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Nominee Betsy DeVos’s Knowledge of Education Basics Is Open to Criticism

Published 01/19/2017 01:37 AM

The school choice advocate seemed unfamiliar with basic terms and policies, including the federal law for students with disabilities.

Student Loan Collector Cheated Millions, Lawsuits Say

Published 01/19/2017 01:44 AM

Navient made serious mistakes at every step of the loan collection process, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau said in a lawsuit.

Lois Dickson Rice, Trailblazing Executive Behind Pell Grants, Dies at 83

Published 01/19/2017 12:36 AM

Ms. Rice, who started life as a janitor’s daughter, helped persuade Congress to provide federal subsidies to tens of millions of needy college students.

Donations Pour In to Band From Black College That Will Play at Inauguration

Published 01/13/2017 11:10 PM

The Talladega College Marching Tornadoes have been under fire for agreeing to perform in the Trump inaugural parade.

Cost of College: Programs That Are Predatory: It’s Not Just at For-Profit Colleges

Published 01/13/2017 02:36 PM

Even programs at prestigious universities like Harvard may not care enough about whether their degrees are worth the cost.

Social Q’s: $60,000 in Tuition, and My Son Wants to Become a Farmer?

Published 01/12/2017 05:24 PM

Also, patriotic gestures, mother-daughter dynamics and retroactive gifts.

Janet Yellen Gives an Economic Short Course, Beyond Interest Rates

Published 01/13/2017 04:21 AM

Meeting with educators, the Fed’s chairwoman emphasized its role in fighting financial crises but hoped that in the future it would be less interesting.

Elizabeth Bradley, Global Health Expert, Will Be Vassar’s New President

Published 01/11/2017 10:00 AM

Dr. Bradley, a professor of public health at Yale who has worked to improve health care systems worldwide, arrives as colleges debate questions of access and identity on campus.

Justices Face ‘Blizzard of Words’ in Special Education Case

Published 01/11/2017 11:18 PM

The Supreme Court was asked to decide whether public schools should do more under a federal law to provide a free education for children with disabilities.

For-Profit Law School Is Cut Off From Federal Student Loans

Published 01/19/2017 10:24 PM

The Education Department told the Charlotte School of Law that its students would not be eligible for federal aid because it did not meet standards.

Art Students League Director Is Stepping Down

Published 01/19/2017 09:12 PM

Ira Goldberg, executive director since 2001, is leaving his post to live in Spain. His exit follows that of the league’s president in December.

Betsy DeVos’s Education Hearing Erupts Into Partisan Debate

Published 01/18/2017 03:16 AM

A Senate hearing for Ms. DeVos, a billionaire who did not attend public schools or send her children to them, became a debate over how to spend public money on education.

Trump’s Pick for Education Could Face Unusually Stiff Resistance

Published 01/13/2017 02:00 AM

Betsy DeVos, a billionaire who has never been an educator or overseen a state education agency, has her own questions to answer about potential conflicts of interest.

Target These Easy, Last-Minute Summer Scholarships

Published 06/25/2015 03:00 PM

Hurry up and apply for these cash awards before the college semester starts.

Celebrate Father's Day With These Scholarships for Men

Published 06/18/2015 03:00 PM

Check out these awards for fathers, sons and any men looking to earn money toward an education.

Don't Count Out Scholarships for Community College Students

Published 06/11/2015 03:00 PM

Sticker prices at two-year schools can be significantly less than four-year schools, but cost still remains an issue for students.

Sink Your Teeth Into Scholarships for Future Dentists, Dental Hygienists

Published 06/04/2015 03:00 PM

Students can find financial support through professional dentistry organizations and even the military.

Scholarships Abound for a Variety of Hobbies

Published 05/28/2015 03:00 PM

There's college cash out there for horseback riders and wine enthusiasts.

Head Abroad to Asia with Scholarships for U.S. Students

Published 05/21/2015 03:00 PM

Students studying a critical need language can earn up to $8,000 from the Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship.

Make Room for These Scholarships on Your Senior Year To-Do List

Published 05/14/2015 03:00 PM

High schoolers can use the summer before senior year to get a jump on scholarship applications.

Aid Your Nursing Degree With These Generous Scholarships

Published 05/07/2015 03:00 PM

Nursing jobs are in high demand​, and these awards help support necessary training, including advanced degrees.

Learn to Teach With Scholarships for Educators

Published 04/30/2015 03:00 PM

Aspiring teachers can turn to government grants and private scholarships to fund their studies.

Nurture a Veterinary Education With These Scholarships

Published 04/23/2015 03:00 PM

Animal lovers can turn to these awards to pay for their vet education.

Target Scholarship Opportunities for Student Activists, Volunteers

Published 04/16/2015 03:00 PM

Hours of volunteer work might pay off with these financial awards.

Scholarships for Finance, Accounting Students Can Add Up

Published 04/09/2015 03:00 PM

Earning a degree in finance can open the door to a number of lucrative career paths.

Support Your Study at Prestigious Universities With These Scholarships

Published 04/02/2015 03:00 PM

Top colleges often carry high price tags, and these financial awards can make them more affordable.

Cure Tuition Ills With Medical School Scholarships

Published 03/26/2015 02:00 PM

The costs of studying to become a doctor can really add up.

Plug In to Scholarships for Aspiring IT Professionals

Published 03/19/2015 02:00 PM

Awards range from a coding boot camp to contests for women in technology.

Save Money With These Scholarships for Graduate School Students

Published 03/12/2015 02:00 PM

The cost of advanced degrees has skyrocketed, making free financial awards even more attractive. 

Where to Net Scholarships for Women at All Levels of Higher Education

Published 03/05/2015 03:00 PM

These scholarship programs can support women at all stages of education, from college, graduate and postgraduate degrees.

Cash In With These College Scholarships for Business Majors

Published 02/26/2015 03:00 PM

Get information about awards for a variety of paths, including accounting and finance.

Find Scholarships Across the U.S. to Support Low-Income Students

Published 02/19/2015 03:00 PM

Organizations from Washington to North Carolina offer specific scholarships aimed at families with financial need.

Make a Match With These Valentine's Day-Inspired Scholarships

Published 02/12/2015 03:00 PM

See how a sweet tooth or love of flowers can lead to money for college.

Score Big With Scholarships for Student Athletes

Published 02/05/2015 03:00 PM

Colleges aren't the only places to look for sports-related scholarship awards.

Scholarships to Help International Students Afford U.S. Colleges

Published 01/29/2015 03:00 PM

Choosing your intended major or college is a good first step to finding scholarships to study in the States.

Explore Scholarships for Students With Unusual College Majors

Published 01/22/2015 03:00 PM

Even leisure studies students can find ways to score cash for college. 

Kick Off 2015 With 8 College Scholarships

Published 01/15/2015 03:00 PM

Discover awards for social media gurus, penny pinchers, aspiring engineers and more.

Plug Into These Online Education Scholarships

Published 01/08/2015 03:00 PM

Some highly ranked online degree programs award students money.

Celebrate The Season With These Religious Scholarship Awards

Published 12/25/2014 03:00 PM

No matter what your faith, there is likely a college scholarship program for you. 

Get Crafty to Earn College Scholarship Cash

Published 12/18/2014 03:00 PM

Here's how to turn your crafting, knitting or sewing hobby into money for college.

Light the Way With College Scholarships for Jewish Students

Published 12/11/2014 03:00 PM

Many local Jewish organizations support higher education. 

Scholarships From Celebrities Can Fuel a Stellar Education

Published 12/04/2014 03:00 PM

Take advantage of awards from famous musicians, athletes and investors.

Use Thanksgiving Break to Indulge in Culinary Skills Scholarships

Published 11/20/2014 03:00 PM

Organizations from McDonald's to world-class pastry schools offer students food-themed awards.

Find Scholarships That Benefit Veterans' Children, Families

Published 11/13/2014 03:00 PM

Even grandchildren of those who have served may be eligible for thousands of dollars in educational award money.

Reach for the Stars With Space Science Scholarships

Published 11/06/2014 03:00 PM

These programs can help fuel a passion for studying astronomy and aeronautics.

How U.S. Students Can Find College Scholarships to Study in Europe

Published 10/30/2014 02:00 PM

See how heading across the Atlantic could help you pay for a college education. 

Draft an Application to These Construction Industry Scholarships

Published 10/23/2014 03:00 PM

Students can find free money many for a number of construction-related careers, including architecture and civil engineering. 

Pitch Yourself to These Scholarships for Future Entrepreneurs

Published 10/16/2014 03:00 PM

These awards support students with a passion for starting a business, no matter how far along they are in the process. 

Support an Education With Scholarships for Social Workers

Published 10/09/2014 03:00 PM

Students interested in this field can find money to support both graduate and undergraduate studies.

Music Performance Scholarships Reward Talent, Practice

Published 10/02/2014 03:00 PM

Whether students major in music or pursue it as a hobby, musicians can show off their skills to earn college cash.

Connect With Scholarships for Sorority Sisters

Published 09/25/2014 03:00 PM

The Kappa Alpha Theta Foundation awards scholarships to more than 200 women each year.

Pledge to Apply for These Fraternity Scholarships

Published 09/18/2014 03:00 PM

Many Greek organizations were founded to support academic achievement and offer college scholarships.

Invest Time in Applying for These Generous Scholarships

Published 09/11/2014 03:00 PM

These monetary awards can make a significant dent in the cost of college tuition. 

Look to Professional Associations to Find Scholarships in Your Major

Published 09/04/2014 03:00 PM

Students can apply for scholarships by finding and joining professional organizations related to their field of study. 

Organize Scholarship Support From a Labor Union

Published 08/28/2014 03:00 PM

More than 14.5 million American workers are in a union and have access to money for college and job training. 

Fund a Semester in America's Capital With These Scholarship Programs

Published 08/21/2014 03:00 PM

Studying in Washington is well-suited to students interested in subjects related to politics, media or international affairs.

Take Advantage of Scholarships From Corporations, Foundations

Published 08/14/2014 03:00 PM

Students at all levels of education can earn money for college with awards from these organizations.

Start a New Chapter With These Scholarships for Bookworms

Published 08/07/2014 03:00 PM

Look to literary foundations for contests that reward an interest in reading with money for college.

How Employers View an Associate Degree

Published 08/04/2014 03:30 PM

Some employers still see a community college degree as inferior to a bachelor's in fields where both are accepted.

Promote a Passion for Psychology With College Scholarships

Published 07/31/2014 03:00 PM

These awards help pay for everything from writing research papers to attending conferences.

Save Time, Money With Easy College Scholarship Contests

Published 07/24/2014 03:00 PM

Students can enter these competitions to try to earn money for college without spending time on long essays or applications.

Pencil in These Scholarships for Animation Students

Published 07/17/2014 03:00 PM

Whether you aspire to be a movie producer or a video game designer, these awards can help you reach your goal.

Find Scholarships That Spotlight Actors, Singers and Dancers

Published 07/10/2014 03:00 PM

These national scholarships can help performers continue their training through college.

Use Your Talents to Earn Scholarships for College

Published 07/03/2014 03:00 PM

From dancing to building robots, these competitions reward students with creative, hands-on skills.

Discover Scholarships for Nontraditional Students

Published 06/26/2014 03:00 PM

These scholarships can break down the financial barriers keeping nontraditional students from pursuing their college educations.

Find Mentoring Programs That Offer Scholarship Support

Published 06/19/2014 03:00 PM

Community organizations focused on youth development are good college scholarship resources. 

U.S. News Releases 2014 NCTQ Teacher Prep Rankings

Published 06/17/2014 02:00 PM

Two Ohio universities are among a handful of institutions that earned ranks for both elementary and secondary school teacher training.

Avoid Making These 4 Scholarship Search Mistakes

Published 06/12/2014 03:00 PM

Getting a late start and limiting your search can derail your chances at winning college scholarships. 

Make the Most of Summer With Essay Contest Scholarships

Published 06/05/2014 03:00 PM

Summer is an ideal time for students to get a head start on completing essays for these scholarship awards.

Fund Your International Curiosity With Foreign Affairs Scholarships

Published 05/29/2014 03:00 PM

One fellowship offers graduate students up to $90,000 for tuition, internships and other education expenses.

Discover College Scholarships that Honor Asian-American Heritage

Published 05/22/2014 03:00 PM

High school and college students from a variety of Asian-American backgrounds can target specialized scholarship programs.

Turn Summer Jobs Into College Scholarship Opportunities

Published 05/15/2014 03:00 PM

Students should look to restaurant and retail jobs as possible sources of extra income and free college cash.

Scholarships Offer Support for Moms in College

Published 05/08/2014 03:00 PM

These financial awards aim to help mothers balance pursuing higher education and supporting their children. 

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage with College Scholarships

Published 05/01/2014 03:00 PM

Hispanic organizations across the U.S. offer college scholarship money for students pursuing a variety of majors and career paths.

Feed Your STEM Curiosity With These College Scholarships

Published 04/24/2014 03:00 PM

Students passionate about science, technology, engineering and math have a wealth of college scholarships open to them.

Find College Scholarships That Support Students With Autism

Published 04/17/2014 03:00 PM

These scholarships can help students with autism spectrum disorders finance their education and ease the transition to college. 

Pen an Application to Scholarships for Poets, Writers

Published 04/10/2014 03:00 PM

Don't be shy – submitting your poems or creative writing samples can earn you money for college.

Showcase Creativity, Offbeat Interests for These College Scholarships

Published 04/03/2014 03:00 PM

Believe it or not, zombie or video game enthusiasts can turn their unusual interests into college cash.

Dig Into Scholarships to Cover Extra College Costs

Published 03/27/2014 02:00 PM

Find money to pay for additional college expenses like textbooks, housing and meals.

Check Into These Hospitality Management Scholarships

Published 03/20/2014 02:00 PM

These scholarships can help students who aim for a career in tourism, travel or hotel administration.

Make Your Case for These Law School Scholarships

Published 03/13/2014 02:00 PM

Turn to law schools and law firms to find scholarships aimed at reducing the financial burden of earning a J.D.

Reap the Benefits of Bountiful Farming Scholarships

Published 03/06/2014 03:00 PM

Turn your interest or family background in agriculture into college scholarship money.

Make College Affordable With Scholarships for Low-Income Students

Published 02/27/2014 03:00 PM

Defray the cost of college with state grants or institutional scholarships aimed at low-income students. 

Stretch Your Scholarship Search With Regional Opportunities

Published 02/20/2014 03:00 PM

Don't overlook regional college scholarship opportunities offered by community groups and alumni associations.

Campaign for These Presidential College Scholarships

Published 02/13/2014 03:00 PM

Scholarship programs named for U.S. presidents support subjects as diverse as transportation and natural history. 

Celebrate African-American History With These College Scholarships

Published 02/06/2014 02:00 PM

Check with these African-American organizations for scholarships to support college education expenses. 

Assemble Applications to These Scholarships for Mechanics

Published 01/30/2014 06:04 PM

Scholarships abound for mechanics in the aviation, automotive and travel industries. 

Learn to Score College Scholarships on Campus

Published 01/23/2014 03:00 PM

Ask your college’s financial aid office and academic departments about available student scholarships.

Follow a Scholarship Application Calendar in 2014

Published 01/16/2014 03:00 PM

There are opportunities year-round to focus on the college scholarship search.

Target These 10 Unique Scholarships in 2014

Published 01/09/2014 03:00 PM

Everyone from STEM enthusiasts to artists can find a scholarship to fit their profile.

Avoid 4 Common Scams Aimed at Students

Published 01/02/2014 01:00 PM

International students in particular should be wary of scams, such as scholarships that require fees.

Race Toward Scholarships for Winter Sports Lovers

Published 12/26/2013 03:00 PM

Winter sports scholarships exist for everyone from professional hockey hopefuls to Nordic skiers.

Discover Scholarships to Launch a Cosmetology Career

Published 12/19/2013 03:00 PM

Cosmetology scholarships are available to finance education for both beginning and experienced stylists.

Improve Your Scholarship Hunt With Alternative Search Engines

Published 12/12/2013 03:00 PM

Searching databases early and often is the key to finding a college scholarship match online.

Find Scholarships for College Degrees That Employers Want

Published 12/05/2013 03:00 PM

Supply chain management and actuarial mathematics are two disciplines experiencing rapid growth.

Seek Out Scholarships for Vocational and Trade Students

Published 11/21/2013 03:00 PM

Students earning two-year degrees or certificates can apply for dedicated scholarship programs.

Find Scholarships That Help Veterans Pay for College

Published 11/14/2013 03:00 PM

Veterans and active service members can benefit from tuition reimbursement and assistance programs.

3 Hot Scholarship Trends to Watch for in 2014

Published 11/07/2013 03:00 PM

Scholarship providers will increasingly focus on in-demand majors, such as those in STEM fields.

Treat Yourself to Scholarships for Studying Spooky Subjects

Published 10/31/2013 02:00 PM

Studying something associated with Halloween, like bats or candy, can pay off all year long.

Try Scholarships to Pay for a Gap Year, Time Off From College

Published 10/24/2013 03:00 PM

Scholarships can help finance off-campus internships, semesters abroad and volunteer opportunities.

Investigate Scholarships for Journalism Students

Published 10/17/2013 03:00 PM

Journalism scholarships are available for students interested in writing, photography and broadcasting.

Find College Scholarships for LGBT Students

Published 10/10/2013 03:00 PM

Many well-established LGBT groups offer scholarship support for both high school and college students.

Pursue Wildlife Studies With Zoology Scholarships

Published 10/03/2013 03:00 PM

Students interested in studying life sciences should target both research grants and scholarships.

Find Scholarship Competitions for Technology Enthusiasts

Published 09/26/2013 03:00 PM

Students interested in majoring in a STEM field like robotics can compete for lucrative scholarships.

Make Quick Work of These Easy Scholarship Applications

Published 09/19/2013 03:00 PM

Many scholarships allow students to enter with nothing more than a Tweet or by texting.

Consider Scholarships for High-Paying College Majors

Published 09/12/2013 03:00 PM

When choosing a major, weigh salary potential with your interest in a given field of study.

Uncover Scholarships for Aspiring Fashion Designers

Published 09/05/2013 03:00 PM

Organizations like the YMA Fashion Scholarship Fund can help design students finance their education.

Build Your Architecture Career With College Scholarships

Published 08/29/2013 03:00 PM

Studying architecture requires both creativity and practicality and opens up many career paths.

3 Tips for Living Frugally in College

Published 08/22/2013 03:00 PM

Stretch your college budget by becoming familiar with free campus resources included in your tuition.

Target Scholarships That Put an Art Degree Within Reach

Published 08/15/2013 03:00 PM

There are many scholarships that support degrees in art, graphic design, drafting and advertising.

Find Scholarships to Finance a Private College Education

Published 08/08/2013 03:00 PM

Private schools have made a concerted effort to expand their financial aid packages.

Explore Scholarships to Make Public Universities Affordable

Published 08/01/2013 03:00 PM

Take advantage of scholarships and state residency to lower the cost of attending a public university.

Get Money for College Through ROTC Programs

Published 07/25/2013 03:00 PM

Stipends and merit-based scholarships are two financial benefits of joining a ROTC program.

LGBT Students Work to Ensure Safe and Supportive Schools for all Students

Published 01/20/2017 04:15 AM

Yesterday, myself and four other LGBTQ Activists from GLSEN had the honor of sitting down with US Secretary of Education, Dr. John King, in his second to last day in office.

Creating an Educational System that Supports Democracy Through Student Activism

Published 01/19/2017 03:00 AM

Education is the great engine of our democracy, and the fuel for that engine is the opportunities students have to engage in activism on issues that are important to them.

A New Principal — Again

Published 01/19/2017 01:00 AM

Nine times in twenty-eight years of teaching I’ve gone through the training of a new principal in my high school.  Nine times! And to make matters more frustrating, the replacement always seems to be the philosophical and pedagogical opposite of the one he or she is replacing.

Treasury and Education Announce Progress Toward Multi-Year Income Certification System for Student Loan Borrowers in Income-Driven Repayment Plans

Published 01/17/2017 09:17 PM

The Departments of Treasury and Education announced today that they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding establishing a framework regarding the requirements for electronically sharing tax data over multiple years for federal student loan borrowers participating in Income-Driven Repayment (IDR) plans.

Launching ED’s Developer Hub

Published 01/17/2017 07:30 PM

Today, the U.S. Department of Education (ED) launches its first developer hub, a dedicated space for centralizing our developer resources, documenting open government efforts at the agency, and celebrating what you have built using ED data and code.

U.S. Department of Education Announces Final Regulation on Open Licensing Requirement for Competitive Grant Programs

Published 01/14/2017 01:18 AM

A few months ago, I had the opportunity to meet with Benetech, one of our grantees, and observe some of the tools they have developed under their Department grant to help visually impaired people access the content of graphics in books.  The tool has many applications, including giving visually impaired children the opportunity to better enjoy picture books and high school students better access to information in graphics and diagrams in science books.

New Report Shows Increased Need for Federal Investments in Early Learning

Published 01/13/2017 06:30 PM

Are there too many federal early learning programs?  This question has been contentiously debated and discussed in Washington, DC for years.  Are programs that simply permit funding for early learning as a part of a larger initiative, such as Title I or English Language Acquisition grants, considered early learning programs?  Should programs that merely mention the importance of early learning – the Appalachian Area Development grants or Donations of Federal Surplus Personal Property program – be considered early learning programs?

American Career Institute Borrowers to Receive Automatic Group Relief for Federal Student Loans

Published 01/13/2017 03:06 PM

The U.S. Department of Education (ED) announced today plans to grant borrower defense relief for federal student loan borrowers who attended the now-defunct American Career Institute (ACI) in Massachusetts. This move follows the Department’s investigation as well as numerous admissions by the school that it made false and misleading representations to students, misstated job placement rates and employed instructors who were unauthorized to teach under applicable state laws.

Innovating for Equity: The Future of American Higher Education

Published 01/13/2017 03:42 AM

Under Secretary of Education Ted Mitchell reflects on a rapidly shifting landscape, the new goals and new needs of an increasingly diverse student body, and the role of higher education in the future of American democracy.

More Transparency in Higher Education Will Help Improve Student Outcomes

Published 01/12/2017 10:00 PM

Every year, the U.S. Department of Education provides billions of dollars in Federal financial aid to help students enroll in college. Yet too many students—roughly two in five bachelor’s degree-seeking students—leave school with no degree, often leaving them with debt, no job, and a high risk of default. In recent years, the Department has made strides toward improving these odds, yet more work remains.

Believe in Your Power

Published 01/12/2017 01:00 AM

On Thursday, January 12, thousands of teachers across the nation will receive appreciation phone calls from the Department of Education. These educators were nominated by their colleagues, parents, and students to receive a call. As a Teaching Ambassador Fellow, I had a chance to read the comments stating why each educator deserved personalized appreciation. “He has been a beacon of light and hope for my daughter who sometimes struggles but has so much to offer the world. He challenges and educates, but most of all he cares.”

Ensuring Education for All Children

Published 01/11/2017 07:00 PM

For most children, school is their home away from home.

What Gets Measured, Gets Done: DC Public Schools’ FAFSA Completion Initiative

Published 01/11/2017 06:30 PM

Let’s state the obvious: 1) Financial aid plays a huge factor in students’ college-going decisions and success (especially low-income students); and 2) Completing the FAFSA is essential for students to access almost all forms of financial aid. So, for a large urban district like DC Public Schools, where 77 percent of our students qualify for free and reduced price lunch, getting graduating seniors to complete their FAFSAs on time isn’t an optional task- it’s a necessary one.

Secretary John B. King Jr.’s Cabinet Exit Memo: Giving Every Student a Fair Shot

Published 01/09/2017 07:16 PM

Giving Every Student a Fair Shot Progress Under the Obama Administration’s Education Agenda Secretary John B. King Jr. Cabinet Exit Memo | January 5, 2017

Education Department Releases Final Debt-to-Earnings Rates for Gainful Employment Programs

Published 01/09/2017 06:59 PM

The U.S. Department of Education today released the first debt-to-earnings (D/E) rates for career training programs as required by the landmark Gainful Employment (GE) regulations.

Are you ready to be engaged in education?

Published 01/05/2017 10:00 PM

“With [ESSA], we reaffirm that fundamentally American ideal—that every child, regardless of race, income, background, the zip code where they live, deserves the chance to make of their lives what they will.” — President Barack Obama

A New Year, A Fresh Perspective

Published 01/05/2017 03:15 AM

Even though we are halfway through the school year, the start of 2017 is the perfect opportunity for a fresh perspective on my classroom. Just like I did with my home over break, I plan to reorganize my room and purge any resources that I no longer need. If I haven’t used it yet at this point in the year, chances are I don’t actually need it and it should go. Of course, I don’t want to throw out anything that could be useful to someone else, so I will give them away to a teacher, tutor, or student that will put them to good use. After all, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

U.S. Education Secretary John B. King Jr.’s statement on New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s free college tuition proposal:

Published 01/03/2017 07:38 PM

“Making college more affordable and accessible for all Americans is critical to President Obama’s goal of having the highest share of college graduates in the world and to ensuring America’s long-term economic prosperity. That’s why the President has called on Congress to make two years of community college free so that students can earn the skills needed to succeed in the workforce or the first half of a bachelor’s degree at no cost.

U.S. Department of Education Releases Guidance on Civil Rights of Students with Disabilities

Published 12/28/2016 08:25 PM

The U.S. Department of Education released three new sets of guidance today to assist the public in understanding how the Department interprets and enforces federal civil rights laws protecting the rights of students with disabilities. These guidance documents clarify the rights of students with disabilities and the responsibilities of educational institutions in ensuring that all students have the opportunity to learn.

U.S. Department of Education Announces $3 Million in Pay for Success Grants for Preschool Programs

Published 12/22/2016 03:20 PM

The U.S. Department of Education announced today more than $3 million in grant awards to eight government organizations for Preschool Pay for Success feasibility pilots that will support innovative funding strategies to expand preschool and improve educational outcomes for 3- and 4- year-olds.

A Life Changing Experience

Published 12/22/2016 01:00 AM

My experience as a U.S. Department of Education Teacher Ambassador Fellow (TAF) has been life-changing.  I learned that I should be bold and always look for opportunities to elevate the voice of teachers.   In June 2015, I joined an amazing family of Fellows with a wide range of experiences to bring to the table.

New Analysis Finds Many For-Profits Skirt Federal Funding Limits

Published 12/21/2016 08:05 PM

New analysis released today by the U.S. Department of Education reveals many for-profit schools would likely exceed the 90/10 federal funding limits if revenue from Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and the Department of Defense (DOD) programs were included in the 90/10 calculation the same way Title IV funds are included. The annual 90/10 report also released today finds 17 for-profit colleges out of compliance with existing federal funding limits.

Education Department Posts Quarterly Student Aid Data Updates and Releases Preliminary Report on the Federal Student Aid Feedback System

Published 12/20/2016 09:03 PM

Today, the U.S. Department of Education’s Federal Student Aid (FSA) office posted a series of updates to its data center, a collection of key performance data about the federal student aid portfolio. The updates, which continue the Department’s commitment to greater transparency on the federal student loan portfolio and other key financial aid metrics, include three new federally managed portfolio reports by loan status, repayment plan, and delinquency status, and a report about the Teacher Loan Forgiveness program.

U.S. Department of Education Announces Six Promise Neighborhoods Winners of the 2016 Competition

Published 12/20/2016 08:31 PM

The U.S. Department of Education announced today the six winners of the 2016 Promise Neighborhoods competition, which will award $33 million to help communities launch, scale, and sustain educational supports and community-based services to meet the complex needs of children and families.

Districts Realize the Personalized Learning Vision, See its Future

Published 12/20/2016 07:00 PM

District superintendents across the country have taken on a range of bold approaches to improving students’ experiences in public education. Across these innovations, districts have embraced the notion that empowering students and their teachers is an effective way to improve student outcomes.

Education Department Drops Fight Over School Money

Published 01/19/2017 05:10 PM

A controversial idea falls by the wayside, for now, involving how schools can use federal money for low-income students.

School Vouchers, Oligarchy And Grizzlies: Highlights From The DeVos Hearing

Published 01/18/2017 10:12 PM

Donald Trump's pick to lead the Education Department got a grilling on a range of issues, from private school vouchers and charter school oversight to guns in schools. How did she fare?

Report Finds More People Over 60 Struggling To Pay Off Student Loans

Published 01/18/2017 09:32 PM

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau reports that a growing number of older Americans have taken on student loan debt. For those who can't pay, Social Security benefits are being garnished.

At DeVos' Senate Hearing, Questions Of Choice, Charters, 'Other Options'

Published 01/17/2017 09:53 PM

President-elect Trump's pick for education secretary faced tough questions during her Senate confirmation hearing. She maintained her strong support for school choice and free-market solutions.

Betsy DeVos Appears Before Senate Education Committee In Confirmation Hearing

Published 01/17/2017 09:40 PM

President-elect Trump's pick to lead the Department of Education, Betsy DeVos, appeared before the Senate's education committee Tuesday for her confirmation hearing. She is expected to be asked tough questions about her past support for private school vouchers and for limiting charter school oversight.

More People Over 60 Are Struggling To Pay Off Student Loans, Report Finds

Published 01/17/2017 07:24 PM

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau found the number of people 60 and older with student loan debt has quadrupled in the past decade. Most loans were taken out on behalf of a child or grandchild.

Sen. Maggie Hassan: I Will Listen Carefully To What DeVos Has To Say

Published 01/17/2017 01:28 PM

Senate confirmation hearings begin on Tuesday for Betsy DeVos, Donald Trump's pick for education secretary. Steve Inskeep talks to Democratic Sen. Maggie Hassan, who has serious concerns about DeVos.

5 Things To Look For In Betsy DeVos' Confirmation Hearing

Published 01/17/2017 11:02 AM

Donald Trump's nominee for education secretary faces tough questions as her Senate confirmation hearings start.

Scholar Initiative Supports College-Bound Former Prisoners

Published 01/16/2017 10:16 PM

NPR's Kelly McEvers talks to Danny Murillo and Steven Czifra, former Pelican Bay prisoners who started the Underground Scholars Initiative, a program to help counsel former prisoners going to college.

A Former Education Secretary's Advice For Betsy DeVos

Published 01/16/2017 05:01 PM

Margaret Spellings was secretary of education under George W. Bush. She says Donald Trump's ambivalence about the federal role in education raises interesting questions.

How The Systemic Segregation Of Schools Is Maintained By 'Individual Choices'

Published 01/16/2017 11:00 AM

Journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones says school segregation will continue to exist in America "as long as individual parents continue to make choices that only benefit their own children."

Maybe Teaching Special Ed Doesn't Have To Be So Hard

Published 01/15/2017 11:31 AM

Ask any special ed teacher and they will probably tell you that paperwork is the bane of their jobs. These three teachers at Renaissance Academy in Utah have figured out how to keep it under control.

5 Big Ideas In Education That Don't Work

Published 01/14/2017 11:30 AM

Some of the most popular ideas in education aren't necessarily the best fixes.

Obama's Impact On America's Schools

Published 01/13/2017 11:38 AM

After eight years in office, his list of accomplishments is as long as it is controversial.

Activists Fear Reversal Of Strict Rules On Campus Sexual Assault

Published 01/12/2017 09:32 PM

Survivors of campus sexual assault and their allies are imploring President-elect Trump's nominee for education secretary to continue cracking down on schools who don't take the issue seriously.

High school student tells Betsy DeVos exactly how her policies would hurt her

Published 01/19/2017 11:14 PM

Betsy Devos' confirmation hearing didn't go well, but Dannah Wilson's speech was a different story.   In a speech delivered to the AFL-CIO, Michigan student Dannah Wilson delivered an emphatic and thoughtful statement about how Department of Education nominee Betsy DeVos's policies would probe hurtful to students everywhere.  DeVos spent years in Michigan, where Dannah Wilson is a student, pushing for the privatization of the public education system as well as helping foster the spread of charter schools. Both of these movements, among other factors contributed to a stressful education experience for Wilson, who claims her and her siblings have collectively attended 22 different schools.  Wilson is a Detroit high schooler and volunteer at 482Forward, a non-profit organization dedicated to, "creating a Detroit where every student graduates ready to become a fully engaged participant in the world, equipped with the character and the capacity to negotiate her environment and change it for the better." Wilson certainly embodies that message.  Within 24 hours of being posted the speech was shared by the American Federation for Teachers and racked up more than 3 million views.  Gorillaz return after 6 years with anti-Trump music video Top 10 best uses of color in a movie ever Jazzy cover of NSYNC's 'Bye Bye Bye' makes us nostalgic for our childhoods 'Overwatch' player does spot-on Rick and Morty impressions

Kenya university teachers follow doctors in nationwide strike

Published 01/19/2017 04:00 PM

University lecturers in Kenya began a strike over pay Thursday, joining doctors who walked out in early December, crippling the country's healthcare. The strike was called by the Universities Academic Staff Union (UASU) to protest government failure to implement a four-year-old agreement to increase wages by at least 50 percent. Union chairman Muga K'Olale said failure to have their demands met had led to a "massive brain drain in public universities".

Can School Choice Work in Rural Areas?

Published 01/19/2017 03:10 PM

Education Secretary-nominee Betsy DeVos offered little clarification of her policy goals at Tuesday’s Senate confirmation hearing, but one thing is certain: The Michigan billionaire is in favor of school choice. She has backed charter schools and voucher programs in the past, though she is adamant that this position does not equate to being anti-public school. At the hearing, both Republican Senator Mike Enzi, who represents Wyoming, and Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, brought up the unique challenges rural states face in education structure and financing. Both spoke of the distance issues students in frontier areas combat to physically get to non-public schools, and Murkowski referenced her constituents who are concerned about what happens when “there is no way to get to an alternative option for your child.” This structural problem—further entrenched by the reality that there are simply fewer students to populate new schools that might open—presents a tangled web of unequal supply and demand for charter schools. The “choice” aspect of school choice is not always realistic.

Complete a Bachelor's Degree Online After Community College

Published 01/19/2017 02:30 PM

For Nathan Legleiter, a Kansas resident who works as a compliance analyst at a bank, community college was just the first step of a post-secondary education. During his first semester, Legleiter learned about a "2+2" option, or online bachelor's completion program, that would enable him to seamlessly transfer credits to the Kansas State University Global Campus, the school's online arm for adult learners. Attending Barton Community College not only allowed the 2015 graduate to save some money on tuition, he says, but also provided him with face-to-face student support nearby and the flexibility of online learning alongside his job and family responsibilities.

Gambia's vice president quits after two decades in role -sources

Published 01/19/2017 10:18 AM

BANJUL (Reuters) - Gambia's Vice President Isatou Njie Saidy, who has been in the role since 1997, has quit, a government source and a family member told Reuters on Thursday. Saidy is the highest level official to abandon President Yahya Jammeh's camp in his stand-off with opposition leader Adama Barrow, who won an election in December. Abubakar Senghore, Gambia's minister for higher education, has also quit, the sources said. (Reporting by Tim Cocks; Writing by David Lewis; Editing by Louise Ireland)

Gambia's vice president quits after two decades in role: sources

Published 01/19/2017 09:59 AM

BANJUL (Reuters) - Gambia's Vice President Isatou Njie Saidy, who has been in the role since 1997, has quit, a government source and a family member told Reuters on Thursday. Saidy is the highest level official to abandon President Yahya Jammeh's camp in his stand-off with opposition leader Adama Barrow, who won an election in December. Abubakar Senghore, Gambia's minister for higher education, has also quit, the sources said. (Reporting by Tim Cocks; Writing by David Lewis; Editing by Louise Ireland)

Islamic State kills 12 in Palmyra, among them teachers, soldiers: monitor

Published 01/19/2017 08:41 AM

Islamic State militants put at least 12 people to death in execution-style killings in the ancient city of Palmyra, which they re-captured from the government for a second time in December, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported on Thursday. The eight others - four of them government soldiers and four of them rebel fighters captured elsewhere in Syria - were shot. Some of the killings took place at an ancient Roman theater in Palmyra, where Islamic State last year put at least 25 government fighters to death, the Observatory said.

Czech bubble artist surrounds 275 students with soap 'screen' to claim record

Published 01/19/2017 08:16 AM

A Czech performer of bubble art surrounded 275 high school students and a car with a single soap-bubble screen on Wednesday, breaking the national record. Matej Kodes raised the screen around a rectangular 11 metre-by-7.5 meter area, enclosing those inside for a few seconds. Kodes, who has performed since 2008, achieved a Guinness World Record in 2014 for "most people inside a soap bubble", which at that time stood at 214.

Ranking the Schools that Turn Poor Kids into Wealthy Ones

Published 01/18/2017 10:12 PM

At a time when parents of college-bound students are waiting anxiously for news about acceptances and wondering about their children’s future, a new study from the Equality of Opportunity Project is out with a new way of evaluating the effectiveness of institutions across the country. The report used publicly available data to establish what it calls a “mobility rate” for each college or university in the country. The result is a list of top colleges that looks nothing like typical college ranking schemes, with leafy private schools yielding place to an assortment of mostly urban, mostly public institutions.

Czech bubble artist surrounds 275 students with soap 'screen' to claim record

Published 01/18/2017 07:32 PM

A Czech performer of bubble art surrounded 275 high school students and a car with a single soap-bubble screen on Wednesday, breaking the national record. Matej Kodes raised the screen around a rectangular 11 metre-by-7.5 meter area, enclosing those inside for a few seconds. Kodes, who has performed since 2008, achieved a Guinness World Record in 2014 for "most people inside a soap bubble", which at that time stood at 214.

Watch These College Students Experience A Terrifying Boating Accident And Somehow Emerge Unharmed

Published 01/18/2017 06:24 PM

Two University of Florida students were participating in the FLW College Fishing tournament over the weekend when their boat spun out of control, flinging them overboard. Conner Young and Hunter Bland were the two students in the boat, cruising at 60 mph, when a locknut came loose, disabling the steering wheel and knocking the outboard motor violently to one side, according to the New Orleans Times-Picayune.

Democrats blast Trump's pick for Education Secretary

Published 01/18/2017 02:10 PM

(Corrects in 6th paragraph to clarify rules) By Lisa Lambert WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Democrats sliced holes in billionaire Betsy DeVos' credentials to be the next U.S. Education Secretary at a confirmation hearing on Tuesday, raising doubts whether President-elect Donald Trump's pick will win approval in the full Senate. The nomination of DeVos to head an agency that sets policy for younger children and universities and also administers a college financial aid program of $1 trillion has outraged Democrats who believe the Michigan Republican wants to dismantle public education. Teachers unions, a major constituency for the party, roundly oppose DeVos, a philanthropist and investor.

Universities, Colleges Where Students Are Eager to Enroll

Published 01/18/2017 12:30 PM

While prospective students are often anxious about receiving an acceptance letter this time of year, most colleges are concerned about meeting their enrollment targets.

DeVos: Won't dismantle public schools as education secretary

Published 01/18/2017 08:23 AM

WASHINGTON (AP) — In a sometimes contentious confirmation hearing, education secretary pick Betsy DeVos pledged that she would not seek to dismantle public schools amid questions by Democrats about her qualifications, political donations and long-time work advocating for charter schools and school choice.

DeVos pledges not to undo public education, pushes choice

Published 01/18/2017 05:19 AM

WASHINGTON (AP) — In a sometimes contentious confirmation hearing, education secretary pick Betsy DeVos pledged that she would not seek to dismantle public schools amid questions by Democrats about her qualifications, political donations and long-time work advocating for charter schools and school choice.

Betsy DeVos, Trump’s education pick, hints at sweeping changes ahead

Published 01/18/2017 03:56 AM

Education Secretary-designate Betsy DeVos listens to Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C., before testifying on Capitol Hill on Jan. 17, 2017, at her confirmation hearing before the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee. Betsy DeVos, Donald Trump’s choice to lead the Department of Education, indicated that she is open to radically rethinking the federal government’s role in education on issues from sexual assault cases on college campuses to cutting federal support for the nation’s public schools in a contentious confirmation hearing Tuesday evening. Democratic senators repeatedly pressed DeVos to spell out her specific vision for the Department of Education, but the education activist and billionaire from Michigan kept mostly to generalities, outlining a broad vision of school choice in which parents could use state money to send their kids to private or charter schools.

Nebraska targets ban on religious garb worn by teachers

Published 01/17/2017 10:33 PM

LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) — Sister Madeleine Miller applied for a high school teaching job in Nebraska thinking she would get judged on her credentials — not what she was wearing on her head.

Pay the IRS late? At some companies, it's a strategic move

Published 01/17/2017 04:02 PM

NEW YORK (AP) — The idea of paying taxes late and incurring IRS interest charges elicits a stern "Don't do that!" from many tax professionals. Yet some business owners decide that it's cheaper and more convenient than taking out a loan. So those with short-term cash management issues or personal expenditures like college tuition may make a strategic decision to pay the government late.

10 Colleges Where the Most Applicants Are Wait-Listed

Published 01/17/2017 02:00 PM

The U.S. News Short List, separate from our overall rankings, is a regular series that magnifies individual data points in hopes of providing students and parents a way to find which undergraduate or graduate programs excel or have room to grow in specific areas. Be sure to explore The Short List: College, The Short List: Grad School and The Short List: Online Programs to find data that matter to you in your college or graduate school search.

Immaculata University to cut tuition by 23% for 2017-18

Published 01/17/2017 12:50 PM

A Catholic college in suburban Philadelphia has announced plans to reduce its tuition by 23 percent for the 2017-18 academic year to offset the rising cost of higher education. Tuition to Immaculata University ...

Consider Grad School in the U.K., Australia vs. U.S

Published 01/17/2017 12:00 PM

When deciding between studying in the United Kingdom, Australia and the U.S., Nigerian doctor Ugwoke Sunday Paul says the final decision came easy -- he chose the U.K. Paul says he favored everything from the shorter degree time to few required standardized exams for graduate school admission. Prospective international students weighing which of these three countries to pursue graduate studies in may find that the U.K. and Australia -- rather than the U.S. -- offer them a quicker, more affordable master's degree without the required GRE or GMAT. Here are three reasons to consider the U.K. and Australia over the U.S. for grad school.

DeVos to face questions over schools, conservative activism

Published 01/16/2017 04:49 PM

WASHINGTON (AP) — Charter school advocate Betsy DeVos is widely expected to push for expanding school choice programs if confirmed as education secretary, prompting pushback from teachers unions. But Democrats and activists also are raising concerns about how her conservative Christian beliefs and advocacy for family values might impact minority and LGBT students.

Teachers kidnapped by suspected Islamic State fighters in Afghanistan

Published 01/16/2017 11:32 AM

Suspected Islamic State militants kidnapped 12 teachers and two other staff of a religious school in the eastern Afghan province of Nangarhar, officials said. The teachers were taken on Sunday when a group of Islamic State (IS) fighters entered the school in Haska Mina district during an examination, the education department in the provincial capital Jalalabad said. Kidnapping for both criminal ransom and political gain is a major problem in Afghanistan.

Teachers in Philadelphia plan a Black Lives Matter week

Published 01/13/2017 11:19 PM

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — A teachers' organization in Philadelphia is encouraging teachers to wear Black Lives Matter T-shirts and buttons and provide lessons on the movement every day for one week.

Detroit teachers, school district reach building repair deal

Published 01/13/2017 06:22 PM

DETROIT (AP) — Detroit's teachers union and the city's school system have agreed to a settlement following complaints of mold, vermin and other building maintenance issues at schools.

Google Classroom is hoping the new year will be the best one yet for teachers and students

Published 01/12/2017 03:50 PM

In 2017, the classroom is embracing technology like never before. And now, Google Classroom has rolled out a number of updates to better the experience for students, teachers, and administrators.

Walker's Wisconsin tuition idea shuffles political alliances

Published 01/12/2017 06:07 AM

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's proposal to cut tuition at the University of Wisconsin and use taxpayer funds to pay for it is shaking up normal political alliances with some Democrats expressing support while skeptical fellow Republicans worry it could put the state on a path toward socialist Bernie Sanders' free college tuition plan.

Lessons in respect at China's Confucius kindergartens

Published 01/12/2017 03:53 AM

Children in scholars hats bow before a statue of Confucius, the Chinese sage once reviled by Communist authorities but now enjoying a revival as parents look to instil his values in their offspring. With central government backing, hundreds of private schools dedicated to Confucian teachings have sprung up across the country in response to growing demand for more traditional education. At a new institution in the central city of Wuhan, about 30 students aged two to six chant: "Our respect to you, Master Confucius.

Walker's Wisconsin tuition idea shuffles political alliances

Published 01/11/2017 11:36 PM

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's proposal to cut tuition at the University of Wisconsin and use taxpayer funds to pay for it is shaking up normal political alliances with some Democrats expressing support while skeptical fellow Republicans worry it could put the state on a path toward socialist Bernie Sanders' free college tuition plan.

High court may put more bite into law for disabled students

Published 01/11/2017 07:43 PM

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court on Wednesday seemed willing to put more bite into a law that requires public schools to help learning-disabled students.

2 degrees for price of 1: School offers free grad training

Published 01/10/2017 07:09 PM

Come for your college education, stay for a master's degree on the house. In the higher education equivalent of a fast-food value meal, at least one university is dangling tuition-free professional graduate ...

Consider 10 Things When Juggling Career Goals, Online Education

Published 01/10/2017 01:30 PM

1. Online education is ideal for career changers. Online learning's flexibility allows working adults, wherever they live, to switch careers, Melissa Venable, a Saint Leo University and University of South Florida online instructor and course designer, told U.S. News. Before online education, "You would say, 'I'm going to switch and go to school on the weekends,' or 'I'm going to have to save money so I can stop working and go to school,'" Venable says.

Trial over fix for segregation at Maryland colleges begins

Published 01/09/2017 09:40 PM

BALTIMORE (AP) — A trial to determine the best way to cure inequality among Maryland's colleges and universities is underway in federal court in Baltimore.

University settles with student who wouldn't counsel gays

Published 01/09/2017 08:33 PM

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (AP) — Missouri State University has agreed to pay $25,000 to a former student who sued after he was removed from a master's degree counseling program because he said he wouldn't counsel gay couples.

3 Facts for High School Teachers About Connecting, Sharing Ideas on Instagram

Published 01/09/2017 01:00 PM

Teens love Instagram, but the social network can also be a great resource for high school teachers. "It can be very challenging to get outside of your classroom during a really busy school day, so this is a way for me to connect with educators from all over," says Jenna Copper, an English teacher at Wilmington Area High School in Pennsylvania and @doc_cop on Instagram. Ashley Million Bible, an English teacher at Greeneville High School in Tennessee, finds the educator community on Instagram helpful too.

Michelle Obama to young people in final official speech: This country belongs to you

Published 01/06/2017 06:06 PM

“Do not ever let anyone make you feel like you don’t matter or like you don’t have a place in our American story, because you do,” Obama said Friday during a White House event honoring school counselors. Obama kicked off the event by celebrating the achievements of those who’ve participated in her Reach Higher initiative, which aims to make the U.S. college graduation rate the highest in the world by 2020. First lady Michelle Obama delivers remarks.

Several Indian colleges ban sexist singers from performing on campus

Published 01/06/2017 01:53 PM

Women's colleges affiliated with Delhi University (DU), one of India's top educational institutions, have put their feet down regarding misogyny.  Student unions have barred certain musicians whose lyrics they deem sexist  from performing at upcoming student festivals.  SEE ALSO: This city now allows women to carry knives for 'self protection' on metro trains Colleges such as Miranda House, Lady Shree Ram, Gargi and Kamla Nehru are leading the charge, the Times of India reported. Artists who "objectify women and make sexist comments in their songs" are not being invited, they say.  The banned performers include Punjabi rappers Yo Yo Honey Singh and Badshah among others. These singers are currently very popular in India thanks in part to their musical involvement in Bollywood films.  But their tunes have earned the ire of young women.  One of the student union heads said, "We are trying to propagate the ideas of feminism and equality, while these artists are using their art form to demean women. The lyrics of their songs are offensive, abusive and completely opposite of what we are taught in college." DU colleges have traditionally been among the most active and socially conscious institutions in India and they continue their fight against patriarchy and misogyny.  So, more power to the girls! BONUS: Emma Watson takes her fight for gender equality to universities

The Latest: Advocates, school system respond to slam video

Published 01/05/2017 10:53 PM

ROLESVILLE, N.C. (AP) — The Latest on the North Carolina high school student slammed to the ground by a police officer (all times local):

Canadian bishop who opposed LGBTQ school rules steps down

Published 01/04/2017 02:38 PM

VATICAN CITY (AP) — Pope Francis has accepted the early resignation of a Canadian bishop who came under fire in Calgary for opposing LGBTQ guidelines for public schools.

Will it work? Cuomo proposes free college for thousands in NY

Published 01/04/2017 12:44 PM

Amid a soundtrack of Bon Jovi's "Work for the Working Man," New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo took the stage Tuesday morning at LaGuardia Community College in Queens, joined by liberal darling Sen. Bernie Sanders (I) of Vermont, to unveil concrete plans for a much-hyped proposal: free college tuition. Gov. Cuomo, a centrist Democrat who is rumored to have presidential aspirations of his own, announced a plan that would make attending a state or city university in New York, including two-year programs, free for New Yorkers whose families earn $125,000 or less per year. "College is a mandatory step if you really want to be a success," Cuomo said Tuesday, as The Washington Post reported.

League tables: New targets see 282 secondaries underperforming

Published 01/19/2017 10:53 AM

As new school league tables are published, the government says 282 secondaries are underperforming.

Boycott birth census, civil rights group urges parents

Published 01/19/2017 01:28 PM

The civil rights group Liberty is urging parents in England to boycott Thursday's school census.

Bomb teams sent to schools 600 times in chemical alert

Published 01/19/2017 12:22 AM

Warnings about a potentially hazardous chemical sparks a flurry of calls to the Army.

Former Ofsted chief Wilshaw to work with schools in India

Published 01/18/2017 11:03 AM

Former Ofsted chief Sir Michael Wilshaw is going to work for an international schools group and return to his "roots" in India.

From dinner lady to head teacher in just nine years

Published 01/18/2017 05:37 PM

Rosalind Brotherton started her school career feeding children at lunchtime and ended up as head teacher.

'Research schools' for social mobility zones

Published 01/18/2017 04:00 PM

Education Secretary Justine Greening is to announce six more "opportunity areas" with their own research schools.

Friends 'key to fewer school dropouts'

Published 01/18/2017 02:03 AM

Schools urged to encourage pupils with poor grades to mix with stronger students.

Knowsley planning return of A-levels after shut down

Published 01/17/2017 02:34 PM

Knowsley, which became the first borough to lose all its A-level classes, has plans for the exam to return.

Body anxious teens avoid PE, says report

Published 01/17/2017 12:46 AM

Almost a third of 2,000 UK teenagers told a survey they avoid PE because of body anxiety.

MPs call for unpaid internships ban

Published 01/17/2017 12:49 AM

Unpaid internships should be stopped as a barrier to social mobility, says a parliamentary report.

Poor public transport puts rural schools out of reach

Published 01/17/2017 11:55 AM

Young people in rural areas are missing out on chances in education because of poor public transport.

SQA 'urgently needs to build trust'

Published 01/17/2017 01:44 AM

Urgent work is needed to rebuild the relationship between Scotland's teachers and the country's exam body, according to MSPs.

Funding shake-up risks cuts in most schools, say unions

Published 01/16/2017 03:53 AM

Government plans to reform school budgets risk cuts in most schools, say teachers' unions.

Oxford University college sorry for rejection email errors

Published 01/14/2017 11:53 AM

Hertford College apologises after sharing rejection letters with all candidates via email.

School support staff 'tired and stressed'

Published 01/16/2017 09:53 AM

Support staff in Scotland's schools are feeling exhausted, undervalued and stressed as a result of cuts, according to a trade union.

Numerical GCSE grades create confusion

Published 01/13/2017 01:40 PM

There is confusion about England's new GCSE grading system, suggests research for the exams regulator, Ofqual.

Oxford University rejection letter turned into art

Published 01/15/2017 06:52 PM

A student who was rejected from Oxford University turns her letter into a piece of abstract art.

Davos 2017: Teens' virtual reality challenge

Published 01/19/2017 03:12 PM

A group of Swiss teens has been invited to take a virtual reality challenge at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

'Inspiring, determined, kind': Who are these London schoolgirls describing?

Published 01/18/2017 12:02 AM

Some of the British schoolgirls who met Michelle Obama in 2015 pay tribute to the outgoing US first lady.

Tom Harwood elected as National Union of Students delegate

Published 12/19/2016 02:48 PM

A National Union of Students delegate candidate is elected with an unusual video pitch

Babies remember their birth language - scientists

Published 01/18/2017 12:51 AM

Babies learn language in the early months of life, and retain this knowledge, say scientists.

Moderate screen use 'boosts teen wellbeing'

Published 01/13/2017 05:52 PM

A study suggests screen time may improve teenagers' wellbeing - up to a point.

Billionaire offers biggest education prize

Published 01/18/2017 03:37 PM

Internet entrepreneur Charles Chen Yidan is going to award $8m per year to education projects.

New York to scrap tuition fees for middle class

Published 01/10/2017 11:58 PM

New York has launched one of the biggest schemes in the world to abolish tuition fees for students.

Procrastination? I'll get back to you...

Published 01/04/2017 11:04 AM

Many people will already have broken their new year's resolutions. A psychologist explains why we keep putting things off.

The front line

Published 01/10/2017 11:37 PM

Schools have long been are at the front line when it comes to identifying and helping children with mental heath problems.

Is your child a cyberbully and if so, what should you do?

Published 01/06/2017 02:18 PM

What should you do if you find out your child has been bullying others online?

Family matters

Published 01/06/2017 05:08 PM

In case you missed these stories, here's a round-up of this week's parenting news from the BBC.

Dangerously in the red

Published 01/04/2017 11:23 AM

With personal debts rising at pre-credit crunch rates, a couple tells how spiralling debts cost them their home.

Student politics

Published 12/20/2016 05:04 PM

The National Union of Students is being accused of being "out of touch" after a delegate mocked it during his campaign.

Have uniform, will travel

Published 12/20/2016 01:17 AM

How a meeting between two of the BBC's 100 Women of 2013 led to an English girl's school reopening in a Kenyan slum

Dire or delightful?

Published 12/12/2016 03:30 AM

Traditional pre-Christmas school productions can be "stressful to create but a pleasure to watch".

Sex worker mums

Published 12/11/2016 04:13 PM

A significant number of sex workers in the UK are also mothers, research suggests. So what is it like to sell sex while bringing up a child?

Pleasure or pressure?

Published 12/07/2016 02:03 PM

A new gift-giving tradition has crept into UK homes, but what do you put in a Christmas Eve box?

Child regret

Published 12/06/2016 03:04 AM

When Corinne Maier spoke to the BBC attacking baby mania, her honest account of parenting struck a chord around the world.

Lean times

Published 12/03/2016 12:33 AM

Is university funding in crisis? BBC Scotland education correspondent Jamie McIvor investigates.

Booster bother

Published 12/02/2016 02:52 PM

New rules on car seats are being brought in but what are they and will parents need to buy replacements?

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