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Will the Coronavirus Forever Alter the College Experience?

Published 06/25/2020 03:12 PM

The answer so far appears to be no. But some online education tools are likely to stick around.

College Made Them Feel Equal. The Virus Exposed How Unequal Their Lives Are.

Published 05/05/2020 11:03 AM

When they were all in the same dorms and eating the same dining hall food, the disparities in students’ backgrounds weren’t as clear as they are over video chat.

College Chatbots, With Names Like Iggy and Pounce, Are Here to Help

Published 05/08/2020 08:37 PM

Schools are elevating the use of virtual assistants whose speed and tone can simulate text conversations.

What Harvard and Your Local Commuter College Now Have in Common

Published 07/08/2020 06:53 PM

For colleges in the middle of the pack, the financial calculus during the pandemic looks very different, with in-person classes on campus a way to survive.

Trump Threatens to Cut Funding if Schools Do Not Fully Reopen

Published 07/09/2020 02:36 AM

Disregarding the advice of his own health experts, President Trump also attacked the C.D.C.’s reopening guidelines as onerous and expensive.

Job Bias Laws Do Not Protect Teachers in Catholic Schools, Supreme Court Rules

Published 07/08/2020 09:44 PM

The case was the court’s latest consideration of the relationship between the government and religion.

Trump Leans on Schools to Reopen as Virus Continues Its Spread

Published 07/08/2020 05:34 PM

President Trump spearheaded an administration-wide push to pry open the nation’s elementary and secondary schools, the next phase of his effort to get the economy on its feet.

International Students in Online Courses Face Lost F1 Visas, ICE Says

Published 07/10/2020 01:46 PM

International students will be required to take at least one in-person class to keep their visas, at a time when many universities are prioritizing online instruction.

Commuting, and Confronting History, on a Remote Canadian Railway

Published 07/06/2020 03:14 PM

The Tshiuetin line, the first railroad in North America owned and operated by First Nations people, is a symbol of reclamation and defiance for the communities it serves.

What We Learned in 100 Days of Life Interrupted

Published 07/06/2020 03:51 PM

Four first-generation college students in Newark, N.J., tell the story of the pandemic, their uprooted plans — and what they found out.

Descendants of Suffragists Reflect on the Fight for Women's Right to Vote

Published 07/02/2020 11:17 PM

One hundred years after the 19th Amendment, suffragists’ descendants consider how far we’ve come and how far we still have to go.

Private and Religious School Backers See Broad Victory in Supreme Court Decision

Published 07/02/2020 01:07 AM

The court drew its decision narrowly when ruling against a Montana tax break that excluded religious schools. But denominational school advocates will push a broad application.

New York City Cuts Arts Spending by 11 Percent to Close Budget Gap

Published 07/01/2020 09:11 PM

Facing a $9 billion loss in tax revenues, city leaders cut agency spending across the board, including the Department of Cultural Affairs.

Supreme Court Gives Religious Schools More Access to State Aid

Published 06/30/2020 11:06 PM

Religious schools should have the same access to scholarships and funds as other private schools, the justices ruled, in a victory for conservatives.

Swimming With the Sea Lions of Los Islotes

Published 07/05/2020 09:19 PM

Sea lions are often referred to as “dogs of the sea.” On a small island off the Baja coast, where the playful animals populate every rocky outcropping, they live up to their nickname.

Assaulted at 15, a Writer Looks Back and Comes Forward

Published 07/07/2020 09:02 PM

“I’m done with shame,” says Lacy Crawford, the author of the memoir “Notes on a Silencing.”

Pandemic Parenting Was Already Relentless. Then Came Summer.

Published 06/26/2020 06:27 PM

A survey shows that parents feel increasing pressure to make up for children’s lost educational and enrichment time.

Michael Hawley, Programmer, Professor and Pianist, Dies at 58

Published 07/01/2020 10:58 PM

A man of manifold interests, his achievements ranged from developing ideas behind the so-called Internet of Things to publishing the world’s biggest book.

The Haunting Beauty of a Hut-to-Hut Hike in the Dolomites

Published 06/24/2020 01:42 PM

With their colossal limestone walls and gloriously green valleys, Italy’s Dolomites are home to some of the world’s most majestic scenery — and mountain huts called rifugios make it all the more accessible.

Disney Exits Language School Business in China, Citing Coronavirus

Published 06/23/2020 11:23 PM

Disney English, once envisioned as a 150-location chain, walked a fine line between language education and brand building.

How to Learn Graphic Design: A U.S. News Guide

Published 07/07/2020 04:02 PM

Learn graphic design skills online and gain practical experience while creating portfolio pieces.

Online Summer Classes Discounted for Coronavirus

Published 06/24/2020 05:01 PM

These online platforms provide classes like Introduction to Computer Science and The Science of Well-Being for free or at a low cost.

How to Learn Python: A U.S. News Guide

Published 06/23/2020 09:52 PM

If you want to learn Python, a number of free or low-cost resources can help you get started.

How to Learn Data Science: A U.S. News Guide

Published 06/04/2020 06:11 PM

An array of free and low-cost classes allow you to learn data science skills on your own time.

Project Management Courses: A U.S. News Guide

Published 05/27/2020 08:30 PM

Courses in project management prepare you for certifications that differentiate you from your peers.

Find an ACT Tutor

Published 05/21/2020 07:54 PM

Find an ACT tutor who will give your student the confidence and strategies to succeed.

Find an SAT Tutor

Published 05/21/2020 07:15 PM

Free SAT test prep options are available, but some parents may opt to hire a tutor to help their child study.

How to Learn Spanish: A U.S. News Guide

Published 05/15/2020 10:41 PM

Find the best way to learn Spanish for your budget and learning style.

Finding a High School Tutor

Published 05/12/2020 06:38 PM

Discover how to find the right high school tutor for your student. Explore in-home, online & free services to help make the right decision. Learn more.

Financial Literacy for College Students

Published 04/15/2020 08:32 PM

Improve your financial literacy while in college. Learn how to budget, pick up the basics of credit, saving and investing.

College Road Trip: Indiana

Published 08/13/2010 07:50 PM

College Road Trip: California

Published 08/13/2010 07:40 PM

College Road Trip: Georgia

Published 08/13/2010 07:11 PM

Improving Instruction on Instruction in Education Grad Schools

Published 04/15/2010 05:00 AM

Few schools prepare teachers for life in the classroom, research shows.

The New Doctors in the House

Published 04/15/2010 05:00 AM

How nurses are evolving into far bigger roles at hospitals.

Bringing Better Health to Rural America

Published 04/15/2010 05:00 AM

The nation's small towns need more physicians, and med schools aim to fill the gap.

The Science Rankings Methodology

Published 04/15/2010 05:00 AM

How we rank graduate programs in the sciences

Business School: Teaching More Than Work Ethic

Published 04/15/2010 05:00 AM

Tomorrow's corporate leaders are learning business skills and social values at B-schools.

The Business School Rankings Methodology

Published 04/15/2010 05:00 AM

How we rank graduate business schools

Bitten by the Green Design Bug

Published 04/15/2010 05:00 AM

Engineering students flock to sustainable design, and schools aim for green waters.

Colleges Where Need for Aid Can Hurt Admission Odds

Published 03/23/2010 03:22 PM

See which schools are most likely to admit and you and give you financial aid.

Government Helps Low-Income Grad Students Pay for School

Published 04/22/2009 09:00 PM

Loans to be capped at 15 percent of income, and those entering public service may get loans forgiven.

Medical Schools Fight the War Against Disease

Published 04/22/2009 09:00 PM

Epidemiologists go straight to the source, then sift their data one clue at a time.

Business Schools Look for Different Kinds of Students

Published 04/22/2009 09:00 PM

Admissions offices are pursuing more women and minority candidates.

Aerospace Engineering Searches for New Talent

Published 04/22/2009 09:00 PM

As more baby boomers reach retirement, demand for qualified graduates is on the rise.

How Technology Is Changing the Medical Profession

Published 04/22/2009 09:00 PM

Clinical practice guidelines, electronic medical records, and population science are revolutionary.

Picking the Right School for an Education Grad Degree

Published 04/22/2009 09:00 PM

Is it more important to go to a great school or a school near where you want to teach?

America's Best Colleges: Most International Students

Published 03/17/2009 04:06 PM

The percent of undergraduates who are international.

America's Best Colleges: Freshman Retention Rates

Published 03/17/2009 04:01 PM

The average proportion of freshmen who return the following fall.

America's Best Colleges: Economic Diversity Among Top Schools

Published 03/17/2009 03:52 PM

Percentage of undergraduates receiving federal Pell grants at the Top 25 schools.

America's Best Colleges: Economic Diversity

Published 03/17/2009 03:44 PM

Percentage of undergraduates receiving federal Pell grants.

America's Best Colleges: Best Values

Published 03/17/2009 03:39 PM

These colleges give the best bang for your buck.

Cheaper, Bigger, and Cooler Student Loans

Published 07/01/2008 05:58 PM

New federal standards ease some of the financial pressure for students and their parents.

Colleges Drop Their Loan Programs

Published 04/17/2008 06:10 PM

Administrators at more than 250 public colleges have opted out of the Stafford loan program.

The Impact of the Virginia Tech Attack

Published 04/17/2008 05:59 PM

One consequence of the attack is the increased speed with which colleges respond to threats.

Cuts in European-Language Studies

Published 04/17/2008 05:43 PM

As more students study Arabic and Chinese, European-language departments are suffering cutbacks.

Hot Tips for Law School Students

Published 03/26/2008 04:01 PM

Specialization isn't the only way to gain practical know-how in law school.

Hot Tips for a Graduate Degree in Education

Published 03/26/2008 04:01 PM

Smart Choices Special Ed. The number of teachers in this specialty is forecast to rise almost 15% by 2016. At some schools (e.g., Vanderbilt...

New Ways to Get a Degree in Education

Published 03/26/2008 04:01 PM

Options include salaried training, condensed course, and flexible schedules.

Getting Business School Skills While in Law School

Published 03/26/2008 04:01 PM

Law school students can choose joint programs and special courses.

Changes for the GRE Exam This Fall

Published 09/12/2007 08:44 PM

The fill-in-the-blank questions get trickier, and some questions don't give any choices at all.

Playing Your Cards Right

Published 09/07/2007 05:44 PM

The stakes in the financial aid game are higher than ever.

Loans Are as Tricky as Ever

Published 09/07/2007 05:39 PM

Colleges break links with lenders but now give less guidance.

The New Rules of Finding Aid

Published 09/07/2007 05:28 PM

Codes of conduct and pending legislation are changing loan options for students and parents.

Nickel and Diming Your Kids to College

Published 09/07/2007 05:23 PM

Small rebates from retailers are just another way parents can fund ever expanding 529 plans.

Learning Economics 101

Published 09/07/2007 05:16 PM

Schools expect students to work part time. So do parents.

How to 'Leverage' Your Aid

Published 09/07/2007 05:03 PM

You can get more dough by pitting schools against one another.

SAT Scores Drop for the Second Year in a Row

Published 08/28/2007 04:41 PM

The College Board reports a gender gap in the writing section and a rise in students with disabilities.

Best Practices of State Bullying Policies

Published 12/16/2010 10:22 PM

Secretary Duncan issued a technical assistance memo highlighting key components of strong state bullying laws and policies.

New Board Members for Postsecondary Improvement Fund

Published 12/13/2010 03:27 PM

Secretary Duncan announced 13 new board members for the Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education (FIPSE).

International Student Assessment

Published 12/07/2010 06:15 PM

"Being average in reading and science—and below average in math—is not nearly good enough," Secretary Duncan said in response to results from the Program for International Student Assessment.

Passage of the Child Nutrition Bill

Published 12/03/2010 11:52 AM

The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act will "help schools fight our country's childhood obesity epidemic and give students access to the nutritional food they need to help them learn," Secretary Duncan said.

Grants to Asian American and Native American Pacific Islander Serving Institutions

Published 11/23/2010 02:24 PM

ED announced grants to higher education institutions that serve Asian American and Pacific Islander students.

Assessment Board Members Named

Published 11/17/2010 04:09 PM

Secretary Duncan named six members of the National Assessment Governing Board, which oversees the Nation's Report Card.

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Published 11/16/2010 10:25 PM

Please let us know what you think of this news feed.

Dawn Wacek: How Can Libraries Be A Path Toward Inclusivity And Forgiveness?

Published 07/10/2020 01:04 PM

Are overdue library book fines necessary? Librarian Dawn Wacek wants all libraries to do away with overdue fines to make library services more inclusive and welcoming to all readers.

Florida Education Association Discusses State's School Reopenings

Published 07/10/2020 09:58 AM

NPR's Rachel Martin speaks with Fedrick Ingram, president of the Florida Education Association, about the state's decision to require all brick-and-mortar schools to reopen with in-person classes.

Veteran Educator On The Endless But 'Joyful' Work Of Creating Anti-Racist Education

Published 07/09/2020 10:14 PM

Pirette McKamey, the principal at Mission High School in San Francisco, says anti-racist education "makes you want to keep growing and changing and doing better by your students."

Columbia University President On New ICE Regulations Regarding International Students

Published 07/09/2020 09:01 PM

NPR's Mary Louise Kelly talks to Lee Bollinger, president of Columbia University, about new regulations regarding international students released Monday by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

When It Comes To Reopening Schools, 'The Devil's In The Details,' Educators Say

Published 07/09/2020 10:00 AM

Teachers, parents and district leaders say the back-to-school season has fogged over with confusion. Will schools reopen? And if so, how?

New York City Schools To Open In Fall With Some In-Person Instruction

Published 07/09/2020 03:53 AM

The plan will likely put students in school twice a week. Mayor Bill de Blasio said 75% of families wanted to send their kids back to school.

Effective Anti-Racist Education Requires More Diverse Teachers, More Training

Published 07/08/2020 11:41 PM

Travis Bristol, an assistant professor of education at the University of California at Berkeley, explains how teacher training and the presence of Black teachers can help reshape education.

Is There A Way To Safely Reopen Schools In The Fall?

Published 07/08/2020 08:55 PM

NPR's Mary Louise Kelly speaks with Brown University economist Emily Oster about the consequences of not opening schools for the fall semester.

Massachusetts Attorney General On New ICE Regulation Regarding International Students

Published 07/08/2020 08:55 PM

NPR's Mary Louise Kelly talks with Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey about a new rule requiring international students to leave the U.S. if their schools offer online-only classes this fall.

We Are Repeating The Discrimination Experiment Every Day, Says Educator Jane Elliott

Published 07/08/2020 08:42 PM

Elliott created the blue-eyes/brown-eyes classroom exercise in 1968 to teach students about racism. Today, she says, it's still playing out as the U.S. reckons with racial injustice.

Top Pediatrician Says States Shouldn't Force Schools To Reopen If Virus Is Surging

Published 07/08/2020 08:37 PM

The American Academy of Pediatrics says children are better off in school but that the decision to reopen cannot ignore spiking infection rates.

Michael Drake Will Be The 1st Black President In U.C. System's 152-Year History

Published 07/08/2020 06:28 PM

Michael Drake, a physician, previously served as the president of The Ohio State University. He was unanimously approved by the University of California Board of Regents on Tuesday.

'I Couldn't Believe My Eyes': International Students Blindsided By ICE Rule Change

Published 07/08/2020 03:56 PM

As Harvard and MIT challenge a new visa requirement that doesn't allow for online-only curricula, students face difficult choices.

Harvard, MIT Sue Immigration Officials Over Rule Blocking Some International Students

Published 07/08/2020 03:33 PM

The policy — which bars foreign students unless they have in-person classes — will "create as much chaos for universities and international students as possible," the schools said Wednesday.

Justices Rule Teachers At Religious Schools Aren't Protected By Fair Employment Laws

Published 07/08/2020 03:09 PM

The 7-2 decision carving out a religious exemption could potentially affect other employees of religious hospitals, universities and charities.

As COVID cases spike in Florida, Trump now says he's 'flexible' on convention format in Jacksonville

Published 07/08/2020 04:46 PM

With coronavirus cases exploding in Florida, the president now says he is “flexible” on plans to hold a large-scale, indoor Republican National Convention next month.

An Austin police officer appeared to grope a woman's breast after pulling her over for a traffic violation

Published 07/09/2020 07:44 PM

The Austin Police Department defended the officer's conduct, saying he followed the department's regulations and that no female officer was available.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson accused of echoing white supremacist slogan on air

Published 07/09/2020 10:07 PM

Fox News host Tucker Carlson has been accused of echoing a 14-word white supremacist phrase during one of his on-air segments.During a segment on his Monday evening show, Mr Carlson showed side-by-side images of Representative Ilhan Omar and Senator Tammy Duckworth, both of whom are Democrats on Capitol Hill and were born overseas.

15 Platform Beds to Elevate Your Bedroom Style

Published 07/08/2020 07:40 PM

'I feel threatened': Unmasked Florida man's viral Costco outburst cost him his job

Published 07/08/2020 10:33 PM

"He absolutely does not represent our values and no longer works at our agency," the CEO of Ted Todd Insurance said Tuesday.

U.S. Treasury chief supports more direct payments in next coronavirus aid bill

Published 07/09/2020 03:49 PM

U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said on Thursday that he supports another round of direct payments to individuals as part of the next coronavirus legislation and is working to get it passed by Congress by the end of July. Mnuchin also told CNBC in an interview that not all of the airlines that signed Treasury loan agreements will need to access those loans, as they may be able to meet their financing needs in private financial markets. Despite United Airlines' decision on Wednesday to notify 36,000 employees of potential furloughs, Mnuchin said he believed most airlines wanted to keep as many staff as possible, and healthy airlines were needed to aid the U.S. economic recovery.

Female US Army soldier makes history by becoming the first woman to become a Green Beret

Published 07/09/2020 06:00 PM

The female soldier has become the first to don the Green Beret worn by the Army's elite Special Forces.

US student visas: 'A lot of people I know are scared for the future'

Published 07/09/2020 09:12 PM

The US said some visas could be revoked because of coronavirus, leaving students confused and uncertain.

Henninger: Biden has lost the primary political skill of dealing with internal contradictions

Published 07/09/2020 03:42 PM

The Wall Street Journal's Dan Henninger weighs in on the 2020 presumptive Democrat nominee's struggles to unite a Democrat Party split between moderates and progressives.

Russian bounties: Pentagon vows 'action' if intel confirmed

Published 07/09/2020 11:15 PM

Top Pentagon officials pledged Thursday to "take action" if the US military could corroborate intelligence suggesting Moscow paid militants linked to the Taliban to kill US soldiers in Afghanistan. General Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Defense Secretary Mark Esper spoke before a congressional committee as the Trump administration comes under pressure to explain media reports claiming the president was briefed on the intelligence -- but did nothing in response. Milley said the information was "not corroborated."

Trump flag angered man so he dumped trash on resident’s lawn for months, NJ cops say

Published 07/09/2020 04:54 PM

“Some people are very passionate about their opinions.”

Black Lives Matter mural in Chicago defaced to say 'All Lives Matter'

Published 07/10/2020 09:45 AM

Authorities in Chicago have condemned vandals who turned a Black Lives Matter mural into one that spelled-out “All Lives Matter”.Police in Chicago’s Oak Park said that “Oak Park officials are expressing sadness and disappointment after the Black Lives Matter pavement mural recently painted on Scoville Avenue at Lake Street was defaced overnight.”

The Latest: New Mexico closes state parks, suspends sports

Published 07/09/2020 06:37 AM

New Mexico authorities will halt indoor restaurant service, close state parks to nonresidents and suspend autumn contact sports at schools in response to surging coronavirus infections in the state and in neighboring Texas and Arizona. Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham unveiled the sweeping orders Thursday.

I did 100 push-ups a day for 100 days in lockdown and was amazed by how my body changed

Published 07/09/2020 10:19 AM

The hardest part of the challenge turned out to be mental instead of physical, senior lifestyle reporter Rachel Hosie found.

Houston cancels plan to host Texas Republican convention

Published 07/09/2020 01:03 AM

The city’s mayor made the decision because of health risks from coronavirus, which is hitting Texas particularly hard.

Israel looked like a model for halting coronavirus. Here's how it 'lost its bearings.'

Published 07/09/2020 09:31 AM

"It has been several weeks since Israel's compass for handling the pandemic has lost its bearings," wrote the public health director in her resignation.

Militants kill BJP politician Wasim Bari and his family in Kashmir

Published 07/09/2020 03:58 AM

A Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party politician was killed along with his brother and father in Indian administered Kashmir, officials said on Thursday. Wasim Bari, 38, and his family were attacked by militants at his residence in north Kashmir's Bandipora district on Wednesday night. All three were shot at point-blank range and died on the way to hospital. Authorities have arrested all 11 police personnel who were guarding him for dereliction of duties. Mr Bari's residence is a few meters away from the police station. This is the first attack on BJP workers in Kashmir after abrogation of Article 370 on August 5, 2019, when India stripped off the disputed region's autonomy. The killing of Mr Bari, who is survived by his wife and sister, has sent shock waves across political circles in Kashmir. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has condemned the attack.

Twitter billionaire Jack Dorsey just announced he will be funding a universal basic income experiment that could affect up to 7 million people

Published 07/09/2020 10:58 PM

Jack Dorsey's fellow Silicon Valley billionaires Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg think a universal basic income could help poor Americans, too.

Pelosi confident U.S. Congress will produce strong coronavirus relief bill

Published 07/09/2020 05:07 PM

U.S. House of Representative Speaker Nancy Pelosi said on Thursday she is "very confident" Democrats and Republicans in Congress will agree on strong new coronavirus relief legislation after lawmakers return from their July break. Speaking to reporters during a conference call with public union members, Pelosi said she has received overtures from individual Republicans about the need for further legislation and that the Trump administration is seeking to peg spending at $1 trillion as coronavirus cases surge in the United States. "We feel very confident that we'll have a strong bill," Pelosi said.

Trump: Doctors Were ‘Very Surprised’ I ‘Aced’ Cognitive Test

Published 07/10/2020 04:20 AM

President Donald Trump boasted on Thursday night about a cognitive test he took during a Walter Reed physical, telling Fox News host Sean Hannity that doctors were “very surprised” that he “aced” it while calling on former Vice President Joe Biden to take the same test.Calling in to close confidant Hannity’s primetime program, both the president and the Fox News star began openly questioning Biden’s mental fitness and suggesting he is suffering from cognitive decline.After Hannity aired a montage of selectively edited clips to characterize Biden as senile, and Trump described the former vice president as “brainwashed,” the conservative host brought up Biden’s recent claim that he “can hardly wait” to test his cognitive capability against Trump’s.“Now he apparently says that he has many cognitive tests,” Hannity said. “He’s tested all the time, cognitively. Maybe he’ll release those records and maybe he’ll release his medical records.”(For the record, Biden said he’s “been tested and I’m constantly tested,” and that all anyone has to do is “watch me,” suggesting he means that the real world tests him.)Hannity wondered aloud if Biden has been trying to figure out a way to avoid debating the president, a recent right-wing talking point that has gained steam recently, prompting Trump to say “yes” before going on a tangent.“But he meant the COVID tests. He didn’t mean cognitive. He meant COVID,” Trump declared.After Hannity insisted Biden said “cognitive,” Trump continued to argue that the ex-veep meant coronavirus tests—Biden has said he hadn’t taken a COVID-19 test yet—but that Biden was “confused by the question and the words and everything else but he didn’t take a cognitive test because he couldn’t pass one.”The president went on to say that he took a cognitive test “very recently” in order to prove to those questioning his mental acuity that he was “all there.” (It appears Trump is talking about the Montreal Cognitive Assessment he took during his 2018 physical exam, which he passed.)“I proved I was all there because I aced it,” Trump bellowed. “I aced the test and he should take the same exact test. A very standard test.”“I took it at Walter Reed, a medical center, in front of doctors, and they were very surprised,” he continued. “They said, that’s an unbelievable thing. Rarely does anybody do what you just did. But he should take that same test.”The president would go on to say that Biden “has been totally taken over” and it’s “because he doesn’t understand what’s going on” before once again claiming that Biden “wants to get out of the debates.”Last month, the Biden campaign announced that the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee would be participating in the three scheduled presidential debates this fall.Read more at The Daily Beast.Get our top stories in your inbox every day. Sign up now!Daily Beast Membership: Beast Inside goes deeper on the stories that matter to you. Learn more.

Man who flies Nazi flag from his car to show he is in ‘total opposition of Black Lives Matter’ claims he was attacked because of it

Published 07/09/2020 10:19 PM

A man who flies a Nazi flag on the back of his car to show his opposition to Black Lives Matter protests and gay people, claims he was attacked last month because of it.Jesus Seineke, who lives in Alpine, San Diego, flies a Nazi flag on the back of his SUV when he drives around his local area.

US seizes 81 vehicles in Venezuela smuggling ring

Published 07/08/2020 04:29 PM

Federal investigators said Wednesday they have seized 81 vehicles worth an estimated $3.2 million that were bound for Venezuela as part of a smuggling ring operated for wealthy and politically connected people. “This is all part of an ongoing effort to combat foreign public corruption and in particular for public corruption in Venezuela and the laundering and the fleecing of the Venezuelan people’s wealth and the stealing of the Venezuelan wealth from the national treasury for the gain of a few politically exploited, exposed people, kleptocrats and their associates,” Salisbury said.

Outdoor Dinging Decor That's Sure to Bring Joy to Any Table 

Published 07/10/2020 01:00 PM

No regrets: wounded Hong Kong police vow to keep enforcing law

Published 07/10/2020 06:02 AM

Nine months ago he was burned by corrosive liquid hurled during anti-government protests, but Hong Kong police officer Ling says he has no regrets and remains devoted to being a law enforcer. Officers like Ling have formed the spear tip of Beijing's pushback against huge and often violent pro-democracy protests in the restless finance hub. Now the police have been given expanded powers under a sweeping new national security law imposed by Beijing that aims to crush the democracy movement once and for all.

With a Senate majority in reach, Democratic candidates rake in massive donations

Published 07/08/2020 06:54 PM

Democratic Senate candidates in several key races announce huge fundraising totals that raise the party's hopes of retaking the chamber in November.

Scrabble community mulls banning racial and homophobic slurs

Published 07/08/2020 10:15 PM

The vote by the community's advisory board comes after weeks of anti-racism protests around the world.

'Opioid overdoses are skyrocketing': as Covid-19 sweeps across US an old epidemic returns

Published 07/09/2020 11:00 AM

The pandemic is creating the social conditions – no jobs, isolation, despair – that helped enable the opioid crisis to emerge in the first place. Now it’s backIn West Virginia, they are bracing for the second wave.The epidemic that hit the Appalachian state harder than any other in the US finally looked to be in retreat. Now it’s advancing again. Not coronavirus but opioid overdoses, with one scourge driving a resurgence of the other.Covid-19 has claimed 93 lives in West Virginia over the past three months. That is only a fraction of those killed by drug overdoses, which caused nearly 1,000 deaths in the state in 2018 alone, mostly from opioids but also methamphetamine (also known as meth).That year was better than the one before as the Appalachian state appeared to turn the tide on an epidemic that has ravaged the region for two decades, destroying lives, tearing apart families and dragging down local economies.Now coronavirus looks to be undoing the advances made against a drug epidemic that has claimed close to 600,000 lives in the US over the past two decades. Worse, it is also laying the ground for a long-term resurgence of addiction by exacerbating many of the conditions, including unemployment, low incomes and isolation, that contributed to the rise of the opioid epidemic and “deaths of despair”.“The number of opioid overdoses is skyrocketing and I don’t think it will be easily turned back,” said Dr Mike Brumage, former director of the West Virginia office of drug control policy.“Once the tsunami of Covid-19 finally recedes, we’re going to be left with the social conditions that enabled the opioid crisis to emerge in the first place, and those are not going to go away.”To Brumage and others, coronavirus has also shown what can happen when the government takes a public health emergency seriously, unlike the opioid epidemic, which was largely ignored even as the death toll climbed into the hundreds of thousands.The American Medical Association said it was “greatly concerned” at reported increases in opioid overdoses in more than 30 states although it will be months before hard data is available.> Clearly, what we have lost with the pandemic is a loss of connection> > Dr Mike BrumagePublic health officials from Kentucky to Florida, Texas and Colorado have recorded surges in opioid deaths as the economic and social anxieties created by the Covid-19 pandemic prove fertile ground for addiction. In addition, Brumage said significant numbers of people have fallen out of treatment programmes as support networks have been yanked away by social distancing orders.“I’m a firm adherent to the idea that the opposite of addiction is not sobriety, the opposite of addiction is connection. Clearly, what we have lost with the pandemic is a loss of connection,” he said.“Many of the people who were using the programme either didn’t have broadband or they didn’t have cellphone service, especially those who were homeless. They just fell out of the programme,” he said.The resurgence was not unforeseen. In March, as Covid-19 escalated, Donald Trump warned about the human toll beyond lives claimed by the virus. “You’re going to have tremendous suicides, but you know what you’re going to have more than anything else? Drug addiction. You will see drugs being used like nobody has ever used them before. And people are going to be dying all over the place from drug addiction,” he said.Brumage and others who spoke to the Guardian were at pains to say they believed the scale of the government’s response to Covid-19 is necessary. But they saw the mobilisation of financial resources and political will to cope with the virus in stark contrast to the response of successive administrations to the opioid epidemic.Emily Walden lost her son to an opioid overdose and now heads Fed Up!, a group campaigning to reduce the US’s exceptionally high opioid prescribing levels.“Congress immediately acted with coronavirus to help those that lost their jobs, to make sure that people were taken care of and it was addressed properly,” she said. “Look at the difference with the opioid epidemic, which has largely been ignored by our federal government for 20 years.”While the US government has thrown $6tn at coronavirus, the Trump administration dedicated just $6bn to directly dealing with opioid addiction over his first two years in office even though about the same number of people died of drug overdoses in that period as have now been lost to Covid-19.Brumage said federal health institutions have shifted their focus to coronavirus, including freezing a $1bn research project to find less addictive pain treatments.> You can think of Covid-19 as a hurricane whereas the opioid crisis is more like global warming. It’s happening, it’s slow, it’s dangerous> > Dr Mike Brumage“It’s robbed the oxygen out of the room and made it the sole focus of what’s happening,” said Brumage. “There’s also a fatigue about the opioid crisis. You can think of Covid-19 as a hurricane whereas the opioid crisis is more like global warming. It’s happening, it’s slow, it’s dangerous, but it’s not happening at the same speed and scale as the coronavirus is having right now.” Brumage attributes the difference in response in part to attitudes toward drug addiction.“The difference between getting Covid and dying of an overdose is stigma around drug use. This has been ingrained across the United States – that people using drugs are somehow seen as morally deficient and so it becomes easier then to other and alienate those people,” he said.Walden does not accept that explanation. Like many whose families have been devastated by opioids, she sees a personal and public health catastrophe perpetuated by the financial and political power of the pharmaceutical industry to drive the US’s exceptionally high opioid prescribing rates which were a major factor in driving the epidemic.“This comes down to lobbyists and money. People say it’s stigma and it’s not. There is stigma but it’s about profits and greed,” she said.Dr Raeford Brown, a former chair of the Food and Drug Administration’s opioid advisory committee, is a longstanding critic of drug industry influence over opioid medical policy and the government’s response to the epidemic. He sees a parallel with coronavirus with US states lifting strong social distancing orders too early under corporate pressure.“The United States is not good at doing public health,” he said. “It failed the test with opioids and it failed the test with viral pandemics. But coronavirus and pandemics, and the things like the opioid crisis, are much more likely to get us than the Russians or the Chinese are.”

Study shows ancient contact between Polynesian and South American peoples

Published 07/08/2020 04:04 PM

New genetic research shows that there was mingling between ancient native peoples from Polynesia and South America, revealing a single episode of interbreeding roughly 800 years ago after an epic transoceanic journey. The question of such contact - long hypothesized in part based on the enduring presence in Polynesia of a staple food in the form of the sweet potato that originated in South and Central America - had been keenly debated among scientists. Scientists said on Wednesday an examination of DNA from 807 people - from 14 Polynesian islands and Pacific coastal Native American populations from Mexico to Chile - definitively resolved the matter.

Mary Trump's publisher has already shipped over 600,000 copies of her tell-all book

Published 07/10/2020 04:01 AM

Simon & Schuster has distributed over half-a-million copies of "Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World's Most Dangerous Man."

Gun violence disproportionately affects minorities. Data shows it's getting worse.

Published 07/09/2020 02:51 PM

Communities of color have endured the weight of COVID-19, the recession and social unrest. They’re also bearing the brunt of a surge in gun violence.

Chechen leader blames foreign spies for slaying his critics

Published 07/09/2020 01:04 PM

The regional strongman leader of Russia's province of Chechnya on Thursday blamed unidentified foreign spy agencies for the recent killing in Austria of a Chechen man who criticized him. Ramzan Kadyrov claimed on his blog that the ethnic Chechen who was shot dead in a Vienna suburb over the weekend fell victim to “special services working against Russia and myself.” The 43-year-old Chechen leader rejected allegations of his involvement in the slaying, saying that the killing in Vienna and earlier slayings of ethnic Chechens in Europe were performed by foreign spies to compromise him and tarnish Russia's image.

Texas carries out its first execution during pandemic after Supreme Court gives go-ahead

Published 07/09/2020 12:52 PM

Texas has executed its first death row inmate since it first confirmed a case of coronavirus after a Supreme Court ruling allowed his execution to go ahead.Billy Joe Wardlow, 45, was sentenced to death in 1993 for a robbery and murder in which he and his girlfriend tried to rob 82-year-old Carl Cole of his truck using a .45-calibre gun. Mr Wardlow fired the gun in a struggle, and Cole was killed; the couple were arrested two days later.

Former India navy officer refuses to appeal spying death sentence

Published 07/08/2020 06:29 PM

A former Indian naval officer on death row in Pakistan for alleged spying has refused to lodge an appeal against his conviction and will try instead for a military pardon, an official said Wednesday. Kulbhushan Sudhir Jadhav was arrested in 2016 in Pakistan's restive southwestern province of Balochistan -- a region where Islamabad has long accused New Delhi of backing separatist rebels.

Rep. McClintock: Democrats will use anything out of context to attack Trump

Published 07/09/2020 09:52 PM

California Republican Rep. Tom McClintock weighs in on Democrats' push for release of Trump's tax returns.

Maxine Waters Foe Omar Navarro Gets Out of Jail And Attempts to Destroy Fellow Republican

Published 07/09/2020 09:55 AM

Pro-Trump internet personality Omar Navarro emerged from a six-month stint in jail on a stalking charge last month, and immediately registered to run for Congress. Navarro, a perennial challenger to Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA), has registered to run for her seat again in 2022—assuming, perhaps logically, that Waters will once again prevail in her re-election request this November. But Navarro, who had nearly $50,000 in his campaign bank account as of March 31 even while he served his jail term, is not going to wait for those results before getting involved. He told The Daily Beast that he’s going to send out mailers this election cycle denouncing Joe Collins, the Republican nominee currently running against Waters.“Hey, I don’t agree with him,” Navarro told The Daily Beast. “I believe Maxine Waters is better than him.”Asked for comment on Navarro’s sour-grapes scheme to ruin Collins’s already slim chances of winning this fall, Collins responded  by accusing Navarro of having “daddy issues” without elaborating. "Omar Navarro is a joke,” Collins told The Daily Beast. “He has the mentality of a four year old child throwing a temper tantrum and the testicular fortitude of a mouse.” A Perennial Congressional Candidate Beloved by Trump World Was Just Arrested on Stalking ChargesThe scrapping between Collins and Navarro for the chance to lose to Waters highlights the odd incentives facing Republican challengers taking on famous incumbents in heavily Democratic districts. Running against Waters as a Republican would be a poor choice for anyone who actually wants to win. Indeed, Navarro has tried twice already, losing by more than 50 percentage points in 2016 and 2018. But for a GOPer interested in raising millions off of Waters’s notoriety as a devoted Trump foe, and increasing his profile in the pro-Trump mediasphere, it works out great. Navarro raked in donations from low-dollar contributors and saw his stature on the online Trump right explode thanks to his quixotic earlier campaigns. Even the candidates themselves acknowledge the money that’s at stake for whoever wins the right to face off against Waters. “The main reason Navarro is upset is because he's used to living off of his campaign donations and now he's facing the realization that, after being beaten by a real candidate with a shot at winning, he has to find a real job,” Collins said in his email. For Navarro, that time in the bright lights of online Trumpy fame came to a halt when he was arrested in December in San Francisco after stalking ex-girlfriend and fellow Republican personality DeAnna Lorraine Tesoriero, who herself was running a doomed campaign against Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). Navarro eventually pleaded guilty to a stalking charge, and was sentenced to six months in San Francisco’s jail, where he claims to have lost 30 pounds. Even while imprisoned in San Francisco, Navarro kept up his political profile. And he stayed on the ballot, losing the March Republican primary to Collins by a mere 250 votes—a 0.3 percent difference in the vote total. Undeterred by that loss, Navarro has tried to recast himself since being released from jail as the latest victim of deep-state prosecutors. While other Trump supporters who faced criminal charges were involved in international intrigue, however, Navarro has been faced with claiming that he was arrested on a local stalking charge because of some secret government scheme. “Full disclosure with you guys: in the past six months, yes, I have been in a county jail,” Navarro told his more than 250,000 Twitter followers after being released from jail. Despite overwhelming evidence that Navarro violated Tesoriero’s restraining order against him, including the fact that Navarro bashed Tesoriero to The Daily Beast in apparent violation of the order, Navarro claims that he only pleaded guilty because he would have become a “political prisoner” if he hadn’t.“I wouldn’t have been judged by a jury of my peers, I would’ve been judged by a bunch of liberals, and they would have kept me locked up in there as a political prisoner,” Navarro said in his Twitter video. “And that’s not OK.” While it might seem strange for the recently imprisoned Navarro to be confident he can win the 2022 primary to challenge Waters, he is aided by the fact that Collins has a bizarre history of his own.A Navy veteran, Collins has continuously switched parties since 2016, cycling between being a Democrat, a Republican, a member of the Green Party, and a member of the “Millennial Political Party.” Collins has also filed a lawsuit over child support payments that is riddled with language echoing the nonsense legal language used by members of the far-right sovereign citizen movement. At one point in his lawsuit, in an apparent attempt to deploy a fringe legal theory, Collins claimed that his bodily fluids were worth $15 million—a bizarre detail Navarro has seized on in his campaign to bring down his rival.   “You’re the guy that’s gonna take down Maxine Waters?” Navarro said in a video taunting Collins that he released in late June. “I’m sorry, but you’re not gonna do that. And by the way, your bodily fluids are not worth $15 million.” Read more at The Daily Beast.Get our top stories in your inbox every day. Sign up now!Daily Beast Membership: Beast Inside goes deeper on the stories that matter to you. Learn more.

Arrests and police raids follow Russia's vote to let Putin rule for life

Published 07/09/2020 02:10 PM

An opposition governor was detained and several activists had their homes raided by the police on Thursday as Russia’s latest crackdown on dissent gathers momentum. The flurry of arrests and criminal inquiries follow last week’s vote in which nearly 78 percent endorsed constitutional amendments allowing Vladimir Putin to stay as president at least until 2036 when he turns 83. Sergei Furgal, the governor of the Khabarovsk region in Russia’s Far East who beat a Kremlin candidate at the 2018 election, was arrested by camouflaged agents of Russia’s top investigative body on Thursday morning and put on a plane to Moscow. The popular governor whose landslide win at the polls embarrassed the pro-Kremlin party, is accused of organising two contract killings as well as an attempted murder 15 years ago, according to the Investigative Committee, Russia's main federal investigating authority. Mr Furgal has not been charged with any crime. An unnamed source claiming to be linked to Mr Furgal says he has denied the allegations. Mr Furgal had been in Russian parliament for more than a decade before he won the Khabarovsk election in 2018, which has raised questions about the timing of the charges brought against him.

Miami-Dade Teachers Union Applauds Latest Decision By Schools Chief Alberto Carvalho

Published 07/08/2020 10:05 PM

The President of the United Teachers of Dade is applauding the latest decision by Miami-Dade Schools Superintendent Alberto Carvalho who is saying that schools will not reopen for classes until the county is in Phase 2 of the coronavirus reopening plan.

Ousted U.S. prosecutor says Barr pressed him to resign

Published 07/09/2020 06:48 PM

The top federal prosecutor in Manhattan, who was ousted last month as his office led a probe into President Donald Trump's personal attorney Rudolph Giuliani, told lawmakers on Thursday U.S. Attorney General William Barr had pressured him to resign. In written comments submitted as part of a congressional inquiry, Geoffrey Berman said he was warned by Barr that if he did not leave and was fired, it would "not be good for my resume or future job prospects." Berman also said Barr repeatedly urged him to take another job, either in the Justice Department running its civil division or possibly as chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Black Americans report hate crimes, violence in wake of George Floyd protests and Black Lives Matter gains

Published 07/08/2020 07:20 PM

Across the U.S., Black people have reported incidents of alleged hate crimes and violent backlash as Black Lives Matter has gained broad support.

Wisconsin police officer rescues dog from burning house

Published 07/08/2020 10:09 PM

The United States does not want Cuba and Venezuela to buy on Amazon

Published 07/09/2020 11:00 AM

A minor nuisance that comes with U.S. sanctions is having to say goodbye to buying on Amazon.

Body of missing Connecticut school teacher who thought he had coronavirus found in waters off Long Island

Published 07/08/2020 05:01 PM

Gil Cunha, a Connecticut school teacher who has been missing since May 7, 2020 from his parents’ home in West Haven, was found dead in the water off Long Island near Fire Island, New York. For three weeks prior to his disappearance, Gil had been self-quarantining in his room with COVID-19 symptoms. The West Haven Police Department and the Suffolk County Police Homicide Squad are investigating.

Top US general slams Confederacy as 'an act of treason' and says the country needs to take 'hard look' at bases honoring its leaders

Published 07/09/2020 08:43 PM

The Confederacy "was an act of treason at the time against the Union, against the Stars and Stripes, against the US Constitution," Gen. Mark Milley said.

My great-grandfather carved Mount Rushmore on sacred land. Now is the time to remove it.

Published 07/10/2020 12:00 PM

Rushmore symbolizes the white male leaders who have utterly, aggressively failed enormous swaths of people who lived on this continent before them.

Environmental Injustice Is Another Form of 'Assault on Black Bodies,' Says Sen. Cory Booker

Published 07/09/2020 07:29 PM

'The biggest determining factor of whether you live around toxicity is the color of your skin'

Australia offers safe haven to Hong Kongers, sparking China fury

Published 07/09/2020 12:42 PM

Australia offered pathways to permanent residency for thousands of people from Hong Kong on Thursday in response to China's crackdown on dissent, drawing a furious reply from Beijing. Prime Minister Scott Morrison said his government was suspending its extradition agreement with the city and, in addition to extending the visas of 10,000 Hong Kongers already in the country, threw open the door to thousands more wanting to start a new life Down Under. Morrison said the decisions were taken in response to China's imposition last week of a tough new security law in Hong Kong, which he said "constitutes a fundamental change of circumstances" for the semi-autonomous territory.

César Duarte: Fugitive Mexican ex-governor arrested in Miami

Published 07/09/2020 11:56 AM

César Duarte fled Mexico in 2018 after being accused of embezzling millions to fund a lavish lifestyle.

Texas executes inmate convicted of killing elderly man: Department of corrections

Published 07/09/2020 01:38 AM

West Virginia mail carrier guilty of election fraud after altering ballot requests to Republican

Published 07/10/2020 11:42 AM

Thomas Cooper admitted to having tampered some of the requests he delivered "as a joke." He did not know any of the voters whose requests he changed.

Lawmakers vote to close down Philippines' largest TV network

Published 07/10/2020 08:30 AM

Philippine lawmakers voted Friday to reject the license renewal of the country’s largest TV network, shutting down a major news provider that had been repeatedly threatened by the president over its critical coverage. The House of Representatives' Committee on Franchises voted 70-11 to reject a new 25-year license for ABS-CBN Corp. The National Telecommunications Commission had ordered the broadcaster to shut down in May after its old franchise expired. It halted broadcasting then, but the vote takes it off the air permanently.

UK universities comply with China's internet restrictions

Published 07/09/2020 09:21 AM

But universities reject that tests on online learning in China are accepting "censorship".

Government to scrap 50% of young to university target

Published 07/09/2020 01:33 PM

Education secretary scraps England's 50% university target and pledges new technical system.

Cambridge University: Care-leaver graduate is college's first

Published 07/09/2020 02:50 PM

Kasmira Kincaid, 25, overcame a "chaotic" home life to graduate from Corpus Christi College.

Coronavirus: Home-schooling has been hell, say parents

Published 07/08/2020 07:38 AM

Some parents have been reduced to tears over the strain of home-schooling, say campaigners.

Cut back GCSEs and A-levels next year, say heads

Published 07/07/2020 06:00 PM

Heads in England call for reduced courses or open-book exams for next year's GCSEs and A-levels.

How US university clubs are coping with virus

Published 07/08/2020 12:30 PM

After 137 students in Seattle test positive, what problems does coronavirus pose to "Greek life"?

Coronavirus: 13 UK universities 'could go bust without bailout'

Published 07/06/2020 08:48 AM

The fallout from Covid-19 poses a "significant threat" to UK higher education, analysis suggests.

US to withdraw visas for foreign students if classes moved fully online

Published 07/06/2020 11:59 PM

Some foreign students may need to move to a university with in-person classes to stay in the US.

Ombudsman report: Boy with special needs failed by council twice

Published 07/02/2020 05:07 PM

Norfolk County Council left the boy with no suitable education for seven months.

Coronavirus: School safety plans will keep groups apart

Published 07/02/2020 10:07 PM

Measures will ensure learning in England is not "knocked off course", the education secretary says.

'Dumbed down' courses 'take advantage' of students

Published 07/01/2020 05:57 PM

Universities minister attacks universities for recruiting students for low value courses in England.

Cardiff youth offending service 'inadequate'

Published 07/02/2020 12:44 AM

Inspectors are "very disappointed" at how Cardiff's youth offending service is being run.

'Utter abandonment' of special needs families during lockdown

Published 07/01/2020 01:06 PM

Families of children with special educational needs tell MPs support "fell off a cliff" in lockdown.

Coronavirus: Kate Silverton on her fear for children's mental health

Published 07/02/2020 01:51 AM

BBC newsreader Kate Silverton warns of the damage the pandemic is doing to children's mental health.

Coronavirus: Snacking and family meals increase in lockdown

Published 07/01/2020 12:11 AM

Young people's eating habits have meant more snacks but also more shared meals, say researchers.

Coronavirus: Stop childhood being disrupted - charities

Published 06/30/2020 01:07 AM

The life chances of children and young people risk being derailed over Covid-19, warn 146 charities.

Lockdown 'resilience' of older parents of disabled

Published 06/27/2020 02:20 AM

Parents describe the exhaustion of caring for an adult daughter with learning disabilities in the lockdown.

Coronavirus: Young carers say they can't get a break

Published 06/25/2020 12:06 AM

School closures hit young carers hard, with a lack of routine increasing pressure at home, says study.

'Mum died and we were left to fend for ourselves'

Published 06/23/2020 01:04 AM

Three women share what it is like to witness a parent die - and then lose the other when a step-parent arrives on the scene.

Furloughed Eurostar staff become French teachers

Published 06/24/2020 01:16 PM

Train staff, including drivers, volunteer in the lockdown to help schools teach French online.

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