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Federal Funds Will Go to Online Tutoring Despite Pandemic Failures

Published 01/21/2022 10:06 PM

Federal stimulus dollars are dedicated to helping students recover from virtual schooling. Many districts are spending some of that money on virtual tutoring.

University of Michigan Fires Its President Over Inappropriate Relationship

Published 01/18/2022 02:53 PM

Mark Schlissel’s contract was terminated immediately for interactions with a subordinate, the Board of Regents said.

Some Colleges Loosen Rules for a Virus That Won’t Go Away

Published 01/16/2022 08:00 AM

There is talk about moving from ‘containment to management,’ with fewer restrictions as spring semester progresses.

Teachers’ Unions Push for Remote Schooling, Worrying Democrats

Published 01/08/2022 03:52 PM

Chicago teachers have voted to go remote. Other unions are agitating for change. For Democrats, who promised to keep schools open, the tensions are a distinctly unwelcome development.

Why Coronavirus Testing Is Falling Short in Many Schools Across the U.S.

Published 01/12/2022 04:50 AM

As millions of American students head back to their desks, the virus testing that was supposed to help keep classrooms open safely is itself being tested.

In Lawsuit, Yale and Other Elite Colleges Are Accused of Limiting Financial Aid

Published 01/14/2022 09:17 PM

The federal lawsuit against Yale, M.I.T. and other colleges is the latest legal action to question admissions practices.

Teachers’ Unions Push for Remote Schooling, Worrying Democrats

Published 01/08/2022 03:52 PM

Chicago teachers have voted to go remote. Other unions are agitating for change. For Democrats, who promised to keep schools open, the tensions are a distinctly unwelcome development.

In Texas, Panic Over Critical Race Theory Extends to Bookshelves

Published 12/15/2021 03:11 AM

A new state law constricts teachers when it comes to race and history. And a politician is questioning why 850 titles are on library shelves. The result: “A lot of our teachers are petrified.”

Minneapolis' School Plan Asks White Families to Help Integrate

Published 11/27/2021 10:42 PM

In a citywide overhaul, a beloved Black high school was rezoned to include white students from a richer neighborhood. It has been hard for everyone.

Schools Are Closing Classrooms on Fridays. Parents Are Furious.

Published 12/09/2021 09:03 PM

Desperate to keep teachers, some districts have turned to remote teaching for one day a week — and sometimes more. Families have been left to find child care.

In the Michigan Shooting, What Is the School’s Responsibility?

Published 12/04/2021 03:08 PM

Oxford High School let Ethan Crumbley back into a classroom despite concerns about his behavior. Now, legal experts are asking why — and whether officials should be held accountable.

How Loudoun Schools Got Caught in Virginia’s Political Maelstrom

Published 11/14/2021 08:00 AM

Loudoun County tried to address racism and promote diversity within its schools. Then it found itself on Fox News.

Substitute Teachers Never Got Much Respect, but Now They Are in Demand

Published 11/15/2021 07:34 PM

Because of staff shortages, some school districts are canceling classes. Others are lowering their hiring standards. The result can be a chaotic classroom.

Edgar S. Cahn, Legal Reformer in Defense of the Poor, Dies at 86

Published 01/27/2022 11:06 PM

He and his wife came up with the idea for federally funded legal services, then went on to found the first public-interest law school.

'Maus' Holocaust Novel Removed From Classrooms by School Board

Published 01/27/2022 11:01 PM

The board voted unanimously to remove the Pulitzer Prize-winning graphic novel from classrooms because it contained swear words, according to minutes from the meeting.

Central Michigan University to Pay Tuition After Scholarship Error

Published 01/27/2022 10:32 AM

Central Michigan University said the error was made by school staff members who were testing new messaging technology.

John Arrillaga Sr., Who Helped Build Silicon Valley, Dies at 84

Published 01/26/2022 10:24 PM

Starting in the 1960s, he developed the area’s farmland into office parks that housed fast-growing technology companies.

The Fight for Substitute Teachers

Published 01/26/2022 08:09 PM

Schools deploy creative measures to staff classrooms.

How It Feels to Be an Asian Student in an Elite Public School

Published 01/26/2022 12:23 AM

Stuyvesant, Brooklyn Tech and other schools across the country are under pressure to end entrance exams. Students have complicated feelings about that.

The SAT Will Go Completely Digital by 2024

Published 01/25/2022 01:00 PM

The SAT will go completely digital by 2024 amid questions about whether college admissions tests are fair, or even necessary.

Support for Parents Attending College: What to Know

Published 01/24/2022 03:09 PM

Child care costs, time constraints and financial insecurity can hinder a parent's ability to finish college.

2022 U.S. News Best Online Programs Rankings

Published 01/12/2022 07:12 PM

UPDATE: The following 2022 rankings have been updated since the original embargoed information was shared:OverallBachelor’...

U.S. News Best Online Programs Embargo Site

Published 01/11/2022 07:42 PM

Thank you for visiting the Best Online Programs embargo site. This site is temporarily unavailable. We will notify you when access is restored.

Hybrid Classes in College: What to Know

Published 12/13/2021 05:44 PM

As higher education adapts to fit students' needs during COVID-19, more schools offer hybrid learning options.

What You Need to Know About Google Career Certificates

Published 05/03/2021 10:12 PM

Google Career Certificates could help you prepare for a tech sector job.

Agile Scrum: What Scrum Is and How it Works

Published 04/20/2021 10:19 PM

Teams and organizations can thrive with an Agile Scrum approach.

What You Need to Know About Agile Methodologies

Published 03/22/2021 02:56 PM

Agile methods can transform the way you work.

Everything You Need to Know About Tableau Certification

Published 03/11/2021 07:46 PM

Certifications can demonstrate your knowledge of Tableau software and might help you land a job or a raise.

Everything You Need to Know About Cisco Certifications and Learning Paths

Published 02/26/2021 09:10 PM

A Cisco certification can help you become more skilled and marketable in your technical career.

How to Start Learning React: A U.S. News Guide

Published 02/23/2021 07:22 PM

If you’re considering learning React and JavaScript, this guide can help you get started.

Everything You Need to Know About Six Sigma Certifications: A U.S. News Guide

Published 02/12/2021 10:34 PM

Earning a Six Sigma certification can boost your problem-solving skills.

Free and Paid Online Resources to Start Learning HTML and CSS

Published 02/09/2021 02:54 PM

Learn HTML and CSS online for free, and use them to create webpages or move up in your career.

Everything You Need to Know About AWS Certifications: A U.S. News Guide

Published 12/29/2020 08:18 PM

An AWS certification could help you advance, depending on your job.

What You Need to Know About CRM Software Training and Certification: A U.S. News Guide

Published 12/29/2020 06:03 PM

CRM training and certification are increasingly in demand. Here’s why and how to become certified.

What You Need to Know About the Google IT Support Professional Certificate

Published 12/29/2020 05:35 PM

Learn how the Google IT Support certificate can launch your IT career.

PMP Certifications: What You Need to Know to Succeed – A U.S. News Guide

Published 12/23/2020 06:55 PM

The exam is tough, even for experienced project managers.

IBM Data Science Professional Certificate: A U.S. News Guide

Published 12/21/2020 09:50 PM

An IBM Data Science Professional Certificate can put you on the path to working in data science.

How to Learn French: A U.S. News Guide

Published 12/21/2020 07:55 PM

Learn French to improve your communication skills and cultural knowledge.

How to Start Learning Java: A U.S. News Guide

Published 12/18/2020 07:56 PM

Learning Java can help aspiring developers understand the foundations of programming because of the language’s wide usage and functionality.

How to Learn Russian : A U.S. News Guide

Published 12/16/2020 08:42 PM

Russian ranks as a difficult language to learn for English speakers, but immersing yourself can be a big help.

What to Know About Pluralsight

Published 12/15/2020 08:35 PM

Pluralsight users can improve their tech skills and workflow through video courses, assessments and analytics.

Cybersecurity Certifications – What You Need to Know: A U.S. News Guide

Published 12/15/2020 05:28 PM

Take a look at popular cybersecurity certifications and their requirements.

Scrum Master Certification: Everything You Need to Know

Published 12/11/2020 10:07 PM

Get a Scrum master certification to broaden your professional opportunities.

A Beginner’s Guide to Social Media Marketing: A U.S. News Guide

Published 12/09/2020 09:25 PM

Learn social media marketing to build your online presence.

How I Learned R: A U.S. News Guide

Published 12/09/2020 03:38 PM

Learn R by solving problems.

How to Learn to Code: A U.S. News Guide

Published 12/09/2020 02:26 PM

Learn to code online using courses, practice lessons, community guidance and a lot of tinkering.

Learn Japanese: A U.S. News Guide

Published 12/07/2020 06:09 PM

Start learning Japanese today with these tips.

How I Learned C#: A U.S. News Guide

Published 12/04/2020 02:35 PM

You can build almost anything after you learn C#. But first, pick a manageable task and tackle it head-on.

How to Learn Python: A U.S. News Guide

Published 11/23/2020 07:04 PM

If you want to learn Python, a number of free or low-cost resources can help you get started.

Learn German: A U.S. News Guide

Published 11/23/2020 02:58 PM

Here’s a beginner’s guide on how to learn German.

What Data Analysis Is and the Skills Needed to Succeed

Published 11/23/2020 01:51 PM

Use the tools and techniques of data analysis to make sense of mountains of information.

What to Know About Udacity

Published 11/20/2020 05:41 PM

Udacity’s courses and nanodegree programs focus on technology and innovation.

What Data Visualization Is and How to Get Started In This Field

Published 11/17/2020 04:29 PM

You don’t need a data science or business analysis degree to learn data visualization.

How to Get a Microsoft Office Certification: A U.S. News Guide

Published 11/13/2020 09:25 PM

A Microsoft Office Certification tells employers that you’re skilled at using Microsoft applications.

Learn Statistics to Unlock Data and Analytics Career Opportunities

Published 11/13/2020 05:34 PM

There are many ways to learn statistics for data and analytics careers.

What to Know About LinkedIn Learning

Published 11/12/2020 05:12 PM

LinkedIn Learning users can take video-based courses to learn in-demand job skills.

How to Start Learning C++: A U.S. News Guide

Published 11/11/2020 02:45 PM

A wealth of resources can help you learn C++, one of the most popular programming languages.

What Business Analytics Is and How to Get Started in This Field

Published 11/10/2020 04:41 PM

Learning business analytics could help you make better decisions for your business.

Learn Tableau to Jump-Start Your Data and Visualization Projects: A U.S. News Guide

Published 11/06/2020 05:36 PM

Learning Tableau could boost your career prospects.

What to Know About MasterClass

Published 11/05/2020 10:32 PM

MasterClass courses are delivered by renowned artists and masters of their craft.

How to Learn English : A U.S. News Guide

Published 11/05/2020 09:30 PM

You have plenty of options for learning English, regardless of how you hope to use the language.

How to Learn Machine Learning A U.S. News Guide

Published 11/02/2020 06:42 PM

These resources can help you learn machine learning at a beginner, intermediate and advanced level.

Become a Full-Stack Developer: How I Did It

Published 10/30/2020 09:45 PM

Full-stack developers build software and have a firm grip on front-end and back-end services.

Quickstart Guide to Learn QuickBooks

Published 10/30/2020 09:14 PM

Learn QuickBooks to land a job in accounting, start a bookkeeping service or manage your own small business.

Top Business Skills for Success on the Job

Published 10/29/2020 06:55 PM

Improving your business skills will help you succeed in your career.

What to Know About edX

Published 10/29/2020 05:34 PM

EdX offers online degrees and certificate programs.

How to Learn Korean: A U.S. News Guide

Published 10/23/2020 09:13 PM

Here’s a beginner’s guide on how to learn Korean.

What to Know About Udemy

Published 10/23/2020 09:08 PM

Udemy users can take online courses on a variety of subjects or teach courses of their own.

How to Learn SEO: A U.S. News Guide

Published 10/23/2020 04:33 PM

Learn how to use search engines like Google to optimize your content.

How to Become an Interior Designer: A U.S. News Guide

Published 10/16/2020 09:36 PM

Learning how to become an interior designer can enable you to use your creativity in your career.

How to Learn Finance as a Beginner: A U.S. News Guide

Published 10/16/2020 07:07 PM

Find out how to learn finance to launch your career in this field.

How to Learn Chinese : A U.S. News Guide

Published 10/15/2020 09:18 PM

Learning Chinese could help advance your career.

How to Become a Web Developer: A U.S. News Guide

Published 10/13/2020 04:19 PM

Learn modern web development practices and choose an area of expertise.

What to Know About Coursera

Published 09/16/2020 09:23 PM

Coursera users can earn professional certificates or even college degrees online.

How to Learn JavaScript: A U.S. News Guide

Published 09/02/2020 02:36 PM

This collection of resources can help you learn JavaScript at the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

How to Learn Excel: A U.S. News Guide

Published 08/28/2020 02:30 PM

Learn Excel with free resources and paid courses to go from beginner to superuser.

What to Know About K-12 Online Schools

Published 08/27/2020 08:22 PM

K-12 online schools might be a good option for some families during the 2020-2021 school year.

How to Learn Product Management: A U.S. News Guide

Published 08/11/2020 10:26 PM

Learn how to become a product manager and advance in your career.

Coronavirus and Schools: What Parents Should Know for the Fall

Published 08/06/2020 03:58 PM

Planning and flexibility are key as students go back to school.

Find an Online Tutor

Published 07/24/2020 09:26 PM

Online tutoring can give your student structure if school has moved online.

How to Learn SQL: A U.S. News Guide

Published 07/24/2020 07:09 PM

You don’t have to be a programmer to learn SQL for datasets.

How to Learn Digital Marketing: A U.S. News Guide

Published 07/14/2020 08:58 PM

Learn digital marketing for a variety of platforms and choose a type to specialize in.

How to Learn Graphic Design: A U.S. News Guide

Published 07/07/2020 04:02 PM

Learn graphic design skills online and gain practical experience while creating portfolio pieces.

Online Summer Classes Discounted for Coronavirus

Published 06/24/2020 05:01 PM

These online platforms provide classes like Introduction to Computer Science and The Science of Well-Being for free or at a low cost.

How to Learn Data Science: A U.S. News Guide

Published 06/04/2020 06:11 PM

An array of free and low-cost classes allow you to learn data science skills on your own time.

Project Management Courses: A U.S. News Guide

Published 05/27/2020 08:30 PM

Courses in project management prepare you for certifications that differentiate you from your peers.

Find an ACT Tutor

Published 05/21/2020 07:54 PM

Find an ACT tutor who will give your student the confidence and strategies to succeed.

Find an SAT Tutor

Published 05/21/2020 07:15 PM

Free SAT test prep options are available, but some parents may opt to hire a tutor to help their child study.

How to Learn Spanish: A U.S. News Guide

Published 05/15/2020 10:41 PM

Find the best way to learn Spanish for your budget and learning style.

Finding a High School Tutor

Published 05/12/2020 06:38 PM

Discover how to find the right high school tutor for your student. Explore in-home, online & free services to help make the right decision. Learn more.

Financial Literacy for College Students

Published 04/15/2020 08:32 PM

Improve your financial literacy while in college. Learn how to budget, pick up the basics of credit, saving and investing.

College Road Trip: Indiana

Published 08/13/2010 07:50 PM

College Road Trip: California

Published 08/13/2010 07:40 PM

College Road Trip: Georgia

Published 08/13/2010 07:11 PM

Improving Instruction on Instruction in Education Grad Schools

Published 04/15/2010 05:00 AM

Few schools prepare teachers for life in the classroom, research shows.

The New Doctors in the House

Published 04/15/2010 05:00 AM

How nurses are evolving into far bigger roles at hospitals.

Bringing Better Health to Rural America

Published 04/15/2010 05:00 AM

The nation's small towns need more physicians, and med schools aim to fill the gap.

The Science Rankings Methodology

Published 04/15/2010 05:00 AM

How we rank graduate programs in the sciences

Business School: Teaching More Than Work Ethic

Published 04/15/2010 05:00 AM

Tomorrow's corporate leaders are learning business skills and social values at B-schools.

The Business School Rankings Methodology

Published 04/15/2010 05:00 AM

How we rank graduate business schools

Bitten by the Green Design Bug

Published 04/15/2010 05:00 AM

Engineering students flock to sustainable design, and schools aim for green waters.

Colleges Where Need for Aid Can Hurt Admission Odds

Published 03/23/2010 03:22 PM

See which schools are most likely to admit and you and give you financial aid.

Government Helps Low-Income Grad Students Pay for School

Published 04/22/2009 09:00 PM

Loans to be capped at 15 percent of income, and those entering public service may get loans forgiven.

Medical Schools Fight the War Against Disease

Published 04/22/2009 09:00 PM

Epidemiologists go straight to the source, then sift their data one clue at a time.

Business Schools Look for Different Kinds of Students

Published 04/22/2009 09:00 PM

Admissions offices are pursuing more women and minority candidates.

Aerospace Engineering Searches for New Talent

Published 04/22/2009 09:00 PM

As more baby boomers reach retirement, demand for qualified graduates is on the rise.

Picking the Right School for an Education Grad Degree

Published 04/22/2009 09:00 PM

Is it more important to go to a great school or a school near where you want to teach?

How Technology Is Changing the Medical Profession

Published 04/22/2009 09:00 PM

Clinical practice guidelines, electronic medical records, and population science are revolutionary.

America's Best Colleges: Most International Students

Published 03/17/2009 04:06 PM

The percent of undergraduates who are international.

America's Best Colleges: Freshman Retention Rates

Published 03/17/2009 04:01 PM

The average proportion of freshmen who return the following fall.

America's Best Colleges: Economic Diversity Among Top Schools

Published 03/17/2009 03:52 PM

Percentage of undergraduates receiving federal Pell grants at the Top 25 schools.

America's Best Colleges: Economic Diversity

Published 03/17/2009 03:44 PM

Percentage of undergraduates receiving federal Pell grants.

America's Best Colleges: Best Values

Published 03/17/2009 03:39 PM

These colleges give the best bang for your buck.

Cheaper, Bigger, and Cooler Student Loans

Published 07/01/2008 05:58 PM

New federal standards ease some of the financial pressure for students and their parents.

Colleges Drop Their Loan Programs

Published 04/17/2008 06:10 PM

Administrators at more than 250 public colleges have opted out of the Stafford loan program.

The Impact of the Virginia Tech Attack

Published 04/17/2008 05:59 PM

One consequence of the attack is the increased speed with which colleges respond to threats.

Cuts in European-Language Studies

Published 04/17/2008 05:43 PM

As more students study Arabic and Chinese, European-language departments are suffering cutbacks.

Hot Tips for Law School Students

Published 03/26/2008 04:01 PM

Specialization isn't the only way to gain practical know-how in law school.

Hot Tips for a Graduate Degree in Education

Published 03/26/2008 04:01 PM

Special Ed. The number of teachers in this specialty is forecast to rise almost 15% by 2016. At some schools (e.g., Vanderbilt University's Peabody...

New Ways to Get a Degree in Education

Published 03/26/2008 04:01 PM

Options include salaried training, condensed course, and flexible schedules.

Best Practices of State Bullying Policies

Published 12/16/2010 10:22 PM

Secretary Duncan issued a technical assistance memo highlighting key components of strong state bullying laws and policies.

New Board Members for Postsecondary Improvement Fund

Published 12/13/2010 03:27 PM

Secretary Duncan announced 13 new board members for the Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education (FIPSE).

International Student Assessment

Published 12/07/2010 06:15 PM

"Being average in reading and science—and below average in math—is not nearly good enough," Secretary Duncan said in response to results from the Program for International Student Assessment.

Passage of the Child Nutrition Bill

Published 12/03/2010 11:52 AM

The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act will "help schools fight our country's childhood obesity epidemic and give students access to the nutritional food they need to help them learn," Secretary Duncan said.

Grants to Asian American and Native American Pacific Islander Serving Institutions

Published 11/23/2010 02:24 PM

ED announced grants to higher education institutions that serve Asian American and Pacific Islander students.

Assessment Board Members Named

Published 11/17/2010 04:09 PM

Secretary Duncan named six members of the National Assessment Governing Board, which oversees the Nation's Report Card.

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A school principal's blunt warning: We can't pretend the pandemic is over

Published 01/28/2022 11:00 AM

Principal Seth Lavin says even after the omicron surge ends, the crisis for children will continue.

After 2 years, growing calls to take masks off children in school

Published 01/28/2022 11:00 AM

While issues around masking remain polarized, there are growing calls for a post-omicron off-ramp for kids and masks.

U.S. students will take the SAT entirely online beginning in 2024

Published 01/28/2022 10:09 AM

Students will take the SAT on computers and tablets at testing centers. The test will shrink from three hours to two, include shorter reading passages and allow calculators for the math section.

School offers full tuition to 58 students after a scholarship award message error

Published 01/27/2022 09:47 PM

A test of Central Michigan University's new messaging system "inadvertently" told 58 students they won an award that provides full tuition, room and board, money toward books and supplies and $5,000.

The teen charged in a Michigan school shooting will pursue an insanity defense

Published 01/27/2022 09:28 PM

A 15-year-old charged with killing four students at a Michigan high school will pursue an insanity defense as he, his parents and school officials face a new lawsuit over the November attack.

A Chicago principal on challenges facing schools right now

Published 01/27/2022 09:25 PM

NPR's Asma Khalid talks with Principal Seth Lavin on how COVID-19 has impacted his Chicago school. The school district canceled class for 5 days in January when teachers protested working conditions.

A discovery of Holocaust-era photos helps a Jewish family connect with its past

Published 01/27/2022 03:40 PM

A box of photos discovered more than 30 years ago includes pictures of an internment camp and many who died at Auschwitz. The photos were recently reunited with the Jewish family they belong to.

The expanded child tax credit briefly slashed child poverty. Here's what else it did

Published 01/27/2022 10:00 AM

The monthly cash payments reached more than 61 million kids in December alone. Most low-income families spent the money on basic needs like food, clothing and utility bills.

New York's mask mandate temporarily restored by appeals judge

Published 01/26/2022 12:31 AM

Monday's ruling that overturned the mandate caused confusion, with some school administrators quickly announcing masks would be optional and others continuing to enforce wearing them.

After 10 days in office, Virginia Gov. Youngkin is facing blowback over new policies

Published 01/25/2022 10:02 PM

Republican Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin's administration is pushing a conservative agenda including banning masks in schools, firing professors and urging parents to report critical race theory.

Starting in 2024, U.S. students will take the SAT entirely online

Published 01/25/2022 01:00 PM

The College Board, the organization behind the test, also announced that the exam will shrink from three hours to two, and students will be able to use a calculator for the math section.

The Los Angeles Unified School District has a new superintendent

Published 01/25/2022 10:10 AM

NPR's A Martinez speaks to Superintendent Alberto Carvalho about the challenges facing schools amid the omicron surge. Carvalho talks about his goals for the nation's second largest school district.

As schools debate COVID safety, students stage walkouts to voice demands

Published 01/23/2022 10:19 PM

NPR's Michel Martin speaks with Ian McNeely, a Maryland high school student who helped organize a walkout calling for better COVID safety measures at his school.

Los Angeles school district tells students to upgrade from cloth masks

Published 01/23/2022 08:40 PM

Students will have to wear "well-fitting, non-cloth masks with a nose wire." Employees will have to wear surgical grade masks or higher.

This Virginia high schooler is pushing to see more women of color in their curriculum

Published 01/23/2022 12:59 PM

Sarah McCammon talks with Prasidha Padmanabhan, an 11th grader in Fairfax County, Va., about her efforts to get her school district to include more women's history in the curriculum.

Florida sheriff fires deputy union head after COVID-19 fight

Published 01/27/2022 09:29 PM

‘Secret button’ on iPhones a big hit after going viral on TikTok. What to know

Published 01/26/2022 09:33 PM

Fox News' Tomi Lahren told officers at a policing conference that prominent police killings could have been avoided if people 'would just comply'

Published 01/28/2022 05:09 AM

Voting machine company won't comply with Wisconsin subpoena

Published 01/27/2022 04:47 PM

‘Equivalent to the n-word’: Woman kicked out of Richmond store for using Cantonese slang term

Published 01/26/2022 08:29 PM

Missing North Carolina mother and daughter found safe after five years

Published 01/28/2022 02:26 AM

Poland starts building metal wall on border with Belarus

Published 01/27/2022 11:23 AM

Britney Spears says during Las Vegas residency she was forced to wear two pairs of tights, barred from spa

Published 01/26/2022 03:44 PM

Bradley Cooper says his 'insecurity and ego' led him to replace Leonardo DiCaprio in 'Nightmare Alley'

Published 01/27/2022 01:55 PM

Oklahoma executes man for 2001 slayings of 2 hotel workers

Published 01/27/2022 04:50 AM

Man Killed in Hail of Police Bullets Fired by NINE Cops on Nashville Interstate

Published 01/27/2022 10:33 PM

Joe Rogan’s Hot Take On The Term ‘Black’ Stuns Trevor Noah

Published 01/27/2022 10:07 AM

An opioid-ravaged West Virginia town awaits trial verdict

Published 01/26/2022 05:51 PM

Hiker dies in Arizona after falling 700 feet while trying to take a photo, authorities say

Published 01/27/2022 09:30 PM

Pentagon orders 101st Airborne Air Assault at Fort Campbell ready for possible deployment

Published 01/27/2022 10:14 PM

Is Russell Wilson on the move? NFL insider confirms massive interest in landing Seattle QB

Published 01/27/2022 08:51 PM

Aaron Rodgers is set to leave the Packers and could shake up the NFL power structure by jumping to the Broncos

Published 01/27/2022 05:44 PM

She Bugged Her Cheating Cop Husband—and Got Charged

Published 01/27/2022 11:26 PM

No bail for suspects in death of 8-year-old Chicago girl

Published 01/27/2022 06:21 PM

Trump says his publisher — Donald Trump Jr. — can't find enough paper, ink, glue, or leather to make copies of his 'very successful photo book'

Published 01/28/2022 02:35 AM

‘Breakfast Club’ star Ally Sheedy says her students Google her: ‘I’m telling them everything I wish I knew’

Published 01/27/2022 05:55 PM

Rare Tom Brady card from 1st Super Bowl year to be auctioned

Published 01/27/2022 04:07 PM

Family who died in freezing cold by US-Canada border identified

Published 01/28/2022 03:23 PM

Is Ohio trying to pick a fight? Why ‘edgy’ red billboards have popped up across US

Published 01/26/2022 10:02 PM

Filipino dictator's son loses 1 of 3 votes on elections bid

Published 01/27/2022 03:25 PM

Italy's former royal family want their $335 million crown jewels back 75 years after the monarchy was abolished

Published 01/27/2022 12:57 PM

Jimmy Kimmel Hits Donald Trump Jr. With The 2024 Campaign Ad Of His Nightmares

Published 01/28/2022 07:41 AM

Rare snow storm turns Middle East into a winter wounderland

Published 01/27/2022 03:44 PM

Children watched as Coast dad beat mom with ‘blue stick,’ cops say. It was a concrete pipe.

Published 01/27/2022 08:24 PM

Man found dead under car was trying to steal catalytic converter, Wake sheriff says

Published 01/26/2022 11:33 PM

Ruined lives prompted Kristof's run for Oregon governor

Published 01/27/2022 03:00 PM

Texas dog walker permanently disfigured in 'bloodthirsty' attack by 2 dogs, lawsuit says

Published 01/28/2022 04:23 AM

Rattlesnakes on Arizona family’s porch were mating and did not want to be disturbed

Published 01/27/2022 05:00 PM

Staffers complain of racism, abuse by WHO leader in Asia

Published 01/27/2022 07:32 AM

Nikki Haley says Biden should 'step down and take Kamala with him' because the US looks 'weak' on foreign policy heading into the Beijing Olympics

Published 01/27/2022 03:55 PM

Woman fought 'with every ounce of her strength' in fatal armed robbery

Published 01/28/2022 05:01 AM

Here, kitty: Bidens welcome cat named Willow to White House

Published 01/28/2022 10:31 AM

US Navy officer 'bribed by cash and prostitutes'

Published 01/28/2022 01:10 PM

Callers Tell Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Exactly How They Feel About Her

Published 01/27/2022 09:59 AM

Norway's PM says Russia build-up is `a sign of weakness'

Published 01/26/2022 06:24 PM

NY Gov. Hochul issues warning to Manhattan DA: 'I have options'

Published 01/28/2022 03:32 AM

Newt Gingrich wants to punish Rep. Adam Schiff and other anti-Trump lawmakers with a bogus committee assignment if Republicans retake the majority

Published 01/27/2022 10:29 PM

China demands US halt Olympics 'interference'

Published 01/27/2022 06:50 AM

Michigan school not providing litter box for students identifying as cats

Published 01/27/2022 10:18 PM

Don't be fooled by police impersonators. Here's what to do if stopped by an unmarked car.

Published 01/27/2022 10:50 PM

California museum returns massacre remains to Wiyot Tribe

Published 01/27/2022 05:11 AM

Body camera video shows moment Georgia deputy is shot in chest on dark highway

Published 01/26/2022 04:42 PM

Australia pumps cash into Great Barrier Reef protection

Published 01/28/2022 11:31 AM

Fauci challenges Fox News vaccine falsehoods: 'The facts are stunningly obvious'

Published 01/26/2022 06:46 PM

'Black Widow' Jeanette Lee one year after Stage 4 cancer diagnosis: 'Fight the good fight'

Published 01/27/2022 06:47 PM

NI universities face 10-day strike

Published 01/28/2022 06:32 AM

Some staff are set to walk out in February and March over pay, working conditions and pensions.

Bridgend: Barricade set up to stop school run parking 'mayhem'

Published 01/27/2022 08:07 PM

Residents of a street near a school in Bridgend take the unusual step of setting up a barricade.

Sex education in schools 'inadequate'

Published 01/27/2022 06:50 AM

Koulla Yiasouma says Relationship and Sex Education needs a set curriculum like other subjects.

Epping Forrest nursery had cot next to live sockets, Ofsted finds

Published 01/27/2022 01:10 PM

Scribbles Day Nursery says the baby room was shut for cleaning at the time of the inspection.

One in eight pupils out of school as Covid worsens

Published 01/25/2022 03:44 PM

The official figures also show a quarter of schools with teachers and leaders' absence rates above 15%.

Forced adoption: 'My baby was taken'

Published 01/26/2022 09:05 PM

Mothers like Lisa Rolland, who felt pressured to give up her baby, are being asked to tell their stories.

Norwich boy, 4, died after neck got trapped in stair gates

Published 01/25/2022 03:08 PM

The two stair gates were placed one above the other, an inquest hears.

Covid in Wales: Masks to be required in schools until half term

Published 01/25/2022 05:27 PM

Covid rules in schools to be set locally from end of February under new plans.

Liu Xuezhou: Outrage over death of 'twice abandoned' China teen

Published 01/25/2022 07:42 AM

The 17-year-old, who was sold as a child, had launched a campaign to look for his birth parents.

One mother's story of 'broken' children's mental health service

Published 01/27/2022 05:27 PM

Families, experts and charities say Scotland's children's mental health services have been at crisis point for far too long.

Caroline Flack's former dance school focuses on wellbeing

Published 01/26/2022 12:58 AM

Mental healthcare is a priority at Body Work in Cambridge, where the TV presenter was a student.

What are the Covid rules in schools and will they stay open this term?

Published 01/26/2022 10:29 AM

Schools have reopened across the UK with a variety of Covid restrictions in place.

'I grew up in care alone - why did no-one tell me I had siblings?'

Published 01/26/2022 12:14 AM

Ashley John-Baptiste grew up in care, unaware he had siblings. His new documentary is called Split Up in Care: Life Without Siblings.

Glasgow School of Art: The people still recovering from 2018 fire

Published 01/26/2022 11:31 AM

Locals say the top of Sauchiehall Street still has a "dark, looming presence" from the 2018 blaze.

Covid in schools: 'Fresh air will help stop the spread'

Published 01/10/2022 12:01 AM

Classroom windows are open this winter in line with Covid advice to keep England's schools ventilated.

Kerala school uniform: Why some Muslim groups are protesting

Published 12/22/2021 12:07 AM

Muslim groups in India's Kerala state protest after a government school allows girls to wear trousers.

How Covid deepened America's teacher shortages

Published 12/21/2021 12:36 AM

Classrooms across the US have been emptied of educators - and the pandemic has made it worse.

Covid: 'It's ridiculous we're being made to sit exams'

Published 01/25/2022 04:42 PM

Pupils share their thoughts on the exam uncertainty due to Covid rules.

Missing girl meets her rescuer again decades later

Published 01/26/2022 06:31 AM

Back in 1968, toddler Kathy Wrethman went missing in Australia but was recovered safely.

Sex trafficking: Children groomed in Romania sent to UK

Published 01/24/2022 12:02 AM

BBC correspondent Jean Mackenzie finds children as young as 10 are being groomed in Romania, to be trafficked to the UK.

Covid: Poor ventilation forces Carmarthenshire pupils out in the rain

Published 01/18/2022 10:50 PM

"When it's pouring down with rain and it's really windy, it's hard because I just feel really cold."

Howard University: Why these students slept out in tents on campus for weeks

Published 12/13/2021 12:01 AM

After reports of mould and rodents in dorms, protesters at Howard University took over a campus building.

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