "banana republic where all are subject to the whims of a dictatorial president and his henchmen," Donald Ayer, a former colleague of Barr's and deputy attorney general under President George H.W. Bush, wrote in The Atlantic on Monday. He elaborated on CNN Monday evening.Barr was Ayer's successor as deputy attorney general before starting his first go as attorney general a year later, in 1991. In the 40 years the two men have known each other, Ayer told CNN, Barr has "always had a very strong view that the executive ought to have a great deal of power. I've never known quite how far it would go, and there was never any reason to test it, because when he was attorney general under George H.W. Bush, George H.W. Bush had no interest in being an autocrat. So now we're faced with a situation where Bill Barr has won the job of attorney general under a president who apparently does want to be an autocrat."In The Atlantic, Ayer writes that "it is not too strong to say that Bill Barr is un-American," and he elaborated on CNN. "The reason that I say that he's un-American is because I think it's fair to say, and I think most people would agree with me, that the central tenet of our legal system and our justice system is that no person is above the law," he wrote. "Bill Barr's vision is quite different. Bill Barr's vision is that there is one man, one person who needs to be above the law, and that is the president. ... He said that before he became attorney general but he's now carried it out in many steps."Ayer elaborated on the ways he thinks Barr is harming America in his Atlantic article, concluding that to prevent this "banana republic," America needs "a public uprising demanding that Bill Barr resign immediately, or failing that, be impeached." Read more at The Atlantic.More stories from Mike Bloomberg is not the lesser of two evils Trump's pardon of Bernie Kerik also apparently wiped out Kerik's $103,300 debt to taxpayers Burger King is advertising the revolting sight of a moldy Whopper

Pope tenderly kissed on forehead by man in front-row seat

Published 02/19/2020 06:44 PM

Well-wishers at Pope Francis' weekly audience have thrust soccer T-shirts, flowers and many a wailing baby into his arms. On Wednesday, Francis seemed to thoroughly enjoy a surprise expression of affection: a long, tender kiss planted on his forehead by a man in one of the front-row seats reserved for ailing or disabled people at the end of his audience. Francis appeared to be smiling when the man, who stood up when the pontiff approached to greet him and others in the front row, pulled the pope's head toward him and gave a kiss lasting several seconds, pressing his nose against Francis' forehead in the process.

Russia raises eyebrows with blanket ban on Chinese visitors

Published 02/19/2020 03:14 PM

Moscow is to impose a blanket ban on Chinese visitors over coronavirus fears in a move that will hit its tourism industry as experts question the need for such "draconian" measures. Moscow will ban all Chinese citizens from entering its territory from Thursday. It has already halted visa-free tourism for Chinese nationals and stopped issuing them with work visas and suspended rail links and restricted air travel.

ICE says it plans to destroy a trove of detention records, including numbers on detainee deaths and sexual assaults

Published 02/19/2020 03:21 PM

The ACLU races to retrieve years of ICE detention records that they say are critical to holding ICE accountable for abuses and misconduct.

Pilots aboard Hurricane Hunter plane chasing a winter storm experience strange phenomenon

Published 02/19/2020 09:14 PM

An experienced hurricane hunting crew chasing a winter storm came across a far different discovery this past weekend. In what is know as St. Elmo's fire, footage of the forking electric discharge was captured on Saturday by pilots as the spectacle flashed throughout the cockpit.The video, captured by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Aircraft Operations Center (AOC), was taken as pilots flew across the Atlantic Ocean amid thunderstorms. NOAA deployed the hunters to support a project analyzing ocean surface winds in winter storms over the North Atlantic.The flight took place as Storm Dennis chugged along in the North Atlantic approaching Ireland and the United Kingdom.While frightening and shocking on camera, AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Dave Samuhel said the actual charge from the weather phenomenon is harmless, especially for those surrounded by the metal shell of the aircraft."St. Elmo's fire is a phenomena that has occurred throughout human history. Before it was reported on planes, it happened on ships in the open ocean," Samuhel said. "It happens when the charge of an object is much different than the charge of the air. Unlike lightning when huge bolts of electricity jump across a large distance from one charge to another, St. Elmo's fire happens on a very small scale." Sprawling displays of St. Elmo's fire illuminated the cockpit of a crew flying across the Atlantic Ocean. (NOAA Corps) Named after St. Erasmus of Formia, the patron saint of sailors, reports of St. Elmo's fire trace back thousands of years to ancient Greece and tales of the marvel were consistently shared by ship fleets.St. Elmo's fire differs from lightning in that it is simply a glow of electrons in the air, whereas lightning is the movement of electricity from a charged cloud to the ground. In a thunderstorm, where the surrounding environment is electrically charged, the phenomenon is sparked when a charged object, such as a ship mast or airplane nose, causes a dramatic difference in charge, emitting a visual discharge. It can most simply be compared to a continuous spark."The point of the nose of an aircraft gives electricity an easy path to flow, as does the mast of the ship," Samuhel said. "These locations are where St. Elmo's fire is most common."CLICK HERE FOR THE FREE ACCUWEATHER APPIn historical recounts of St. Elmo's fire, writers such as Julius Caesar and Charles Darwin depict the instances as a steady glow."Everything is in flames: the sky with lightning, the water with luminous particles and even the very masts are pointed with a blue flame," Darwin wrote while aboard the Beagle as he traveled across the Atlantic.For experienced pilots like the Hurricane Hunters, the light show in front of them likely wouldn't have induced any fear or panic, although the event could be a sign of stormy weather ahead."It lasted about three minutes," explained Maria Ines Rubio, a flight attendant who witnessed the phenomenon in 2017, to The Washington Post. "I wasn't nervous, because it a rather normal occurrence when you get into a strong enough storm."The phenomenon, also known as a corona discharge, is "commonly observed on the periphery of propellers and along the wing tips, windshield, and nose of aircraft flying in dry snow, in ice crystals, or near thunderstorms," according to the Encyclopedia Britannica.Keep checking back on and stay tuned to the AccuWeather Network on DirecTV, Frontier and Verizon Fios.

Here's What the Protesters Were Yelling to Joe Biden at the Nevada Democratic Debate

Published 02/20/2020 04:38 AM

They seem to be referring to to Biden's role in the Obama administration, which deported over 3 million people

Bernie Sanders' spokeswoman claims Michael Bloomberg has had heart attacks in the past and compared questions about Sanders' health to birtherism

Published 02/19/2020 03:28 PM

Gray also compared questions about Sanders' health to the racist "birtherism" conspiracy concerning former President Barack Obama's birthplace.

9 Rural Farms of the 21st Century Featuring Stunning Modern Design

Published 02/19/2020 07:53 PM

Former Australian PM suspected pilot of mass-murder mission in MH370 tragedy

Published 02/19/2020 07:30 PM

Former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has said the “top levels” of the Malaysian government long suspected that the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 almost six years ago was a mass murder-suicide by the pilot.

Group of more than 1,000 judges calls emergency meeting amid Trump concerns

Published 02/19/2020 12:58 PM

Judges will meet to address alarm over the president intervening in politically sensitive casesA national association of federal judges has called an emergency meeting to address growing concerns about the intervention of Donald Trump and justice department officials in politically sensitive cases, according to US media reports.Cynthia Rufe, a Philadelphia US district judge who heads the independent Federal Judges Association, which has more than 1,100 members, told USA Today the group “could not wait” until its spring conference to discuss the matter.“There are plenty of issues that we are concerned about,” Rufe told USA Today. “We’ll talk all of this through.”Megan Cruz, the executive director of the group, told CNN the meeting would take place on Wednesday. She said a nine-member executive committee of the group had decided the emergency meeting was necessary.The meeting comes after more than 2,000 former US justice department officials, including some of the top government lawyers in the country, called on the attorney general, William Barr, to resign in the wake of the Roger Stone scandal.Alumni of the Department of Justice posted to Medium on Sunday a group letter that tore into Barr for “doing the president’s personal bidding” in imposing on prosecutors the recommendation of a reduced sentence for Stone, a longtime friend of Trump who was convicted of lying to and obstructing Congress and threatening a witness in the Russia investigation.Barr, the officials said, had damaged the reputation of the department for “integrity and the rule of law”.The spiralling constitutional crisis began last week when Barr imposed his new sentencing memo, slashing a seven- to nine-year proposed prison term suggested by career prosecutors. In the fallout, the four prosecutors who had handled the case resigned in disgust.US district Judge Amy Berman Jackson, who is presiding over the Stone’s case, has ordered both sides to participate in a conference call on Tuesday to discuss the status of the case. Following the call, it was confirmed that Stone’s sentencing would go ahead on Thursday.Rufe voiced her strong support for Jackson, according to USA Today.“I am not concerned with how a particular judge will rule,” Rufe said. “We are supportive of any federal judge who does what is required.”It was not clear whether the FJA would issue a statement after the emergency meeting. The Guardian contacted the FJA for comment.

Death row inmate scheduled to die by electric chair loses last attempt at life in prison

Published 02/19/2020 11:31 PM

The Tennessee governor has denied clemency to a murderer on death row following a last-ditch effort to get him life in prison made by multiple people, including a former guard who says the man saved his life.Nicholas Sutton, 58, is scheduled to die by electric chair on Thursday evening for the 1985 murder of inmate Carl Estep.

US judge sides with migrants in case against Border Patrol

Published 02/19/2020 08:55 PM

A U.S. judge in Arizona sided Wednesday with migrants who have long-complained about inhumane and unsanitary conditions in some U.S. Border Patrol facilities in the state. The ruling came weeks after the conclusion of a seven-day trial in which attorneys for migrants who sued in 2015 argued that the agency holds immigrants in extremely cold, overcrowded, unsanitary and inhumane conditions. The order makes permanent a preliminary injunction that U.S. District Court Judge David C. Bury issued in 2016 requiring the Tucson Sector to provide clean mats and thin blankets to migrants held for longer than 12 hours and to allow them to clean themselves.

Secession in the Pacific Northwest? Some Oregon residents petition to join Idaho

Published 02/19/2020 01:22 PM

Frustrated by liberal policies, some Oregon residents petition to leave the state by moving the border with Idaho.

Pompeo says 'mature, responsible countries' don't 'restrict speech' after China expels reporters

Published 02/19/2020 06:35 PM

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is condemning China for its decision to expel three reporters from The Wall Street Journal from the country."Mature, responsible countries understand that a free press reports facts and expresses opinions," Pompeo said in a statement on Wednesday. "The correct response is to present counter arguments, not restrict speech."This came after China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs said three journalists from the Journal would have their credentials revoked over the paper's recent headline, "China Is the Real Sick Man of Asia," The New York Times reports. The reporters weren't actually involved with the article, which was an opinion piece, but Beijing called the story "racist" and "malicious." The journalists, two of whom are American and one of whom is Australian, have been ordered to leave China within five days, although the Times notes it's not clear if that's possible, as one of is currently in Wuhan, the epicenter of the coronavirus.Journal editor Matt Murray called China's actions "harsh and unprecedented," saying the paper "will continue in the coming days to push for this action to be reversed." The Foreign Correspondents' Club also called the expulsion "an extreme and obvious attempt by the Chinese authorities to intimidate foreign news organizations." The Journal noted this is "the first time in the post-Mao era that the Chinese government has expelled multiple journalists from one international news organization at the same time."Pompeo's condemnation came after he warned African countries in a speech Wednesday to "be wary of authoritarian regimes and their empty promises" in an apparent swipe at China. The State Department also told China Tuesday that five major Chinese news outlets will be treated as foreign state operatives by the United States going forward.More stories from Mike Bloomberg is not the lesser of two evils The Democrats gave Mike Bloomberg what he deserved How to ensure it's a boy (according to 100-year-old pregnancy guides)

Hunter Biden Served on Board of Trade Group That Lobbied Obama Admin for Increased Ukraine Aid: Report

Published 02/18/2020 04:28 PM

Hunter Biden, son of former vice president Joe Biden, was on the board of a trade group that lobbied the Obama administration for increased U.S. aid to Ukraine, according to a report Tuesday.From 2012 through 2018, the younger Biden served as a director for the Center for U.S. Global Leadership and was connected as well with its affiliate, the U.S. Global Leadership Coalition, The Daily Caller reported. The two groups, which include about 400 larger corporations and non-government organizations, lobbied for increased spending abroad by the State Department’s International Affairs Budget, including a special focus on Ukraine.At the time, Joe Biden was also advocating for increased U.S. spending in Ukraine.Hunter Biden's small private equity firm, Rosemont Seneca, featured other well-connected politicos as well, including his partner Devon Archer, who was a former adviser on Obama Secretary of State John Kerry’s 2004 presidential campaign, and another partner, Kerry’s son-in-law Christopher Heinz.“Hunter Biden works for [Archer]. So we’ve got the top level politicos with us. All of my guys, is as top tier as it gets,” a businessman named Bevan Cooney wrote in text messages released in connection with an unrelated criminal case against Archer. “You don’t get more politically connected and make people more comfortable than that.”In 2013, the groups held an event honoring Joe Biden for his work supporting increased spending abroad, an event Hunter Biden was also introduced as having a "very special relationship with our honoree."Biden's separate lucrative position on the board of Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings while his father was vice president and in charge of addressing corruption in Ukraine has also drawn scrutiny and featured prominently in the impeachment proceedings against President Trump. That position earned Biden at least $50,000 a month for his advice on “transparency, corporate governance and responsibility, international expansion and other priorities.”During a July 25 phone call with Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelensky, Trump asked Zelensky to help his administration investigate allegations that Joe Biden used his position as vice president to help the Ukrainian gas company avoid a corruption probe soon after Hunter Biden was appointed to its board of directors. That phone call led to an Intelligence Community whistleblower complaint that ultimately sparked a formal impeachment inquiry into Trump’s actions.Biden has said that in the spring of 2016, during his tenure as vice president, he called on Ukraine to fire the top prosecutor investigating the energy company paying his son. Biden suggested he would withhold $1 billion in U.S. aid to Ukraine if the country did not fire the prosecutor, who was accused by the State Department and U.S. allies in Europe of being soft on corruption.

Noah takes a look at Bloomberg getting stumped on stop and frisk

Published 02/19/2020 07:25 PM

Bloomberg will debate fellow Democrats for the first time tonight. He'll have a lot to explain. Comics take a look in Best of Late Night.

2 socialites have reportedly died after their Mercedes fell off a ferry leaving the most expensive ZIP code in the United States

Published 02/19/2020 11:54 PM

The only way to get to Miami's exclusive Fisher Island is by a seven minute ferry, and two women inexplicably fell off it and died last night.

Two women dead after car plunges off ferry into waters off exclusive Miami island

Published 02/19/2020 04:40 PM

The ferry shuttles people and their vehicles between Miami Beach and Fisher Island, a "private luxury community ... consistently ranked as one of the wealthiest zip codes in the U.S."

Russia's Su-57 Got A Good Test Run In Syria (But Is It A Threat?)

Published 02/20/2020 03:00 AM

It's not ready for mass production yet.

Former South Korean president jailed after losing appeal

Published 02/19/2020 08:45 AM

Former South Korean president Lee Myung-bak was taken to prison Wednesday to begin a 17-year term for bribery and embezzlement after losing an appeal against a lighter sentence. Several South Korean presidents have ended up in prison after leaving office -- often as a result of investigations started by political rivals.

Maduro accused of "disappearing" US oilmen as trial delayed

Published 02/19/2020 08:07 PM

Family members of six American oil executives jailed in Venezuela are accusing Nicolas Maduro’s government of “forced disappearance” after the men were inexplicably missing for the scheduled start of their trial on Wednesday. Veronica Vadell said that lawyers for her father, Tomeu Vadell, and the five other executives from Houston-based Citgo had been waiting at a Caracas courthouse for more than six hours for the men to be transferred by the nation's intelligence police. The arrest took place the same day opposition leader Juan Guaidó met with President Donald Trump at the White House, fueling speculation the detention was politically motivated.

Virginia lawmakers reject assault weapons ban over fears of potential civil war

Published 02/19/2020 03:11 PM

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam's push to ban the sale of assault weapons has failed after members of his own party balked at the proposal. Senators voted to shelve the bill for the year and ask the state crime commission to study the issue, an outcome that drew cheers from a committee room packed with gun advocates.

Trump rape accuser’s lawyers says president is doing ‘everything he can’ to stop her case

Published 02/19/2020 03:30 PM

Lawyers representing a writer who accuses Donald Trump of raping her in the 1990s have said Mr Trump is doing “everything he can to stop the truth from ever coming out”.

26 of the Best Stainless-Steel Bathroom Faucets 

Published 02/19/2020 08:29 PM

The Democrats gave Mike Bloomberg what he deserved

Published 02/20/2020 05:22 AM

The new contestant in the 7,000th Democratic debate, which took place in Las Vegas on Wednesday night, was former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg, who got on the debate stage by spending 400 million dollars, and most of the key discussion focused on his candidacy and his record.Practically the whole field united to savage Bloomberg. Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Amy Klobuchar, and Bernie Sanders all attacked him more aggressively than any candidate has attacked another at any previous debate, and Bloomberg was all but helpless before the withering assault. Though he has bought off dozens of Democratic politicians and think tanks, it seems like all but one of his competitors are not at all keen on their party being bought wholesale by a billionaire oligarch.The most riveting moment of any Democratic debate so far came almost immediately, when Warren nailed Bloomberg on his appalling record of sexual harassment, racism, and plutocratic corruption:> I'd like to talk about who we're running against — a billionaire who calls women 'fat broads' and 'horse-faced lesbians.' And no, I'm not talking about Donald Trump, I'm talking about Mayor Bloomberg. Democrats are not going to win if we have a nominee who has a history of hiding his tax returns, of harassing women, and of supporting racist policies like redlining and stop-and-frisk … Democrats take a huge risk if we just substitute one arrogant billionaire for another. [Elizabeth Warren]Later, when Bloomberg tried to deflect a question about allegations of workplace harassment, Warren pounced again: "He has gotten some number of women — dozens, who knows? — to sign non-disclosure agreements both for sexual harassment and for gender discrimination in the workplace. So Mr. Mayor, are you willing to release all those women from those non-disclosure agreements, so we can hear their side of the story?" (By the way, the total number is at least 64 women as part of 40 different lawsuits.)Bloomberg again tried to deflect, arguing that the agreements were made to protect the privacy of the women involved. "They decided when they made an agreement that they wanted to keep it quiet." Biden then joined in, pointing out the obvious fact that this is not what NDA agreements are really about. People take the money, and in return they agree not to discuss the horrible event. It's basically hush money, and the American people deserve to know the truth. "All the mayor has to do," Biden said, is tell those people, "'You are released from the nondisclosure agreement.'"Bloomberg still did not agree to release the agreements, but he was completely nonplussed by the exchange. He clearly was not prepared for these rather obvious questions, perhaps because he is a cloistered plutocrat surrounded by yes men and toadies, or perhaps because there is no defense at all. He appeared very much like what he in fact is — a very rich man who is likely facing bitter, unfiltered criticism to his face for the first time in years.The only candidate who largely refused to leap on the dogpile was Pete Buttigieg. When Biden and Warren were mercilessly destroying Bloomberg on his sexual harassment history, Buttigieg did not join in. When Klobuchar was attacking Bloomberg for failing to release his tax returns (as Trump has also refused to do), Buttigieg stood aside. When Sanders was attacking Bloomberg for endorsing George W. Bush in 2004, and for being a gigantic vector of corruption in the political system, Buttigieg said nothing.In his one clear attack on Bloomberg, Buttigieg triangulated himself between Bloomberg and Sanders. "Most Americans don’t see where they fit if they’ve got to choose between a socialist who thinks capitalism is the root of all evil and a billionaire who thinks money ought to be the root of all power," he said. "We shouldn’t have to choose between one candidate who wants to burn this party down and another candidate who wants to buy this party out."Every other candidate, especially Warren, seemed genuinely infuriated at the prospect of a racist, sexist, authoritarian former Republican like Bloomberg buying the Democratic nomination like a slurpee at 7/11. But Buttigieg, well, he's cut from a different kind of cloth.It remains to be seen how much Bloomberg's epic debate faceplant will matter when it comes time to vote in upcoming states. He is spending a totally unprecedented amount of money on this primary. But this was by far the most interesting and dramatic debate of the primary season, and he ate it big time. It doesn't speak well for his ability to hold up under the scrutiny of a general election campaign, where his money will be a lot less useful than it is right now.Want more essential commentary and analysis like this delivered straight to your inbox? Sign up for The Week's "Today's best articles" newsletter here.More stories from Mike Bloomberg is not the lesser of two evils How to ensure it's a boy (according to 100-year-old pregnancy guides) Warren: Bloomberg will drop 'another $100 million' just to 'erase America's memory' of the Las Vegas debate

The Mormon Church's secretive $100 billion fund revealed huge stakes in Apple, Google, and Microsoft. Here are its 10 biggest holdings.

Published 02/19/2020 05:04 PM

Ensign Peak Advisors, the investing arm of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, spilled the beans on its $40 billion stock portfolio.

Some Americans are attempting the journey back home to Wuhan

Published 02/19/2020 04:05 PM

"I was married in Wuhan. I had a son in Wuhan. Wuhan is my home, and I will forever be tied to this city, so I need to be there,” Christopher Suzanne said.

'We don't have a history of murdering our citizens': A Saudi official says reports that the Saudi Crown Prince is connected to the death of Jamal Khashoggi are 'ridiculous'

Published 02/19/2020 10:04 PM

Saudi Arabia has made "great progress in terms of human rights," Adel al-Jubeir said, urging outsiders to educate themselves better on its state of affairs.

Suspects in abduction, murder of 7-year-old Mexican girl detained

Published 02/20/2020 05:52 AM

Mexican authorities arrested a couple believed to have kidnapped, tortured and murdered a seven year-old girl on Wednesday, days after the discovery of the victim's body sparked protests in the violence-wracked country. The suspects "were detained in a town in the State of Mexico," Mexico City mayor Claudia Sheinbaum tweeted, without giving more detail. Prosecutors on Tuesday released pictures of the two suspects -- identified as Giovana and Mario Alberto "N" -- after searching a house near the victim's home.

What happened to winter? And where's the polar vortex?

Published 02/20/2020 09:45 AM

The first two months of winter – December and January – were the warmest on record across the U.S., the NOAA says.

Russia Hates This: Why the Astute-Class Submarine Is the Pride of the Royal Navy

Published 02/19/2020 12:45 AM

An excellent submarine.

Judge finds US in contempt after immigrants in suit deported

Published 02/19/2020 08:55 PM

Oracle Employee Speaks Out Against Her Boss Raising Money for Trump

Published 02/19/2020 10:53 PM

Larry Ellison, co-founder of Oracle, one of the largest software companies in the world, hosted a fundraiser for Donald Trump’s re-election on Wednesday at the tech titan’s Southern California estate. The event was expected to bring in some $7 million for the incumbent president. Some of Ellison’s employees were less than pleased about that, signing a protest petition and, according to Recode, planning to walk out on Thursday to demand Ellison and Oracle donate an equivalent amount to humanitarian causes and denounce what they see as the Trump administration’s failings.Kristine Lessard, an Oracle sales account manager based in Massachusetts, signed the first petition with a personal appeal. “As an Oracle employee and mom of a transgender young adult,” she wrote, “I have appreciated the health benefits and HR Diversity and Inclusion support I've received for 8 years working here. I object to [Ellison] enabling this President who has specifically targeted Transgender youth to take away their rights by rescinding Executive Orders covering them.”Lessard’s son is a trans man in his 20s, she explained to the Daily Beast in an interview around the time the fundraiser took place Wednesday. She believes the Trump administration has mounted a broad onslaught against LGBTQ civil rights (she cited a Washington Post editorial titled “Trump has a Devastating Record on LGBT rights.” in a message), and that even if she might not have a history in tech activism—and even if her company is not known for its restive workforce—she had to speak out.The Silicon Valley Giant Bankrolling Devin Nunes“Oracle funds some advocacy and fundraisers on behalf of the LGBTQ+ community,” Lessard said, adding that she herself has participated in LGBTQ affinity groups at Oracle as an ally. “But in one fell swoop, this fundraiser could raise multiple millions that would work against those goals and hard earned gains,” she said.Oracle declined to comment to the Daily Beast, but Recode noted that employees who complained to the company had received a statement saying they could participate in politics on a personal level even as the company itself was not endorsing a candidate. “I’m disoriented. [Ellison] supporting the potential enabling of the president to get reelected doesn’t match up with our corporate values of social responsibility, especially two of the top ones: equality and environmental protection,” Lessard said. Lessard was surprised and disappointed Ellison spoke in favor of Trump now, given that he didn’t appear to support the president in the 2016 election. The co-founder is a registered Democrat, but donated $250,000 to Marco Rubio’s campaign in 2016, according to federal election records. He and other executives also have a history of backing Republican Rep. Devin Nunes. Lessard has discussed her opposition to Ellison’s decision with coworkers, she said, but she did not indicate whether she intended to walk out of work Thursday. “I’m expressing my opinion as an employee about what the company represents,” she said. The discussion within Oracle is not monolithic, she added—some employees feel they can only throw up their hands at Ellison’s behavior, some feel compelled to speak out, and some have said little. Others may support the president.> Do you work at Oracle or another tech company? Do you agree or disagree with Larry Ellison's decision to host a fundraiser for President Trump? Contact this reporter securely at said she would be watching the Democratic candidates debate onstage in Nevada in the hours after the fundraiser Wednesday, though she said she doesn’t have a favorite candidate. Federal election records show no donations under her name. Oracle’s workforce has not engaged in much public activism. By contrast, Google employees seem to have been in a state of constant revolt for the past three years, advocating for the search giant to drop a contract with the Pentagon, and questioning the ouster of union organizers and an employee protesting the company’s work with immigration officials, among other disputes. Google has told its employees to stop talking about politics at work.The size and scope of a potential walkout remained to be seen late Wednesday. But if Lessard was any indication, some employees were increasingly willing to spar with a boss some feel has gone rogue.“When you have this amount of people signing a petition, it really means it did strike a nerve,” she said.Read more at The Daily Beast.Got a tip? Send it to The Daily Beast hereGet our top stories in your inbox every day. Sign up now!Daily Beast Membership: Beast Inside goes deeper on the stories that matter to you. Learn more.

What happened in Vegas? Who won, who lost and takeaways from the Democratic debate

Published 02/20/2020 05:33 AM

Warren gave herself a big jolt, Sanders deflected attacks on his frontrunning campaign and Bloomberg took heat from everyone.

2 people from the Diamond Princess cruise ship have died from the coronavirus

Published 02/20/2020 05:48 AM

The deaths came amid initial groups of passengers disembarking from the ship this week, and hundreds being evacuated back to the US.

Trump pardons Texas man and GOP donor who pleaded guilty to underpaying his taxes

Published 02/19/2020 05:44 PM

One of President Trump's clemency actions Tuesday included pardoning the former owner of a Texas construction company who pleaded guilty to underpaying his taxes and whose family has donated to Republicans, including the president's reelection campaign last year.

'Gun Girl' Kaitlin Bennett's appearance on Ohio University campus sparks protests

Published 02/18/2020 08:58 PM

The provocateur posted video of herself in a truck as students threw drinks and shouted expletives at her as the vehicle attempted to leave.

Security guard sentenced to prison for murdering US woman in Costa Rica Airbnb

Published 02/18/2020 07:43 PM

A security guard for an apartment complex with Airbnb rental units has been sentenced to 16 years in prison for the 2018 murder of an American tourist.Carla Stefaniak, a Venezuelan-American who lived in Miami, was in San Jose, Costa Rica, celebrating her 36th birthday when she was brutally murdered.

This purse was lost behind a locker in the 1950s. Its contents reveal what high school was like then

Published 02/19/2020 01:20 PM

The purse belonged to Patti Rumfola, who graduated from Hoover High School in 1960. The school now currently serves as North Canton Middle School.

Russia opposes UN declaration calling for Syria ceasefire: diplomats

Published 02/19/2020 07:58 PM

Russia on Wednesday objected to the UN Security Council adopting a statement that would have called for a ceasefire in northwest Syria, diplomats said, after a tense closed-door meeting. "We tried very hard to have a press statement calling for cessation of hostilities and humanitarian access to Idlib," Nicolas de Riviere, French ambassador to the United Nations, told reporters.

Why Aren't Countries Buying This Powerful Chinese Drone?

Published 02/20/2020 06:30 AM

China isn't known for its quality technology.

Trump clemency recipient links her case to Kardashian West

Published 02/19/2020 08:25 PM

A Florida woman who got clemency from President Donald Trump while serving prison time for a $205 million Medicare fraud scam said Wednesday her case was brought to Trump's attention by a woman who herself got clemency at the urging of reality TV star Kim Kardashian West. Judith Negron was eight years into a 35-year prison sentence that the FBI called one of the longest sentences ever imposed in a Medicare Fraud Strike Force case when Trump commuted her sentence Tuesday. “I had some guardian angels as I call them, such as Alice Johnson, who had been advocating for me behind the scenes," Negron told The Associated Press in an interview at her home shortly after her release.

Bernie Sanders and Mike Bloomberg are both 78. And both, it turns out, have had heart operations.

Published 02/19/2020 02:59 PM

Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg turned 78 years old last Friday. That makes him the same age as his top rival for the Democratic presidential nomination, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), and six months older than former Vice President Joe Biden.> Today is @MikeBloomberg's birthday; he's turning 78 years old. > > Yesterday, a voter told me he was interested in Bloomberg because "Biden & Bernie are too old."@JoeBiden is 77. @BernieSanders is 78.> > — Maura Barrett (@MauraBarrettNBC) February 14, 2020Everybody is expected to pile on Bloomberg in Wednesday night's Democratic debate in Nevada, and Sanders tested out his salvos in a CNN town hall on Tuesday night. But age isn't the only thing Bloomberg and Sanders have in common. Neither has been a Democrat for most of the past two decades, for example, and both have had two coronary arterial stents inserted near their hearts to relieve blockages.Sanders, who had a heart attack in October, said Tuesday night that he won't release his full medical records. After getting out of the hospital, he had said "the people do have a right to know about the health of a senator, somebody who's running for president of the United States — full disclosure." On Tuesday night, Sanders said the three letters he released from doctors equal "a detailed medical report," and when pressed on whether he plans to release his medical records, he said, "I don't think we will, no."Bloomberg disclosed his 2000 heart operation for the first time in 2007. In December, he released a letter from his longtime physician, Dr. Stephen Sisson at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, attesting that Bloomberg is "in outstanding health," though he developed an irregular heartbeat called an "atrial fibrillation" last year and is treating it with blood thinners. Bloomberg "has had normal cardiac stress testing annually" since he had the stents inserted in 2000, Sisson wrote, and the artery has not become clogged again."Heart problems are extremely common in older adults," The Associated Press notes. At the same time, an NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll released Tuesday found that 53 percent of voters have "some reservations" or are "very uncomfortable" with a candidate who had a recent heart attack.More stories from Mike Bloomberg is not the lesser of two evils The family of 1 new Trump pardon recipient donated $200,000 to Trump's re-election effort last fall Obama poked Trump on the economy. Trump took the bait.

Police filmed a woman trying to sneak into Shanghai in the trunk of a car to avoid being quarantined for coronavirus

Published 02/18/2020 05:43 PM

The woman had visited her hometown in Hubei Province, the center of the outbreak, and was returning to Shanghai, where she works. She was quarantined.

The Coronavirus Has Brought Out the Ugly Side of Hong Kong's Protest Movement

Published 02/19/2020 07:27 AM

Anti-Chinese resentment fuels many of the calls to close the enclave's border

'Megxit' effect could turn Vancouver Island 'into the next Martha's Vineyard'

Published 02/18/2020 02:51 PM

Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan, could provide a $38 million brand boost to Canada, according to one marketing expert.

Students hit by 14-day university lecturers strike

Published 02/20/2020 07:30 AM

Students face disruption as union members in 74 universities begin 14 days of strike action.

Call to scrap 'elitist' Oxford application fee

Published 02/19/2020 02:42 AM

Oxford University faces accusations of unfairness over the cost of applying for courses.

TikTok 'family safety mode' gives parents some app control

Published 02/19/2020 05:49 PM

A new mode links parents' TikTok accounts to their child's, and gives control over some features.

Six charged over Cambridge Uni climate protests

Published 02/19/2020 12:58 PM

The charges relate to protests at Trinity College, Cambridge, and a research building in the city.

University of Ghana lecturers suspended after 'sex-for-grades' exposé

Published 02/18/2020 04:52 PM

Undercover filming showed the Ghanaian academics breaching university policies on sexual harassment.

Cambridge University don wrote erotic fiction about students

Published 02/18/2020 06:03 AM

Dr Peter Hutchinson wrote the book the same year sexual harassment complaints were made against him.

'How I hid my autism to fit in'

Published 02/15/2020 12:24 AM

Eloise Stark describes how she created strategies to help her "fit in" with others until her diagnosis.

School league tables: Boys behind girls for three decades

Published 02/06/2020 09:58 AM

Use the BBC News postcode search to see how your school has done in this year's secondary league tables.

The 200-year-old diary that's rewriting gay history

Published 02/10/2020 12:05 AM

A Yorkshire farmer's journal from 1810 reveals surprisingly modern views on being gay.

'Without suicide forums, Callie might still be alive'

Published 02/10/2020 01:01 AM

The Samaritans have called for suicide forums to be "buried" online in a new Panorama documentary.

Should the history of the British Empire be taught in schools?

Published 02/10/2020 02:34 PM

Sixth form students want schools to teach students about the British Empire and its importance.

Remarkable journey from refugee to Rhodes scholar

Published 02/10/2020 01:01 AM

Getting an education was always a matter of life or death for Summia Tora.

Mandarin dream: The UK pupils vying for a trip to Beijing

Published 02/17/2020 11:48 AM

A Mandarin speaking competition aims to boost pupils' language skills.

Crossing the border to go to school in the US

Published 02/17/2020 12:05 AM

Sixteen-year-old twins Ana Fernanda and Ana Luisa begin their journey from Mexico in the early hours.

How Nicaragua's deaf children invented a new sign language

Published 02/05/2020 12:37 AM

How deaf children in Nicaragua invented their own sign language, allowing experts a unique insight into how communication develops.

Ysgol y Deri school making everyone feel 'really happy'

Published 02/13/2020 01:22 AM

A special school in the Vale of Glamorgan helps pupils whose conditions are a barrier to learning.

Lupita Nyong'o: 'Books don't have to be about white people'

Published 02/04/2020 12:09 AM

The Oscar winning actress and author is mentoring young women about literacy and leadership.

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