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College Republicans, Once ‘the Best Party on Campus,’ Endure Taunts Over Trump

Published 09/23/2016 05:32 PM

Their party’s nominee has attacked conservative heroes and traditions and caused dissension, doubt and widespread mockery from liberal classmates.

Yale Endowment Earned 3.4% in a Year When Many Peers Lost

Published 09/23/2016 10:31 PM

The average return among endowments that have reported so far is a loss of 2.7 percent, according to Cambridge Associates.

Your Money: How to Pay for College With Less Stress

Published 09/23/2016 05:15 PM

An adviser has a four-step plan to prepare for the financial gantlet that is your child’s college education.

Ex-Bronx Science Teacher Pleads Guilty in Child Pornography Case

Published 09/24/2016 03:09 PM

The former teacher, Jon Cruz, was arrested last year and accused of enticing boys into sending him nude photographs online.

Government Moves to Close a Watchdog of For-Profit Colleges

Published 09/23/2016 12:00 AM

The Education Department said a staff report found a body that had overseen failing institutions like Corinthian Colleges and ITT had fallen short.

Your Money Adviser: A New Cost at College: Digital Access Codes

Published 09/23/2016 03:21 PM

The required purchase of online materials may require a digital access code, costing around $100. There is no buying a used copy, sharing or opting out.

About New York: A New York School Where Students Learn to Read by Sculpting Words

Published 09/23/2016 02:07 AM

At the Windward School in Manhattan, children with learning disabilities learn to connect words to their meanings through multiple senses, including shaping letters out of clay.

‘Fees Must Fall’: Anatomy of the Student Protests in South Africa

Published 09/22/2016 06:58 PM

Protests by university students flared up after a government proposal that university fees could increase as much as 8 percent next year.

If I Were President … of My Club, My Class, My College, My Country

Published 09/23/2016 07:05 PM

Share your concerns, and hopes, for the future.

Harvard, Searching for Endowment Manager, Reports a Loss

Published 09/23/2016 12:34 AM

Harvard’s showing comes after years of poor performance as a series of investment chiefs have come and gone.

The Getaway: 5 Ways to Make College Tours Fun Instead of Grueling

Published 09/22/2016 11:00 AM

Fall is here, and so is college tour season. Turn it into a vacation!

Firestorms at 2 Colleges After Students Share Racially Charged Photos

Published 09/21/2016 03:22 PM

In the span of a week, students have faced widespread criticism after posting photos to social media.

Racial Segregation in New York Schools Starts With Pre-K, Report Finds

Published 09/20/2016 10:00 AM

In the first year of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s expansion, prekindergarten classrooms tended to be more racially homogeneous than even the city’s public kindergartens.

The Learning Network: A Brand-New Learning Network

Published 09/20/2016 12:30 PM

Say goodbye to the blog, our home since 2009 — and say hello to Learning Network 3.0.

Editorial: SUNY’s Wise Move on Admissions

Published 09/20/2016 08:21 AM

Doing away with the stigmatizing application question for disciplinary infractions will bring more students into higher education.

WGOITP?: What’s Going On in This Picture? | Sept. 19, 2016

Published 09/23/2016 01:58 AM

On Mondays, we publish a Times photo without a caption, headline or other information about its origins. Join the conversation about what you see and why via a live, moderated discussion from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Eastern.

The Learning Network: Do College Rankings Really Matter?

Published 09/19/2016 10:03 AM

What are the advantages and disadvantages of consulting published lists of top colleges and universities?

The Learning Network: Article of the Day | ‘I, Too, Sing America’

Published 09/19/2016 10:34 PM

What objects and experiences will be part of the new National Museum of African American History and Culture?

The Learning Network: Word of the Day + Quiz | adorn

Published 09/19/2016 07:02 AM

This word has appeared in 106 New York Times articles in the past year.

How to Get Paid to Play Sports in College

Published 09/23/2016 03:00 PM

High schoolers interested in earning sports scholarships should get on college athletic coaches’ radar early.

Pros, Cons for MBA Applicants of the Single-Essay Trend

Published 09/23/2016 02:30 PM

Business school applicants have just one shot to sell themselves to the admissions committee – but these essays may be more creative.

U.S. Naval Academy Trains Students for Success

Published 09/23/2016 01:30 PM

Students at the Naval Academy are expected to participate in summer training each year.

U.S. Coast Guard Academy Makes Students Into Guardians

Published 09/23/2016 01:30 PM

Most majors at the service academy relate to science and math.

U.S. Merchant Marine Academy Offers Students a Route to Sea

Published 09/23/2016 01:30 PM

Students at the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy spend more than 300 days at sea.

Careers Take Flight at the Air Force Academy

Published 09/23/2016 01:30 PM

Students at the U.S. Air Force Academy spend life at 7,000 feet, learning everything from English to aeronautics.

Military Skills Part of College Experience at U.S. Military Academy

Published 09/23/2016 01:30 PM

West Point looks for students who are well-rounded and proven leaders.

Service Academies Offer a Different Way to Earn a College Education

Published 09/23/2016 01:30 PM

These five institutions offer an education on par with elite colleges in exchange for military service.

Where SEC Schools Rank Among the 2017 U.S. News Best Colleges

Published 09/23/2016 01:00 PM

Just five of the SEC's 14 schools rank within the top 100.

Explore College Admissions Trends at Top National Universities in 4 Graphs

Published 09/22/2016 03:30 PM

The number of applications to top-ranked schools has risen in the last decade, U.S. News data show.

How Competitive Is College Admissions?

Published 09/22/2016 03:30 PM

Almost 80 percent of ranked schools accept at least half of their applicants, U.S. News data show.

Tips to Avoid 7 Common Scholarship Application Pitfalls

Published 09/22/2016 03:00 PM

Students should develop a strategy for tackling scholarship applications to avoid burning out.

5 Ways Nursing Graduate School Can Pay Off

Published 09/22/2016 02:30 PM

Salaries and jobs for nurses with advanced degrees are rapidly increasing, data show.

10 Universities With the Most Undergraduate Students

Published 09/22/2016 02:00 PM

The University of Central Florida was the only ranked school with more than 50,000 undergrads in fall 2015.

Colleges Innovate to Help Students Succeed

Published 09/22/2016 01:30 PM

Some colleges are turning to data to make advising more helpful.

Student Loan Questions: Information for ITT Tech Students

Published 09/21/2016 03:00 PM

Readers ask how to handle their student loans following ITT Technical Institute closing all of its locations.

6 Signs of a Compassionate Medical School

Published 09/21/2016 02:30 PM

Applicants should look for a medical school that is supportive of students and serious about compassion.

Consider a College With a Focus on Minority Students

Published 09/21/2016 02:25 PM

Tribal colleges, historically black colleges and universities, and Asian-American and Native American Pacific Islander-serving institutions can be a good value.

10 Universities That Offer International Students the Most Aid

Published 09/20/2016 02:00 PM

Among the schools that gave the most financial aid to international students, the average award was $57,054, U.S. News data show.

A Spring College Admissions Offer May Be Worth Accepting

Published 09/20/2016 01:30 PM

More colleges and universities are offering second-semester admission to applicants.

Global Universities Use Digital Tools to Recruit International Students

Published 09/20/2016 12:00 PM

Universities worldwide are offering students virtual tours, online chats and webinars as ways to connect with their institutions.

10-Week Timeline for Submitting Law School Applications

Published 09/19/2016 03:00 PM

Take advantage of rolling admissions and submit your law school application before December LSAT test-takers.

Find an MBA Program That Teaches Real-World Skills

Published 09/19/2016 02:30 PM

Prospective students should look for MBA programs that are relevant to their career path.

Choose a Safety School Wisely

Published 09/19/2016 02:00 PM

A safety school should still meet most of your college requirements.

Colleges That Claim to Meet Full Financial Need

Published 09/19/2016 01:30 PM

Of the 1,100 institutions that submitted financial aid data to U.S. News, 66 reported covering full need.

2017 Best Colleges in Photos: Editor's Picks

Published 09/19/2016 12:30 PM

High Schoolers Have a New College Application Tool

Published 09/16/2016 01:30 PM

A group of more than 90 higher education institutions have launched a new platform for applying to college.

Where Big Ten Schools Rank Among the 2017 U.S. News Best Colleges

Published 09/16/2016 01:00 PM

Northwestern University is the highest ranked Big Ten school in 2017.

4 Ways to Use Alumni Networks When Choosing a College

Published 09/16/2016 12:30 PM

Experts say alumni can provide valuable perspectives on how their undergrad education shaped their careers.

10 Shattered Myths About Financial Aid

Published 09/16/2016 12:00 PM

Learn the truth behind some common myths that keep some families from applying for financial aid.

Check Out What to Expect During a Scholarship Interview

Published 09/15/2016 03:00 PM

Scholarship finalists should expect to meet with one or multiple individuals during their interview.

Save Money by Spending Less Time in College

Published 09/15/2016 02:30 PM

Accelerated degree programs cut the sticker price of college – but graduating early may not be right for everyone.

10 Universities With the Cheapest Out-of-State Tuition

Published 09/15/2016 02:00 PM

Out-of-state students at these schools pay an average tuition of $7,909 for the 2016-2017 school year, U.S. News data show.

Research Debt Statistics Before Choosing a College

Published 09/14/2016 03:00 PM

The Department of Education's College Scorecard tool helps students compare colleges and debt.

Students Share Strategies for Making College Affordable

Published 09/14/2016 02:00 PM

From living at home and working to securing scholarships, three students share how they are paying for college.

Map: Where to Find the 2017 U.S. News Best Colleges

Published 09/14/2016 01:00 PM

Explore the locations of the 50 top-ranked National Universities and National Liberal Arts Colleges.

The Face of Colleges and Universities Today

Published 09/13/2016 07:54 PM

Older students, women and minorities are increasingly attending college, U.S. News data show.

Use a Medical School Diversity Statement to Shine

Published 09/13/2016 03:30 PM

A diversity statement is an opportunity for prospective medical students to showcase their best qualities.

5 College Resources to Slash Textbook Costs

Published 09/13/2016 03:00 PM

Some colleges and universities are finding ways to help their students cover the cost of textbooks.

6 Ways Parents Can Help Students With the College Application Process

Published 09/13/2016 03:00 PM

Parents should provide guidance and support but also let their teens lead the way.

5 Questions Seniors Should Ask High School Counselors

Published 09/13/2016 02:30 PM

Guidance counselors can help high schoolers know which college-level skills to develop during senior year.

Colleges Take Steps to Prepare Students for Careers

Published 09/13/2016 02:30 PM

While researching colleges, students should consider how well each will prepare them for the workplace.

10 Most, Least Expensive Private Colleges

Published 09/13/2016 02:00 PM

Tuition and fees at the least expensive private schools cost, on average, less than $11,000 in 2016-2017, U.S. News data show.

College Admissions Deans, Counselors Talk How to Get In

Published 09/13/2016 01:30 PM

The college experts agree: Be authentic.

Make the Most of LSAT Practice Tests

Published 09/12/2016 03:00 PM

More than 60 real LSAT tests are available for prospective law school students to use for practice.

4 Things to Know About Online, For-Profit Education

Published 09/12/2016 02:00 PM

Getting admitted to a for-profit is easier than at many traditional universities, experts say.

4 Bad Reasons to Skip Applying for Business School

Published 09/09/2016 02:00 PM

Many b-schools are looking beyond applicants' years of work experience, opening the pool to younger candidates.

10 Colleges That Have Produced Most Active NFL Players

Published 09/08/2016 01:00 PM

The 'U' leads the way with 52 alumni on NFL rosters.

Students May See Changes to Loan Counseling

Published 09/07/2016 03:00 PM

A new Department of Education initiative aims to test the value of additional counseling for borrowers.

Cultivate Communication Skills for Med School Admissions Success

Published 09/06/2016 02:30 PM

Prospective med school students should hone their listening, writing and nonverbal communication skills before applying.

10 Medical Schools With the Most Applicants

Published 09/06/2016 02:00 PM

These schools received an average of 12,194 applications for the fall 2015 entering class.

Make the Most of Law School Recruiting Events

Published 09/05/2016 03:00 PM

Prioritize speaking with representatives from your top-choice programs.

3 Reasons to Skip Applying to College Early

Published 09/05/2016 02:00 PM

High schoolers who want to compare college financial aid packages should wait for the general admission deadline.

Explore the Best Global Universities for Computer Science

Published 09/05/2016 01:00 PM

From Beijing to Berkeley, these schools excel in computer science research.

Earn Scholarships for Living in Rural America

Published 09/01/2016 03:00 PM

Students from sparsely populated areas can earn money for undergraduate and graduate degrees.

6 Types of Applicants Who Would Benefit from a Postbaccalaureate Program

Published 09/01/2016 02:30 PM

Medical school applicants who struggled on the MCAT or took premed courses more than a few years ago may want to consider a postbac program.

Ask 10 Questions to Assess Faculty in Online Degree Programs

Published 09/01/2016 02:00 PM

Prospective students should consider whether an instructor was trained to teach online, experts say.

Putting Minority Student Loan Borrowers in the Black

Published 08/31/2016 03:02 PM

Resources are available to help low-income and minority students assess and repay student loan debt.

Some Colleges Choose to Slash, Freeze Tuition

Published 08/31/2016 01:30 PM

A handful of states and private schools are curbing tuition hikes, and some are even lowering prices.

Foundation Programs Prepare International Students for Undergraduate Studies

Published 08/31/2016 12:00 PM

International students who don’t meet admissions requirements can take these preparatory courses to improve their skills.

10 Online Bachelor's Programs With the Highest 6-Year Graduation Rates

Published 08/30/2016 02:00 PM

More than 76 percent of students completed each of these online bachelor's programs within six years, U.S. News data show.

Tips on Approaching the Hardest LSAT Questions

Published 08/29/2016 03:00 PM

Each LSAT question is worth one point, so test-takers should focus their energy on questions they can answer quickly.

6 Must-Know Facts For Student Co-Signers

Published 08/29/2016 02:00 PM

Most undergraduates need a co-signer to qualify for a private student loan, experts say.

Assess PreACT Performance to Build a Strong ACT Prep Plan

Published 08/29/2016 02:00 PM

High schoolers can use their PreACT scores to help them choose junior and senior year classes.

3 Reasons Future Entrepreneurs Need an MBA, and 1 Exception

Published 08/26/2016 02:30 PM

B-school can equip budding entrepreneurs with the necessary skills for running and growing a business.

10 Colleges That Have Produced the Most Millionaires

Published 08/26/2016 01:00 PM

Half of the schools are Ivy League institutions.

A Week in the Life of an Online Nursing Grad Student

Published 08/25/2016 02:00 PM

Working students should consider how clinical requirements might affect their schedule, experts say.

3 Ways a Coach Can Benefit Online Students

Published 08/24/2016 03:30 PM

Some online programs offer mentors to guide students on everything from transitioning into college life to setting goals.

A Cautionary Tale of Student Debt Regret

Published 08/24/2016 03:00 PM

Before taking out private loans, students should explore all their option for paying for college while minimizing debt.

Public Health Issues Key for Medical Schools, Applicants

Published 08/24/2016 02:30 PM

Schools are adapting to include more public health information – and applicants should start boning up on issues.

Weigh the Pros, Cons of Attending a Women’s College in the 21st Century

Published 08/24/2016 01:30 PM

While women are supported in all kinds of areas of study, the social scene can be lacking, say current and former students.

10 Low-Cost Online Graduate Education Programs for Out-of-State Students

Published 08/23/2016 02:30 PM

More than half of these schools are based in Texas, U.S. News data show.

Coming Soon: 2017 Best Colleges Rankings

Published 08/23/2016 02:00 PM

On Sept. 13, U.S. News will release new rankings of the top schools throughout the nation.

Infographic: 4 Questions About Undergraduate Majors for Medical School

Published 08/23/2016 01:00 PM

Only half of new medical school students in 2015-2016 majored in biological sciences as an undergrad.

International Double, Joint Degree Programs On the Rise

Published 08/23/2016 12:00 PM

Earning a degree – or two – from international universities could make students more marketable.

How to Prepare for First-Year Law School Classes

Published 08/22/2016 03:38 PM

Law students starting their 1L year need to be mentally present during class.

Ace the MBA Admissions Interview

Published 08/22/2016 02:30 PM

Prospective business school students should learn about a school's culture before interviewing.

Know 3 Things About SAT Subject Tests Before You Study

Published 08/22/2016 02:00 PM

Students should understand the exam format and consider strategies for maximizing their time.

Explore Online Education Trends in 4 Bar Graphs

Published 08/22/2016 01:30 PM

See the most popular graduate disciplines and types of programs among online students.

Meet Jeremy Shuler, 12-Year-Old Cornell Freshman

Published 08/19/2016 01:00 PM

Jeremy Shuler plans to major in physics and minor in mathematics.

4 Ways Social Media Can Help You Choose an Online Degree Program

Published 08/18/2016 03:00 PM

Applicants anywhere in the world can find admissions officers and current students on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Earn Money for College Through Poetry Contests, Scholarships

Published 08/18/2016 02:00 PM

Students skilled in verse can use their literary talents to pay for college.

How I Repay My Student Loans: Real Borrowers Share Stories

Published 08/17/2016 03:00 PM

Four graduates share how they budget and prioritize to repay their student loans.

5 Tips to Avoid an Extra Year of College

Published 08/17/2016 02:00 PM

Staying enrolled for an extra year increases the cost of college substantially, experts say.

Learn the Rules for Working While Studying in Europe

Published 08/17/2016 12:00 PM

International students bound for Germany, the U.K. and elsewhere may face limited working hours.

3 Tips for Students Considering New Medical Schools

Published 08/16/2016 02:30 PM

Applications to new medical schools aren't necessarily going to be any easier than those for older programs.

10 Graduate Nursing Programs With the Highest Acceptance Rates

Published 08/16/2016 02:00 PM

More than 97 percent of applicants were accepted at each of these nursing master's programs.

How Employers View Online, For-Profit Bachelor's Degrees

Published 08/15/2016 03:30 PM

While a stigma remains, some employers might be becoming more receptive to these degrees, some recruiters say.

3 Pieces of Real-World Knowledge the LSAT Tests

Published 08/15/2016 03:00 PM

Test-takers should understand the dictionary definition of words to answer LSAT questions correctly.

Leverage Summer Internships for Law School Applications

Published 08/15/2016 02:30 PM

Threading an internship experience into a personal statement can boost some applications.

3 Ways to Enhance a Virtual College Tour

Published 08/15/2016 02:00 PM

In addition to watching a school's virtual tour, prospective students should talk with college alumni.

10 Things You Can Buy With Student Discounts

Published 08/15/2016 01:30 PM

College students can save on everything from clothing to computers with college discounts.

5 Ways to Prepare for the 1st Year of Business School

Published 08/12/2016 02:30 PM

Attending b-school orientations and meet-and-greets will help new MBA students build a sense of community.

4 Things to Know About Online Coding Boot Camps

Published 08/11/2016 02:00 PM

Online boot camps allow professionals to develop in-demand tech skills usually within at least a few months, experts say.

4 Incorrect Reasons Students Don't Apply for Financial Aid

Published 08/10/2016 03:00 PM

Many students think they are ineligible for help paying for college, but almost all can qualify for some kind of financial aid.

10 Law Schools With the Most Part-Time Applicants

Published 08/09/2016 02:00 PM

Each of these schools received more than 400 part-time applications in fall 2015.

Weigh Whether to Use Your Home to Pay for College

Published 08/09/2016 01:30 PM

Home equity loans have lower interest rates but lack some of the perks of a Parent Plus loan.

Some Law Schools Now Offer Scholarships to Early Applicants

Published 08/08/2016 03:45 PM

Early decisions are binding, so law school students who need funding typically were discouraged from applying early.

Gain a Competitive Edge as a Freshman Engineering Applicant

Published 08/08/2016 03:30 PM

Planning and research can help students navigate the rigorous admissions requirements for undergraduate engineering programs.

Comparing Public and Private Schools for an Undergrad Business Degree

Published 08/08/2016 02:30 PM

Grads from one type of business school make more than others, according to one report.

U.S. Education Secretary John B. King Jr. Names Six Education Leaders to National Assessment Governing Board

Published 09/23/2016 05:18 PM

WASHINGTON — U.S. Secretary of Education John B. King Jr. announced today that six education leaders from around the country have been appointed to the National Assessment Governing Board (NAGB) to serve four-year terms. The new members include two state legislators, a testing and measurement expert, a local school board member, a non-public school leader and a general public representative.

U.S. Department of Education Releases Guidance on English Learners

Published 09/23/2016 02:43 PM

The U.S. Department of Education today released non-regulatory guidance to help states, districts and schools provide effective services to improve the English language proficiency and academic achievement of English learners (ELs) through Title III of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act ESEA), as amended by the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). The guidance is an effort to ensure that students who are English learners receive the high-quality services they need to be college and career ready.

U.S. Education Secretary John B. King Jr. statement on the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks

Published 09/22/2016 05:55 PM

“Fifteen years ago, our world changed forever when horrific acts of terrorism shook the country. I was a school principal in Boston then, and I vividly remember our staff, students, and families consoling each other and struggling to grasp the unspeakable tragedies. As we take time today to reflect on this moment in history and the lives lost on Sept. 11, 2001, we also honor the first responders and everyday heroes of that day and pay tribute to the families who still live with the loss of loved ones.

The Presidential Election: A Lesson in Civics

Published 09/22/2016 05:00 PM

As a social studies teacher, I’m always excited to teach students about their legal rights, our political system and how they can become engaged citizens. However, that excitement kicks up a notch during a presidential election year because I’m reminded of the importance of teaching students how to become engaged citizens. As a social studies teacher, it’s up to me to set the foundation for my students so they will be able to engage productively.

U.S. Department of Education Awards $22 Million to Support Educators of English Learner Students

Published 09/22/2016 04:47 PM

The U.S. Department of Education’s Office of English Language Acquisition announced today the awarding of $22 million in grants under the National Professional Development Program to support educators of English learner students.

U.S. Education Department Awards 41 States and the District of Columbia $28.4 Million in Grants to Help Students From Low-Income Families Take Advanced Placement Tests

Published 09/20/2016 04:37 PM

The U.S. Department of Education announced today that it has awarded $28.4 million in Advanced Placement (AP) grants to 41 states and Washington, D.C. as part of its efforts to boost college- and career-readiness for historically underserved students. The grants will help defray the costs of taking advanced placement tests for students from low-income families.

Helping ITT Students Find a Way Forward

Published 09/19/2016 08:40 PM

Over the past two weeks, since the closure of ITT Educational Services, Inc. (ITT), we’ve received thousands of emails and calls from its former students trying to find their way forward. Some are looking for a pathway to degree completion by transferring to another institution. Others are applying for federal student loan discharge to wipe away their loans.

U.S. Department of Education Awards Nearly $3 Million to Provide Effective Instruction, Support for Native American, Alaska Native Children who are English Learner Students

Published 09/19/2016 08:00 PM

The U.S. Department of Education’s Office of English Language Acquisition announced today the awarding of $2,996,627 in grants under the Native American and Alaska Native Children in School Program, to enhance capacity and provide effective instruction and support to Native American students who are English learners.

Department of Education Announces New Resources, Continues Efforts to Aid Students Impacted by Recent School Closures

Published 09/19/2016 05:04 PM

On September 19th U.S. Under Secretary of Education Ted Mitchell participated in a press call to discuss ongoing efforts to support students impacted by recent school closures. He was joined by Chief Executive Officer of Beyond 12 Alexandra Bernadotte and Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller. To access the press call recording, please click here.

Opportunity Across America: Expanding College Access, Affordability, and Completion

Published 09/17/2016 03:01 AM

U.S. Secretary of Education John B. King, Jr., delivered a speech on the importance of college completion that also highlighted progress in expanding college access, affordability, and success at Louisiana State University (LSU) on Friday, Sept. 16, 2016. The speech at LSU was part of events included in the Department of Education's "Opportunity Across America" back-to-school bus tour.

Opportunity Across America: Achieving the College Dream

Published 09/16/2016 10:34 PM

U.S. Secretary of Education John B. King Jr., spoke at a college fair at Craigmont High School in Memphis, Tennessee, on Wednesday, Sept. 14, to highlight ways that students and parents can access and pay for college, as part of this year's "Opportunity Across America" back-to-school bus tour. The Secretary shared information about the new, early Oct. 1 availability of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and the College Scorecard—both resources that help students prepare to apply for college.

U.S. Department of Education Releases New Guidance on Using Evidence to Strengthen Education Investments During Back to School Bus Tour

Published 09/16/2016 03:21 PM

The U.S. Department of Education today released new guidance, Using Evidence to Strengthen Education Investments, to support evidence-based decision-making by states, districts, schools, educators and partners. This non-regulatory guidance is intended to help stakeholders make more effective education investments by leveraging rigorous, relevant evidence to improve outcomes for kids under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).

U.S. Department of Education Awards Louisiana Department of Education up to $1.5 Million to Restore the Learning Environment in School Districts Most Affected by Severe Storms and Flooding

Published 09/16/2016 03:14 PM

The U.S. Department of Education's Office of Safe and Healthy Students is making available to the Louisiana Department of Education a Project School Emergency Response to Violence (SERV) grant up to $1.5 million to support education-related services for six months in school districts hardest hit by recent storms and historic flooding. The widespread damage of the storm and flooding over several days devastated schools, homes and communities.

FACT SHEET: A College Degree: Surest Pathway to Expanded Opportunity, Success for American Students

Published 09/16/2016 02:57 PM

Pursuing high-quality postsecondary education is one of the most important investments a student can make, and is the surest path to the middle class in our country. Americans with college degrees are more likely to live healthier lives, be more civically engaged in their communities, have good-paying jobs, and experience greater job security. America's students, families, and economic strength depend on a higher education system that helps everyone succeed.

Statement by U.S. Secretary of Education John B. King Jr. on Hispanic Heritage Month

Published 09/15/2016 10:53 PM

EDITOR'S NOTE: See Spanish version below. Nothing quite captures what it means to be an American more than the belief that hard work and perseverance will lead to a better quality of life. The Hispanic community shares these aspirations with every other community across the country, and our diverse experiences in pursuit of these shared values have long been woven into the fabric of American history. Today, we begin the annual observance of Hispanic Heritage Month and honor the contributions that Hispanics have made and continue to make to the United States.

U.S. Department of Education Awards More Than $5 Million to St. Louis, Baltimore and Chicago School Districts to Promote Student Resilience

Published 09/15/2016 07:24 PM

The U.S. Department of Education has awarded a total of $5,094,793 to St. Louis, Baltimore and Chicago school districts to promote student resilience following significant trauma related to episodes of civil unrest in their communities.

Veteran Teacher Shares Hopes for the New Year

Published 09/15/2016 05:00 PM

Secretary King and senior officials got on the bus and went back to school this week during #OpportunityTour, which visited exemplary PK-12 schools and institutions of higher education and celebrated local ideas and initiatives across several southern states, including Alabama. This week’s edition of Voice from the Classroom brings us perspective from the 2008 Alabama Teacher of the Year, Dr. Pamela Harman.

Obama Administration Investments in Early Learning Have Led to Thousands More Children Enrolled in High-Quality Preschool

Published 09/15/2016 04:52 PM

Hundreds of thousands more children across the country have access to high-quality early learning programs today, compared to the beginning of the Obama Administration.

Opportunity Across America

Published 09/14/2016 10:58 PM

Secretary of Education John B. King, Jr., delivered remarks at the U.S. Department of Education Headquarters in Washington, D.C., before setting off on the seventh annual back-to-school bus tour of the Obama Administration to celebrate progress in communities and states across the country. The tour kicked off in the nation's capital and ended in Louisiana. King and other senior Department officials held events highlighting the Administration's key education initiatives and the progress made to expand opportunity across the nation, as well as the groundwork laid for continued momentum.

Choose a College More Easily with the College Scorecard

Published 09/14/2016 09:00 PM

Even though my father was a guidance counselor, choosing a college was still an overwhelming process. There were few independent reviews of colleges and no real way of knowing if the information I found was accurate. Unearthing lesser known, high quality colleges outside of my region was tough. It was even tougher to figure out if a college’s students found jobs after graduating or even graduated at all. In short, I didn’t know what I didn’t know.

FACT SHEET: Obama Administration Announces Release of New Scorecard Data

Published 09/14/2016 05:35 PM

Higher education decisions—such as whether to pursue a degree, which type, and at which institution— have lasting impacts on students and their futures. Unfortunately, too many students and families struggle to find clear, reliable information on the prospective colleges they are considering, like whether they are likely to graduate with the skills needed to find a well-paying job and repay their loans successfully.

FACT SHEET: White House Announces New Commitments to Fair Chance Higher Education Pledge

Published 09/14/2016 04:30 PM

The Obama Administration today announced that 61 higher education institutions and systems have committed to take the Fair Chance Higher Education Pledge, joining the 25 signatories that took the pledge when it was first announced in June. In total, the 61 higher education signatories, representing 172 individual campuses, currently serve over 1.8 million students.

25 Community Colleges that Advance Opportunities for Low-Income Students

Published 09/14/2016 01:00 AM

These public, two-year (community) colleges enroll over 40% low-income students at the school, and have relatively high outcomes for those students. In total, low-income students at these schools averaged at least $30,000 in earnings 10 years after they first enrolled at the school. In addition, over 70% of all borrowers at these schools were successfully repaying their loans three years after they left school.

26 Four-Year Public and Private Colleges with Low Costs and High Salaries

Published 09/14/2016 01:00 AM

These four-year public and private nonprofit colleges enroll over 40% low-income students at the school, and have good outcomes for those students. All of them boast above-average Pell enrollment, an affordable net price, and good graduation rates for their students (including their low-income students). That’s important, because graduating from college has been shown to lead to higher earnings, lower unemployment, and a lower likelihood of defaulting on their loans.

Find a Community College in Your State with High Salaries

Published 09/14/2016 01:00 AM

These public, two-year (community) colleges have the highest earnings of any community college in the state. Note that earnings might vary significantly depending on the program you study – for instance, some of these schools offer a large number of technical or health programs that tend to be higher-earning majors. Students who transfer to a four-year college and graduate with a bachelor’s degree may also earn more after college. Ask the colleges you are considering attending for more information.

For Students In Tulsa, Pain Frames Conversation About Crutcher

Published 09/24/2016 01:47 PM

Rebecca Lee teaches in Tulsa. Lee has been talking with students about their feelings after Terence Crutcher, whose daughter attends her school, was shot to death. She shared them publicly online.

University Of Chicago Freshmen React To Letter Denouncing Trigger Warnings

Published 09/23/2016 09:42 PM

Classes begin next week at the University of Chicago, which sent out a letter last month to incoming freshmen criticizing safe spaces and trigger warnings. NPR talks to two of these freshmen.

Harvard University Endowment Posts 2 Percent Loss On Investments

Published 09/23/2016 01:19 AM

The nation's largest university endowment is underperforming and faces challenges due to churning leadership and a questionable investment strategy.

Kentucky Governor Can't Cut Universities' Budgets, Court Rules

Published 09/22/2016 07:30 PM

The case is one of three lawsuits the state's Democratic attorney general has filed against Republican Gov. Matt Bevin since Bevin was sworn in last December.

A City Looks To STEM School To Lift Economy, But Will Grads Stay?

Published 09/22/2016 09:48 AM

What can a city in decline do to make a comeback? In Springfield, Ohio, a new school is trying to turn the tide. But local leaders say keeping young people from moving away is key to economic revival.

The Big Move To Improve Head Start

Published 09/21/2016 12:00 PM

New rules, new reviews, and new funding for young, low-income children.

Here's How Schools Can Support Students' Mental Health

Published 09/20/2016 11:07 AM

Dealing with students' mental health looks different at every school. But experts say doing it well requires a strategy that gets everyone involved.

Sixth Grade Is Tough; It Helps To Be 'Top Dog'

Published 09/19/2016 11:00 AM

A new study says sixth-graders do better when they attend K-8 schools, so they're not the youngest.

What's Causing The Increased Enrollment At HBCUs?

Published 09/17/2016 10:12 PM

Historically black colleges and universities are having big increases in student enrollment. Dillard University president Walter Kimbrough thinks it's because of increased racial tensions on campuses.

For U.S. Minority Students In China, The Welcome Comes With Scrutiny

Published 09/17/2016 04:07 PM

U.S. and Chinese educators are trying to create more opportunities for American minority students to study in China, which has grown increasingly aware of the importance of diversity in U.S. culture.

How College Aid Is Like A Bad Coupon

Published 09/17/2016 11:39 AM

Sociologist Sara Goldrick-Rab's new book, Paying The Price, makes a fresh argument for free college.

Episode 573: Why Textbook Prices Keep Climbing

Published 09/16/2016 10:00 PM

Prices of new textbooks have been going up like crazy — faster than food, cars, even healthcare. On today's show: Why textbooks have gotten so expensive.

Schools And Mental Health: When The Parent Has To Take Charge

Published 09/16/2016 11:30 AM

Kids with mental health problems may face a host of issues in school. Many parents say they need to be aggressive to make sure schools are on top of what their kids need.

$1 Million Of Frugal Librarian's Bequest To N.H. School Goes To Football Scoreboard

Published 09/15/2016 10:27 PM

A New Hampshire native, Robert Morin was known for his affection for movies and books. He left $4 million to the University of New Hampshire.

Teen Creates App So Bullied Kids Never Have To Eat Alone

Published 09/15/2016 06:21 PM

Natalie Hampton knows what it's like to have no one to sit with during school lunch. So she created Sit With Us, an app that helps kids find friendly harbors in the crowd.

Move over University of Phoenix, these are the best online colleges

Published 09/24/2016 08:15 PM

An online degree is worth just as much as an on-campus program. Here's a few programs we'd recommend, just in case you want to pursue a degree in criminal justice or aerospace engineering without setting foot outside your door.

AP FACT CHECK: Trump off on how colleges use endowments

Published 09/24/2016 08:46 AM

BOSTON (AP) — Donald Trump says colleges and universities should be using their endowments to make college more affordable but that too many are using "the money to pay their administrators or put donors' names on buildings or just store the money, keep it and invest it." But that's not exactly how endowments work.

Where SEC Schools Rank Among the 2017 U.S. News Best Colleges

Published 09/23/2016 01:00 PM

How SEC Schools Rank Off the Gridiron

LinkedIn undergoes big redesign in bid to become your new favorite social network

Published 09/23/2016 08:42 AM

LinkedIn is overhauling its flagship social network, with the addition of new features such as messaging bots, and trending news, in an effort to boost engagement. The company also debuted a new online learning platform.

Government severs ties with for-profit colleges accreditor

Published 09/23/2016 08:26 AM

Hundreds of for-profit colleges could close, leaving up to 600,000 students scrambling to find other schools, after the Education Department withdrew recognition of the nation's largest accreditor of for-profit ...

California college students vandalize dorms with swastikas

Published 09/23/2016 03:02 AM

SAN JOSE, Calif. (AP) — Two students at a Northern California university scrawled swastikas and other hate speech in residence halls, the campus president said Thursday.

Chicago mayor unveils crime-fighting plans amid wave of violence

Published 09/23/2016 01:49 AM

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel unveiled an expanded student mentorship program on Thursday with the aim of keeping at-risk youth off the streets and away from gangs in a city that is struggling against a wave of violence. The police department is under investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice as a result of numerous high-profile incidents including the killing of a black teenager by a white police officer in 2014. The mentorship program, building on Emanuel's past efforts, will target some 7,200 middle school and high school students from 20 of the city's most violent neighborhoods.

Trump says he would push universities to reduce tuition

Published 09/23/2016 01:48 AM

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said on Thursday he would work with U.S. lawmakers if elected to tie federal funding and tax breaks for colleges and universities to a "good faith" commitment by them to lower tuition costs for students. "If universities want access to all of these federal tax breaks and tax dollars paid for by you," Trump told a rally in a Philadelphia suburb, "they have to make good faith efforts to reduce the cost of college." Trump did not offer specifics on how he would tie federal funding to changes in college tuition.

Amid scrutiny, for-profit colleges see enrollment slide

Published 09/23/2016 12:16 AM

Some of the nation's largest for-profit colleges are suffering steep declines in enrollment amid growing competition, new regulation and government pressure that led to the collapse this month of one of the industry's biggest players, ITT Technical Institute.

The Road to Higher Education With an 'Invisible Disability'

Published 09/22/2016 04:30 PM

Rae Jacobson said she flunked out of two colleges and worked several “crummy” jobs before enrolling at Landmark College in Putney, Vermont, one of two U.S. schools that exclusively serve students with dyslexia and other learning differences (LDs).

S. Africa vows to end violent student protests

Published 09/22/2016 03:18 PM

The South African government vowed Thursday to end violent student protests against higher tuition fees, after days of clashes on campuses and disrupted classes across the country. "The destruction of property and the disruption of the academic programme does not address legitimate concerns of students," Higher Education Minister Blade Nzimande said in statement. Police fought running battles with protesters in Johannesburg on Wednesday, with students blockading roads, hurling rocks and damaging property at Wits University in the city centre.

Oxford ranked world's top university, just as Brexit looms

Published 09/22/2016 01:46 PM

By Peter Hobson LONDON (Reuters) - The University of Oxford, the oldest university in the English-speaking world and feeder for the British elite, has topped a global education ranking for the first time, but its vice-chancellor warned that Brexit could damage its long-term prospects. Oxford knocked the leader for the last five years, California Institute of Technology, into second place in the Times Higher Education's global league table, which also saw Chinese universities climb rapidly. Oxford, which educated four of the last six British prime ministers, ousted its U.S. rival after its research funding rose 10 percent and overall funding rose to 1.4 billion pounds, while the impact of its research increased, said Phil Baty, editor of the rankings.

Colleges Innovate to Help Students Succeed

Published 09/22/2016 01:30 PM

Stepping onto Georgia State University's Atlanta campus as a freshman, Tyler Mulvenna knew the odds of graduating were stacked against him. Mulvenna and two dozen of his peers interested in business spent the first semester taking four courses together plus a class focused on solving problems, tapping campus resources and living in Atlanta.

Oxford Tops List of World’s Best Universities

Published 09/21/2016 10:21 PM

The U.S. has many of the best universities in the world, but according to a new global list, it doesn’t have the best. The University of Oxford, the oldest in the English-speaking world, took the top spot in the latest World University Rankings, released annually by Times Higher Education. The English university dating to 1096 dethroned the California Institute of Technology, a small, private school in Pasadena that had ranked No. 1 for five consecutive years, according to Times Higher Education, a London magazine that tracks higher education.

Chicago Teachers Union begins strike authorization vote

Published 09/21/2016 06:38 PM

CHICAGO (AP) — Teachers in the nation's third-largest school district are casting ballots on whether they support a strike.

Don't Blame the Teachers

Published 09/21/2016 12:30 PM

Why has the topic of teacher quality suddenly reached such a crescendo? Education reform has been on the national agenda since 1983, the year of A Nation at Risk, but only in the last few years has the teacher-quality issue risen to the top. I think it may be reform fatigue, possibly desperation. The teacher is becoming a convenient scapegoat for America’s education reformers, who, after decades of ideas that have not panned out, cling to the belief that the flaw is not in the reform ideas themselves but in their implementation.

Maine High School Hires Rosetta Stone to Teach Students Foreign Languages

Published 09/21/2016 02:34 AM

When a high school in rural Maine could not find a foreign language instructor, school administrators decided to use the funds to purchase a language-learning computer program instead, the principal told ABC News today. "We didn’t want to transfer the kids to another school just for foreign language," Jessica Ward, principal of Madison Area Memorial High School, told ABC News today. Ward said she also contacted local universities and the state's department of education, who informed her that they were experiencing a shortage of foreign language teachers.

Being an Uber driver is the perfect job for college students … says Uber

Published 09/20/2016 09:33 PM

Uber is recruiting college students. According to the rideshare company, working as an Uber driver is "perfect" for college students -- especially in Los Angeles -- because of scheduling flexibility.

Is the US government doing enough for ITT Tech students?

Published 09/20/2016 08:07 PM

The Department of Education announced a partnership Monday to connect through an online platform former students of the now-defunct ITT Technical Institutes with financial aid and academic counselors, as the government faces criticism it has not done enough to help nearly 40,000 students of the for-profit school that abruptly closed two weeks ago. The federal agency has partnered with the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators and Beyond 12, which helps first-generation, low-income college students, to match students with counselors for free through, according to The Washington Post. The counselors will field questions from students by email, phone, and text messages about academic, financial aid and federal loan discharge options available.

Niger spending huge sums on 'ghost' teachers: anti-graft agency

Published 09/20/2016 02:45 PM

Niger, one of the world's poorest countries, is shelling out more than 4.5 million euros every month for "non-existent" teachers, the state anti-corruption agency said Tuesday. The revelation came a day after teachers and students launched a crippling week-long strike in protest over the non-payment of salaries and scholarships. Salissou Oubandona, the number two in the HALCIA graft-fighting agency, said the money was allocated for 2,565 fictitious teachers in five of the west African nation's eight provinces.

Venezuela state declares food emergency at schools

Published 09/19/2016 11:02 PM

The opposition governor of Venezuela's second-largest state, Henrique Capriles, declared an emergency Monday over a lack of food for public schools, blaming the socialist government's "misguided" policies. "We are declaring a food emergency in our state," said Capriles, the governor of Miranda state, who is leading a campaign to remove President Nicolas Maduro from office in a recall referendum. Capriles and his center-right opposition coalition, the Democratic Unity Roundtable (MUD), blame the leftist president for an economic crisis that is causing severe shortages of food and medicine in Venezuela.

Turkey dismisses almost 28,000 teachers over terrorism links: deputy PM

Published 09/19/2016 06:05 PM

Turkish authorities have dismissed nearly 28,000 teachers and suspended almost 9,500 others over alleged links to terrorism, a deputy prime minister said on Monday, pursuing a security crackdown followed a failed coup in July. Turkey has sacked or suspended some 100,000 civil servants including judges, prosecutors, police officers and teachers since a group of rogue soldiers tried to topple the government. At least 40,000 people have been detained for suspected links to U.S.-based cleric Fethullah Gulen, whom Ankara blames for the plot.

Paying Off Twice Your Student Loan

Published 09/19/2016 05:35 PM

Earlier this summer, a Canadian reader, Kristen, voiced the “Unpopular Opinion” that she’s “tired of hearing about people’s student loan debt,” given her dogged efforts to pay for her own college tuition without loans and thus forgo “the ‘university life’ that I saw on TV: brick buildings, living on campus, and fun parties every weekend.” But a reader who grew up in poverty, Mary, responded to Kristen that “without those loans that I ‘chose’ to take out [while working as a single mother of three], I would likely still be working for minimum wage and living in poverty.”

Colleges That Claim to Meet Full Financial Need

Published 09/19/2016 01:30 PM

For most parents, paying for college isn't easy; but some schools offer enough institutional dollars to students to offset expensive sticker prices.

South Africa to cap student fee hikes at 8 percent after protests

Published 09/19/2016 11:52 AM

South Africa has recommended that 2017 university tuition fee increases be capped at 8 percent, the higher education minister said on Monday, after waves of student protests demanding cuts or free education. The cap is higher than South Africa's current inflation rate of 6 percent and unlikely to quell the protests. Thirty-two students were arrested earlier this month after arsonists torched a law library at South Africa's University of KwaZulu-Natal following days of protests by students over grievances including the cost of tuition.

Why Are College Students Getting Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease?

Published 09/16/2016 04:23 PM

More than a dozen students at Florida State University (FSU) are sick with hand, foot and mouth disease, an illness that's usually seen in young children. The viral illness can cause fever, painful mouth sores, and a skin rash on the hands and feet, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). But it's not surprising to see cases of the disease on a college campus, as it can sometimes affect adults, said Dr. Amesh Adalja, an infectious-disease specialist and a senior associate at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center's Center for Health Security.

Where Big Ten Schools Rank Among the 2017 U.S. News Best Colleges

Published 09/16/2016 01:00 PM

Big Ten Scores High Rankings

Bay Area educators score $10 million prize in national contest co-launched by Steve Jobs' widow

Published 09/15/2016 10:51 PM

A project that was co-launched by the widow of Steve Jobs just awarded educators in the Bay Area $10 million to build a new facility; one that will re-think public education.

US teacher shortage: how to keep teachers from quitting

Published 09/15/2016 10:17 PM

With rising class sizes and high rates of teacher turnover, students may be finding it harder now to build such relationships. Researchers at the Learning Policy Institute (LPI), a Palo Alto, Calif.-based think tank, concluded that most policymakers are tackling the wrong end of the problem: Don't just encourage people to join the profession, they say, find ways to keep them teaching once they get there. Halving the rate of attrition – which would prevent 130,000 teaching jobs from opening up each year – could almost eliminate teacher shortages.

College operator ITT Educational Services plans bankruptcy: sources

Published 09/15/2016 04:06 PM

ITT's move comes after it said last week it would shut its 137 technical college campuses in 39 states, where roughly 35,000 students are enrolled and 8,000 employees work, as a result of the U.S. Department of Education decision. ITT has hired restructuring consultants Alvarez & Marsal LLC and bankruptcy law firm Faegre Baker Daniels LLP to prepare for the filing, the sources said this week. ITT Educational Services and spokespeople at Alvarez & Marsal and Faegre Baker Daniels did not immediately return a request for comment.

5 Money Lessons Teens Should Learn Before They Go to College

Published 09/15/2016 03:30 PM

Only 20 states require high school students to take economics and even fewer -- 17 states -- require a personal finance class, according to the Council for Economic Education. "I think it comes down to three important elements, and the basic understanding of money, debt and compound interest," says Michael Martin, a financial advisor with Marius Wealth Management in New York City. "As parents nowadays, we give our kids way too much without them earning it," says Chad Slagle, president of Slagle Financial in Edwardsville, Illinois, and a father of four.

Save Money by Spending Less Time in College

Published 09/15/2016 02:30 PM

The only thing growing more quickly than the sticker price on a college education may be the debate around the value of a degree -- particularly if a student takes on a big load of debt while majoring in something with no clear path to a decent job. With an eye toward giving families a way to save time and money, colleges and universities nationwide are offering accelerated degree programs that scoot students through in three years, allow them to get both a bachelor's and master's degree in four or five years, and provide a streamlined path through law school or medical school. Faith Finoli is "getting to finish my undergraduate and osteopathic medical degree in seven rather than eight years'' by choosing a three-year bachelor's in biology at Seton Hill University in Pennsylvania coupled with a D.O. degree that takes an additional four years from partner school Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Feds to Schools: Kids Don’t Need More Cops on Campus

Published 09/15/2016 10:43 AM

If unequal application of discipline in schools is a conduit in the school-to-prison pipeline, then police officers in schools are typically the pump. By some estimates, up to half the nation’s public schools have at least a part-time officer patrolling the hallways—and some struggling districts are far more likely to employ a cop than a guidance counselor. Last week, however, the Department of Education sent a letter to districts around the country urging them to dial back the number of armed, uniformed law enforcement officers, often known as school resource officers, in their schools.

Fifth defendant admits role in college students' kidnapping

Published 09/15/2016 05:02 AM

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (AP) — The fifth of nine people charged in the abduction and assault of two New York college students has pleaded guilty in exchange for a 35-year prison sentence.

Connecticut university gets $4M donation from Trump's sister

Published 09/14/2016 07:08 PM

FAIRFIELD, Conn. (AP) — Fairfield University has received a $4 million donation from the sister of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, the university said Wednesday.

Should the government forgive debt students racked up at ITT Tech?

Published 09/14/2016 03:17 PM

Former students at the now-shuttered for-profit college chain ITT Technical Institutes are staging a protest by refusing to repay their student loans to the government, hoping to persuade federal authorities to to cancel the debt of those who allegedly suffered fraud at the hands of the school’s predatory system. Some 100 protesters have initiated a “debt strike” after the federal government banned the institution from enrolling students who would pay with the help of federal financial aid, leading ITT Tech to close its doors for good, The Washington Post reports. The Department of Education suggested that ITT's roughly 40,000 former students consider transferring their credits to another school or seeking loan forgiveness.

US billionaire echoes Rhodes with China scholarship

Published 09/14/2016 06:42 AM

A US billionaire's giant gift to one of China's top universities for a programme echoing Oxford's Rhodes Scholarships comes as the country seeks to boost its schools' prestige while tightening ideological control in classrooms. Tsinghua University in Beijing inaugurated its new Schwarzman College at the weekend, named after the co-founder of the Blackstone hedge fund Stephen Schwarzman, who donated $100 million and raised $350 million more to start the scheme. The programme, a fully funded one-year master's degree intended to foster understanding of China, is in some ways reminiscent of the Rhodes Scholarships at Oxford.

How to Survive on a Graduate Student Stipend

Published 09/13/2016 07:16 PM

When Joe Brusca was living on a graduate student stipend, he cut expenses wherever he could. The master's degree student bought dried beans, lentils and rice in bulk, rehydrating them throughout the week for cheap and healthy meals. Graduate student stipends vary depending on the university, field of study, job duties and other factors.

'No-brainer' to move championship games from North Carolina -NCAA

Published 09/13/2016 04:11 PM

By Colleen Jenkins WINSTON-SALEM, N.C., Sept 13 (Reuters) - The decision to move seven college championship sporting events out of North Carolina due to a state law deemed discriminatory to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people was a "proverbial no-brainer," the president of the governing body for U.S. college athletics said on Tuesday. The National Collegiate Athletic Association's move to relocate the games, including two rounds of the prominent Division I men's basketball tournament set for Greensboro in March, came after the National Basketball Association last month yanked its 2017 All-Star Game from the state in protest of the law. "Fairness and inclusion are right at the heart of what the NCAA does and what universities do," NCAA President Mark Emmert said on "CBS This Morning." "And so for our university presidents, this was the proverbial no-brainer." North Carolina in March became the only state in the country to require transgender people to use bathrooms in government buildings and public schools that correspond with the sex listed on their birth certificate.

Colleges Take Steps to Prepare Students for Careers

Published 09/13/2016 02:30 PM

By the time senior Kristen Lundebjerg earns her degree in mechanical engineering from Boston's Wentworth Institute of Technology, she'll also have a full year of work in the field to show prospective employers. This fall, she is serving as a test director in the Energy Test Systems Area at NASA's Johnson Space Center. "Families and students are very focused on career readiness and career outcomes," says Paul Timmins, career services director at the University of Minnesota--Twin Cities' College of Liberal Arts and president-elect of the National Career Development Association, an organization of career counseling professionals.

Welsh university tuition fees pegged at £9,000

Published 09/23/2016 05:42 PM

Welsh university tuition fees will be pegged at £9,000 next year despite colleges in England being given the go-ahead to charge up to £9,250.

Academies encouraged to open selective schools

Published 09/23/2016 01:37 PM

Ministers urge academy chains to set up new selective schools in England and units for high-ability pupils.

Brexit: UK universities consider EU branches

Published 09/23/2016 04:57 PM

UK universities could open campuses in Europe to offset the effect of Brexit, some vice-chancellors have suggested.

Grammar schools expansion 'could dumb them down'

Published 09/23/2016 12:42 AM

Plans to expand the number of grammar school places could dumb down their results, research suggests.

Sri Lanka bans schools from imposing dress codes on parents

Published 09/23/2016 12:32 PM

Schools in Sri Lanka are banned from imposing dress codes on parents. after a poster telling women what to wear sparked an outcry online.

More support call for children with special needs

Published 09/23/2016 09:45 AM

Many children with special needs are not getting a fair chance in schools, the Children's Commissioner for Wales says.

University of Aberdeen staff face compulsory redundancies

Published 09/23/2016 02:30 PM

Compulsory redundancies may happen at the University of Aberdeen's medical school due to a low uptake of a voluntary severance and early retirement scheme.

Oxford head rejects sponsoring schools

Published 09/22/2016 05:24 PM

The head of Oxford University has rejected calls from the government that it should sponsor schools.

Debts 'affect children's mental health'

Published 09/22/2016 01:39 PM

Families should be given breathing space to repay debts otherwise the stress can affect children's mental health, a charity has said.

Extra free childcare 'threatens nursery schools'

Published 09/22/2016 12:38 AM

Hundreds of nursery schools in England could close if the government presses ahead with plans to offer 30 hours a week of free childcare, a union warns.

Derbyshire County Council term holiday fines only 'in worst cases'

Published 09/22/2016 09:50 AM

Fines for taking children on holiday in school term time are being largely abandoned by Derbyshire County Council.

Student mental health 'lacks support'

Published 09/22/2016 12:38 AM

Universities are struggling to cope with rising demand for mental health services for students, says a think-tank report.

Oxford tops world university rankings

Published 09/21/2016 09:02 PM

Oxford University comes top of the Times Higher Education world university rankings - a first for a UK university.

Scotland's social care services 'unsustainable'

Published 09/22/2016 08:41 AM

A financial watchdog says an extra £667m will be needed by 2020 to maintain social care services at their current level.

School tests 'kill joy of reading', says War Horse author

Published 09/21/2016 05:44 PM

Too much testing risks killing the joy of reading for children, War Horse author Michael Morpurgo will argue in a lecture later

'I got groped on the way to class'

Published 09/13/2016 11:49 AM

MPs say the government has no coherent plan for tackling sexual harassment and sexual violence in England's schools.

Julie Walters: Grammar schools 'divisive and dreadful'

Published 09/13/2016 12:08 PM

Actress Julie Walters, who went to a grammar school, says expanding them is a 'terrible thing to do'.

A Victorian guide to Cambridge student life

Published 09/08/2016 03:50 PM

Male undergraduates were encouraged to smoke but told they would regret using tea cosies in a Victorian guide to student life.

Raspberry Pi passes 10m sales mark

Published 09/08/2016 10:22 AM

The Raspberry Pi passes the 10 million sales mark - continuing its success as the most popular British computer ever made.

How do you train to be a big city mayor?

Published 09/07/2016 12:48 AM

Harvard is going to offer lessons to mayors in how to run a city.

Class action

Published 09/23/2016 12:44 AM

Turkey is pursuing a world-wide campaign to shut down schools linked to exiled Turkish cleric Fetullah Gulen, but what are these schools and how are they linked to him?

Confidence crisis

Published 09/22/2016 03:42 PM

A survey of 4,000 18- to 30-year-olds in Britain suggests many feel their lives are "on hold". The BBC spoke to four young women to find out why they feel they're being held back in life.

School quiz

Published 09/14/2016 03:39 AM

State, grammar or private - where did these people go to school?

Defying 'banter'

Published 09/13/2016 06:46 PM

A sex education expert says sexual bullying has become an accepted culture for teenagers within schools.


Published 09/11/2016 03:30 AM

The story of England's little known third ancient university and how it was killed off by a king.

Choosing selection?

Published 09/10/2016 01:12 AM

Heads and parents gave mixed reactions to Mrs May's speech announcing plans for more selective education in England.

Alternative first days

Published 09/12/2016 10:33 AM

As social media fills up with photographs of shiny-faced children heading off for the first day of school, the hashtag #notbacktoschool has been gaining traction. Home education parents have posted their first day pictures too.


Published 09/09/2016 12:48 PM

Newsbeat takes a look at example questions you might face in a grammar school entrance exam.

Grammar test

Published 09/09/2016 10:34 AM

As the prime minister sets out plans for a new wave of grammar and selective schools, we examine how they might look and how the system has changed.

Starting university

Published 09/08/2016 09:00 AM

Things new students need to know - and what to avoid - as they start university.

Rating Oxbridge

Published 09/02/2016 04:23 PM

Oxford and Cambridge, academically elite, oversubscribed but criticised as socially exclusive - do these degrees really live up to their reputation?

Parent code

Published 08/25/2016 07:29 PM

GCSE results are being published, and parents will have to react to the news. What will they really mean?

GCSEs 2016

Published 08/25/2016 12:33 AM

A guide to this year's GCSEs.

GCSE quiz

Published 08/25/2016 02:19 AM

It's the last year of the current system, which was introduced in 1988. But how would you fare against today's teenagers in the current exams?

Girls on top

Published 08/18/2016 10:40 AM

With girls' dominance on the university campus set to continue, we ask why more women than men go to university.

Free lunch?

Published 08/18/2016 01:34 PM

As thousands of students prepare to head off to university for the first time, here are 10 alternative ways they can help fund their education.

Birds and bees

Published 08/17/2016 05:07 AM

Sex and relationship education (SRE) in schools is often criticised - so we've asked a teacher to watch old videos and explain how it's changed over the last 50 years.

Degree or drop out?

Published 08/01/2016 01:52 AM

Students in university are more likely to start their own business while still in school - but what happens when these dorm-room firms have to grow up?

The new Sats

Published 07/05/2016 11:38 AM

As results of national primary school tests in England are published, we ask what is new and different about this year's Sats.

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